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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

VIDEO: 'Flavor Of Love' Stars Sapphyri and Bootz To Appear In E! Network Show 'Botched'

Flavor Of Love Girls Back On TV

Flavor Of Love stars Sapphyri and Bootz, who both appeared on the 2nd season of 'Flavor Of Love' will be return to our TV screens this Sunday on E! Networks new show 'Botched' which is a about people fixing up their past plastic surgery procedures. 

Sapphyri quotes

"Yes I was a victim of the "Butcher" plastic surgeon who was murdered in Los Angeles.. tune in Sunday July 20 @ 9/10 pm on E.. Check out me and my girls Bootz, D.D, and Leah and you will learn what not to do when searching for a plastic surgeon!.."

Saturday, July 12, 2014

[Exclusive] 'Flavor Of Love' Star Bootz Says She Wants A Reunion Show!

'Flavor Of Love' Reunion?

Would you want to see a Flavor Of Love reunion show? Larissa (Bootz) wants one! On twitter she exclusively says that 'Flavor Of Love started the reality TV hype and that VH1 needs to bring some of the girls back for a reunion show and I totally agree!

Here is the tweet

Bootz appeared on the 2nd season of the show and also appeared on the 1st season of Charm School

Monday, January 20, 2014

Flavor Of Love's Bootz Wants To Be On 'Love and Hip Hop: LA'

Bootz Tweets To Mona Scott Young

Reality: Mona Scott Young should cast another Flavor Of Love chick for 'Love and Hip Hop: LA' since the producers have trouble casting people for the show. There is one 'Flavor of Love' chick who is actually interesting and that's Bootz!

She tweeted to Mona Scott Young that she wants to be on the show.

Should Mona cast another Flavor Of Love chick on 'Love and Hip Hop"?

Monday, January 6, 2014

Photos: New York and Bootz Reunite In New Pic

New York and Bootz

Photos: Who would have thought these two would ever take a photo together? This is a recent pic from late 2013 of New York and Bootz. I guess they are friends now. Are you surprised?

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Flavor Of Love's Bootz Calls Buckeey A 'Love and Hip Hop' Extra?

Bootz Shades Buckeey?

Did Bootz (whose real name is Larissa) called Buckeey a 'Love and Hip hop"extra? Last night,  Bootz posted a message on her Facebook page after Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta aired and said that "all the extras need to go". The people who wrote on her timeline got the clue that she was stalking about Buckeey. If you didn't see the episode last night Buckeey (Shay Jonhson) and Erica Dixon got into it at Karlie Reed's hair opening party.  She also added that "someone needs to be embarrassed."  Someone did ask if she and Buckeey were still friends but the comment was deleted.

What do you think?

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