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Saturday, September 5, 2015

Tahiry Jose Plans To Sue Male Model Who Attacked Her In Fashion Show Last Year

Tahiry Plans To File Lawsuit

Former Love and Hip Hop NY star Tahiry  Jose is planning to sue the male model who assaulted her a year ago during NY fashion week.

 TMZ reports that she is planning to file a lawsuit against Carlos Fiasco who attacked in September 2014 during NY fashion week. He bacame annoyed with diva attitude and proceeded to attack. In her lawsuit she states that she was verbally and physically attacked.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Former 'LHNY' Star Tahiry Jose Announces Her Return To Reality TV

Photo/ VH1

Tahiry Jose Returning To Reality TV

Tahiry Jose who was on the 3rd and 4th seasons of Love and hip Hop: NY has announced on her Insatgram page to her fans that she is returning to reality tv .

"I've been sitting on this secret for a while now... I'm back!!! Click the link in my Instagram bio to read all about my return to a television set near you! #Latinaonthemove" exclusively reports that her new reality show will follow her career and actress and business woman , her family, finding true love. The show will begin production by the end of the year.

Friday, December 26, 2014

Tahiry Jose's Attacker WILL NOT Get Charged For Attack

Tahiry's Attacker Gets Off

The man who attached former 'Love and Hip hop: NY star Tahiry Jose WILL NOT go to jail and be charged for attacking her back in September during a NY fashion show which left her wearing a neck brace. TMZ reports that the guy, whose name is Charles Suggs but striked a plea deal and won't be going jail, instead he will be going to anger management program and has been ordered to stay away from her at least five years.

Tahiry kinda responded on her Instagram page saying "This 2 shall pass"

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Tahiry Jose Responds On Instagram About Fashion Show Attack and Is Also Being Sued

Tahiry Responds To Attack

Former Love and Hip Hop: NY star Tahiry Jose is finally speaking out on Instagram about her getting attacked by a male production managers this past Monday at a fashion show. In the message she says she was attacked because she is 'a woman with a voice and refused to be disrespected'

"Thank you ALL for your well wishes. I am both appreciative and grateful to have you on my team and call you #teamtahiry! I am sincerely touched by your outpouring of love. As you may or may not know, on Monday, Sept. 8, I was attacked,  assaulted and violated, while in the workplace, by a man. I was beaten because I am woman with a voice and refuse to be disrespected. It is more proof that the violence against women is real and needs to be addressed publicly. The shaming and disrespecting of women/victims of violent abuses must stop. Violence against women must stop; a women's voice and refusal to be disrespected is not grounds for physical abuse. #iamwoman #myvoicematters More to the point, I am home, healing and surrounded by love. Rest assured, I will continue all my efforts and endeavors with the same faith, determination, passion and spirit I have always possesed. Again, thank you! You are ALL heroes of mine! Love, Tahiry"

On top of that she is also now being sued in a separate case by two men who got shot at her nightclub according to

"According to court documents, 22-year-old Edward Gaskin claims he was shot in his hand, while his cousin, Shameeka Green, suffered injuries after being trampled when a massive fight broke out at the club on March 31. The suit charges Tahiry, her partner John Iacono, and the security company hired, 5 Points Security, of endangering customers by failing to stop a patron from bringing in a weapon and poorly controlling the crowd during the aftermath of the shooting.The NYPD says that no one has been apprehended in regards to the shooting."

UPDATE: Fashion Company CEO Responds To Tahiry Fashion Show Brawl

Fashion Company Responds To Incident

Fashion company Toure Of Toure designs has responded to the fashion show brawl that happened this week which left former Love and Hip hop: NY star ,Tahiry Jose, hospitalized  after a production manager Carlos Gonzalez beat her and pulled her hair. The man pictured above owns the company. This is his response

“I would like to take the time to clear my company’s name, as this was not a ToureDesigns show. We were part of the Angola International Fashion Show event. Theincident didn’t take place backstage, it happened in front of the venueThe Production Manager of the venue Carlos Gonzalez, seemed to already be against this event happening before the altercation took place. I would like to apologize to my fans and celebrity attendees that came to support me for this unfortunate incident. This was something that was totally not in my control. We at Toure Designs do not support or condone violence of any type let alone against women.  We wish a speedy recovery to Tahiry. “

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

'Love and Hip Hop' Star Tahiry Jose Hospitalized After Male Production Manager Beats Her Up

Tahiry Jose Hospitalized

I don't know what the hell is up with these men lately beating upon thier women. we got the whole Ray Rice situation and then Joe Budden  was locked up for beating up on his new girlfriend. Ironically, Joe Budden was Tahiry's ex on Love and Hip Hop: NY for two seasons. 

It has been reported exclusively by Bossip today that former Love and Hip Hop: NY star, Tahiry Jose, was 'viciously attacked' by a male production manager name Carlos Gonzalaz backstage while she was preparing to walk a runway show in NYC yesterday.

"Carlos Gonzales had been bad-mouthing Tahiry since she walked in the building, and when she confronted him he started walking towards her and then "blacked out." An alleged eyewitness said that he attempted to pull the model's hair while striking her several times. It reportedly took 7-8 men to restrain Gonzales and get Tahiry to safety". 

The site also reports that she was released from the hospital and now resting at home. BOSSIP also reports that a representative from PR firm 'belittled' and disrespected' Tahiry's team while preparing for the runway show which has now been cancelled. 

Monday, March 17, 2014

VIdeo: Love and Hip Hop's Tahiry Jose Appears On Maury

Tahiry On Maury

TV:  Love and Hip Hop star Tahiry Jose made a surprise appearance on The Maury Show and it wasn't for a paternity text. She was there to do a hosting gig. She did a segment showing crazy videos.

Watch the video

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