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Thursday, March 23, 2017

FOOTAGE: Tommie Lee Tries To Fight Karlie Redd While Still Filming 'LHATL'

 Tommie Tries To Figtht Karlie Redd

SPOILER ALERT! It looks like Tommie is still not done with Karlie Redd. After that fake hug she gave her on the last episode. 

 @lhhtea a spilled some tea that Tommie and newbie Lovely Mimi ( which will be introduced next week) tried to fight Karlie Redd while still filming the show. The were filming at the Blue Ivory Club when Tommie confronted Karlie flow calling Lovely Mimi a clown

The footage shows security slamming Tommie on the ground because she could not get to Karlie


Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Whatever Happened To The Cast Of Vh1's 'Scream Queens?"

'Scream Queens' Cast Then & Now

Before there FOX's 'Scream Queens' there was a reality tv version of the same title on VH1 which aired in 2008. It was a compeition shoe about these aspiring actresses for a role in the Saw movie franchise. The show ran for two seasons

Some of the castmembers have found some success after the ended

Tenendra Howard who won the first season appeared intwo of Saw movies and also appeared Shane Dawson TV

Rosanna Pansino who appeared on season 2, became a popular Youtuber known for her baking.

Karlie who appeared on season 2 has now been a cast member on another VH1 show 'Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta for 5 seasons.

Riana Ortiz who also appeared in season 2, now appears on FOX's show 'Rosewood'

Find out what other castmembers look like today

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Boxer Adrien Broner Says 'LHATL' Producers Wanted Him To Fake His Interest In Karlie Redd

Photo/ Youtube

 Adrien Broner Exposes 'LHATL' Producers

Boxer Adrien Broner is responding in interview with VladTV about storming during filming of Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta season 5 last month. He spilled the tea on the producers claiming that they wanted him to fake his interest in Karlie Redd when he agreed to an interview on her new Playboy radio show. He also added that he no idea that he was being filmed for the show before storming out.

It was then producers allegedly told him "It's time to get serious. Now when we're filming you we want to see the chemistry between you and Karlie. We wanna see it in your eyes, the connection...," he told us. "And I was like, 'hold on, man, y'all trippin'. Ain't no chemistry and ain't no connection , man.'" It was then the boxing champ realized they were trying to get him to make an appearance on L&HH, an offer he wasn't willing to consider given his family situation. "I got a wife at home and a fresh baby boy and she's about to have a baby girl, so you know I'm like, 'I can't,'"  

Friday, July 3, 2015

Karlie Redd Says She Did Fought Joseline But The Story Reported Was 'Fabricated'

Karlie Speaks On The Fight Joseline
Karlie Redd has responded to that fight with Joseline that happened last week that was caught by VH1 cameras.  She was on The after party show when she was asked if it was true that she fought Joseline. She says that did fight Joseline but the story Funky Dineva posted was 'fabricated', She did not get dragged by Joseline. Which would make sense since the cast did sign a no fighting clause.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Joseline Hernandez and Karlie Redd Allegedly In Fist Fight And VH1 Cameras Were Rolling

Joseline and Karlie In A Fist Fight?

Reports are coming out that 'Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta' stars Joseline Hernandez and Kalie Redd were just involved in a fist fight. According to flower vases were thrown during a performance Joseline was having and vh1 cameras were rolling.  

"Chile, I’m down to da bar and can’t even enjoy my food good because my phone is ringing off the hook. Moments ago, Joseline Hernandez dove on Karlie Redd and beat the dog shit out of her according to reports. The People say vases of flowers were thrown and everything. "

Now i don't know how true this the cast signed no fighting clause this season. But its' been said that "Joseline beat up Karlie" according to some tweets


Monday, July 28, 2014

VIDEO: Karlie Redd Reveals Tyler Perry Rejected Her For Film Gig Because Of 'Love and Hip Hop'

"They Shot Me Down"

It looks like Love and Hip Hop tarnished Karlie Redd's chances for more film roles. Before she was known as Karlie Redd on Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta. She appeared on another VH1 show called Scream Queens which a challenge about 10 aspiring actresses a chance to win a role in a horror movie Karlie didn't win.

