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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

'Love and Hip Hop' Star Tahiry Jose Hospitalized After Male Production Manager Beats Her Up

Tahiry Jose Hospitalized

I don't know what the hell is up with these men lately beating upon thier women. we got the whole Ray Rice situation and then Joe Budden  was locked up for beating up on his new girlfriend. Ironically, Joe Budden was Tahiry's ex on Love and Hip Hop: NY for two seasons. 

It has been reported exclusively by Bossip today that former Love and Hip Hop: NY star, Tahiry Jose, was 'viciously attacked' by a male production manager name Carlos Gonzalaz backstage while she was preparing to walk a runway show in NYC yesterday.

"Carlos Gonzales had been bad-mouthing Tahiry since she walked in the building, and when she confronted him he started walking towards her and then "blacked out." An alleged eyewitness said that he attempted to pull the model's hair while striking her several times. It reportedly took 7-8 men to restrain Gonzales and get Tahiry to safety". 

The site also reports that she was released from the hospital and now resting at home. BOSSIP also reports that a representative from PR firm 'belittled' and disrespected' Tahiry's team while preparing for the runway show which has now been cancelled. 

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