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Friday, August 29, 2008

The New Singers...

I am a new contributor in Entertainment Zone. My name is Arrica Lee,15 from Malaysia. You can know more about me by going through my profile =]

Nowadays, there are many new singers dominating the booming industry. What with all those reality shows and competitions that run along with it that I am sure one day, it will be just too crowded and competitive.

Anyhow, I enlist here, a few new singers who may be the next big thing. I will not be surprise if they dominate the 'oldies' in the next 5 years. So, prepare to say goodbye to Britney Spears, Madonna, Westlife,etc.

Now, ladies and gentlemen, welcome....

a) Miley Cyrus
-Known for her role as Hannah Montana, she is simply cute and sweet-looking.
-She composes song!
-The soundtrack Hannah Montana, featuring her debut at #1 best-selling album.
-See You Again has been one of the top songs with teens.

b) Rihanna
-Say to be the next Beyonce. No surprise here...
-Her songs blow me away, from Take A Bow, Disturbia to Don't Stop The Music
-When will she start to act? Can't wait to see...

c) Leona Lewis
-Her breaking song, Bleeding Love, make her become one of the most popular newbies.
-The chance of appearing in Beijing Olympic closing proves that she is in the wanted list.
-Latest song, Better In Time is voted as one of the best song in Mocha Quest

d) Jonas Brother
-They are loved by girls[and perhaps some envy boys]
-Very soothing and romantic song with SOS, When you Look Me in The Eyes and Burnin' Up
-Cuties rules....

Well, I am still looking forward to hearing more of these newbies' songs. Let's just keep our hands crossed...meanwhile check out my site, =]

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