But she says in a new radio interview that even since she has been Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta, several directors, including Tyler Perry have turned her down because of her reputation on the show.

 “I went for a role for a Tyler Perry film and they shot me down because I was on ‘Love and Hip Hop."

“Literally I’m on my way to set to work, got the role and everything and then they find out I’m on the show and then they’re like, ‘Uh, no.’”

Sunday, July 13, 2014

PICS: Karlie Redd Spotted With Chief Keef

Karlie Redd and Chief Keef

Love and Hip Hop's Karlie Redd was spotted with yer ANOTHER rapper, this Chicago rapper Chief Keef, who way younger than she is.

Rumors have been swirling that the two might be dating, I wouldn't be surprised. According to, Chief Keef has mentioned about her on Instagram.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Karlie Redd Comments On The Brawl

"I Wasn't Knocked Out"

Reality: More cast members are coming out speaking about the brawl that happened during the opening of Steve J and Benzino's new restaurant. 

Karlie Redd, who was rumored that she was "knocked out" by Banzino's new girlfriend, during the brawl went to Streetz 94.5 and addresses that nothing happened to her.  She also explained something did happened but she, Erica Dixon and Young Joc were NOT involved

"Clearly, there was misinformation…I mean look at me. Do I look like I was knocked out? Do I look like there’s even a bruise on my face? Not only was I NOT knocked out, I was not even involved in the brawl."

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Karlie Redd Marries Rapper Yung Joc

Karlie Redd Is Married

Reality: Karlie Redd will be a wife once 'Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta returns in our tv screens later this year. She revealed on Instagram referring rapper Yung Joc as her husband and posted a pic of them jet skiing.

Credit: Haveaseatblog

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Rapper Yung Joc Joining 'Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta Season 3

New Tweet

Reality:  So early this year Karlie Redd has been linked to another rapper who is Yung Joc and it has been rumored that they might be a new couple for the 3rd season of 'Love and Hip hop: Atlanta. Well looks like that might be true according to this tweet

Monday, September 23, 2013

Photos: Shay Johnson and Karlie Redd Got New Boos?

Photo Sep 22, 7 29 00 PM

Shay and Karlie Seen With New Men

Reality News: The 3rd season of 'Love and Hip Hop: atlanta' is underway and it seems we might be seeing some new couples for the 3rd season . Karlie Redd was spotted witj rapper Yung Jov at his birthday. The two are rumored to be dating and it is also rumored that he will be appearing on the 3rd season.

It also looks Lil Srappy and Shay are officially done, We've already know that Scrappy is that Bambi of 'Basketball Wives LA" and now Shay Johnson has been spotted with a new dude. Singer and actor Cory Sims. 

Friday, July 26, 2013

Karlie Redd Is Going To Her Acting Roots

Karlie Redd Back To Acting

Reality News: Karlie Reed is going back to her acting roots. Remember when she was on "Scream Queens" before being on 'Love and Hip hop: Atlanta? Well, I doubt this is a horror movie because Chris Rock is known to appear on horror flicks. But she is working on a  new film with Chris Rock

She tweets that she is playing a character name Rhonda

Photo credit: Instagram/KarlieRedd

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Karlie Redd Squashes Beef With K. Michelle and Addresses Homeless Rumor

Karlie Redd Addresses Homeless Rumor

Karlie Redd of Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta was on Blogtalkradio's #haveseast last night and she revealed that she os now cool with K. Michelle however, before squashing their beef she made a diss record on her which is now avaialable on iTunes. She was also aasked about rumor that she did not own a car and home and says that has a home in a LA and in Atlanta and also owns a car. 

About the age controversy, she sais people did their homework they would have she appeared on the sceond season of Scream Queens back in 2010 and her age wa shown during commentary. 

She also comapred both shows and said that Scream Queens was more "Elaborate" than Love and and Hip Hip: Atlanta. She also reveals she has been int he music industry for a whole. She is known in the Carribean community and she has done songs with Beenie Man. Even though, she has not appeared on screen this season on Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta, she says we will a little everything from her business ventures to her music. 

Listen to intervew:

You can listen to full interview: Here

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