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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

'LHATL' Season 4 Reunion Sneak Peek: Joseline Calls Nikko An 'Undercover Gay'


 Season 4 Reunion Sneak Peek

Here is a snek peek of next week's reunion show of 'Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta' Joseline goes in at Nikko and Margo calling Nikko an 'undercover gay' because he has not kids and she also calls Margo a dyke. Mama Deb also gets pissed when Steve and Mimi's daughter gets bought up in the conversation.

Watch Here:


LHHATL Reunion Sneak Peek
Posted by Micah Pierce on Monday, August 17, 2015

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

'Bad Girls Club' Season 14 Cast Films Reunion Show

Season 14 Reunion Show

The cast of the 14th season of 'Bad Girls' Club' have begun filming their reunion show this week and from I've heard it wasn't all that exciting. Tanisha is hosting again, everyone was there except for the twins. 

Here are some spoilers:

-The reunion was mostly arguments
-The twins were the but of the joke
- Tanisha argued with one of the replacements
-Kat and Jeleminah got into it


Credit @BGCtea 

Here are pics

Season 14 premieres August 11th

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Preview: 'Mob Wives' Season 5 Reunion Show

Photo/ Youtube

Season 5 Reunion Preview

VH1 has aired a sneak peek preview of 'Mob Wives' season 5 reunion which will be a 2-part hosted by Vivica A Fox. It looks the reunion will be all a out Natalie Guerico as Karen comes for for.

Watch here:

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

'Bad Girls Club' Star Tanisha Thomas Hosting 'Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood' Reunion Show

Tanisha Thomas Hosting Reunion Show

It looks like 'Bad Girls Club" star , Tanisha Thomas, is bringing her reunion hosting duties to VH1. She has been picked to host the 'Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood reunion show which starts taping tonight.

She writes on Instagram:

"Reunion time 😁 #lhh hair by @mranthonyhair makeup@kebathemua security tighter than a mother in this piece"

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

GOSSIP: Is Perez Hilton Hosting 'Bad Girls Club: Redemption' Reunion?!

Is blogger Perez Hilton returning to host the 13th season of ' 'Bad Girls Club' reunion show? Rumor has it that Tanisha will NOT be hosting the reunion show which is set to be filmed this week.

Perez tweeted he filming some top secret in LA this week

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

'Couples Therapy' All Star Reunion Show Announced

'Couples Therapy' Reunion Show

Dr. Jenn Berman has announced on Instagram today there will a special Couples Therapy All star reunion that will air on September 9th. Some of the confirmed cast members are both Teen Mom stars Farrah Abraham and Catelynn Lowell who both been beefing online lately. Also, Courtney Stodden , Doug Hutchison, Nik Ritche and others!

The taping of the special reunion show will start filming August 8th

The 5th season of the show will also air this fall. 

Saturday, July 12, 2014

[Exclusive] 'Flavor Of Love' Star Bootz Says She Wants A Reunion Show!

'Flavor Of Love' Reunion?

Would you want to see a Flavor Of Love reunion show? Larissa (Bootz) wants one! On twitter she exclusively says that 'Flavor Of Love started the reality TV hype and that VH1 needs to bring some of the girls back for a reunion show and I totally agree!

Here is the tweet

Bootz appeared on the 2nd season of the show and also appeared on the 1st season of Charm School

Monday, April 7, 2014

Videos: John Salley Speaks On 'Basketball Wives: LA: Season 3 Reunion Show

Breakfast Club Interview

Videos:  John Salley, who is the host of the 'Basketball Wives' reunion shows, was on The Breakfast Club to talk about that Draya/Sundy fight. He says that he the full unedited fight between them and confirms that Draya gave Sundy the black eye. He also speaks on the upcoming reunion show

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Porsha vs Kenya Brawl During Taping Of Reunion Show

Reunion Brawl

Reality:  The season 6 reunion show of Real Housewives of Atlanta has started taping today and reports are coming that there was a brawl between Porha and Kenya

According to Lovebscott Kenya taunted her about Kordell's sexuality and Porsha jumped and pulled her hair 

and eyewitness says 

“Porsha was sick of her saying that she was Kordell’s beard and those toys were the last straw.  Porsha is a skinny thing but she was whopping her butt!”

Friday, August 2, 2013

Reunion Sneak Peek: Mimi Calls Joseline a 'disgusting slut monkey'

Reality News: Things will be going down at the reunion show this Monday. Here is this sneak peel. Mona Scott Young asked Joseline about what she thought about Mimi's new boobs and she accuses Mimi of trying to look like her. That's when Mimi called Joseline a 'disgusting slut monkey'. Joseline tried to throw he shoe at her! 

It seems like this reunion show will be better than last season.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

'Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta' Season 2 Reunion Photos

The reunion show does not air until Monday but photos of the reunion are out on  the net. Mona Scott Young once hosts the reunion show Check out some of the pics!

K. Michelle performs at the reunion. Get that promo!

Kirk and Rasheeda segment

Stevie and Joseline smooch. Yep, they are together

These are some of the photos that caught my attention. Notice Scrappy and Erica are not there? Which girl do you think looks the best?

Photo Credit/ VH1

Monday, July 22, 2013

Watch It Here: Che Mack Reveals She Wasn't Invited To The Reunion Show

Reality News:  So last week, I posted rumor/spoilers 'Love and Hip Hop: ATL season 2 reunion show and one of them was that Che Mack did not attend the reunion. Well it turns out, that is true. Today's interview with The Breakfast Club, Che Mack revealed that she wasn't invited to the reunion. she says that Stevie J did not want her there because she wasn't in his label

She also reveals Mona Scott Young did no find her that interesting by herself, hence why she has not appeared in recent episodes. Watching this interview, Che Mack seems like really down to earth chick. 

Monday, July 15, 2013

'Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta' Season 2 Reunion Show - Rumors/Spoilers

What Went Down?

Reality News: Over the weekend, the season 2 reunion show was filmed and fans who were there, already took pics. But what went down at the reunion? Here are some spoilers/rumors: all credit goes to HaveASeatblog

First off we already know that scrappy and Erica left the reunion show early because of a family emergency with their daughter.

Here are some others:

-Karlie Redd got some new teeth and once again no one clapped for her
-Che Mack did NOT attend the reunion  show
-Rasheeda served Kirk with divorce papers on camera
-Stevie and Joseline are in fact married. 

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Lil Scrappy and Erica Leaves Reunion Show Early For Family Emergency

Scrappy & Erica Leave Reunion Show

Reality News: Over the weekend, the season 2 reunion show of Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta was being filmed. Apparently,  Scrappy and Erica left the reunion show abruptly because there daughter had an accident.

Erica instgarmmed a message to fans by saying they  are moving forward from a tragic accident that happened to her and scrappy's daughter.

Thankfully, she is doing fine now

Thursday, July 11, 2013

'Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta' Season 2 Reunion Show Has Started Filming

Get Ready For Another Reunion Show

Reality News: The season 2 of  'Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta" reunion show has started filming today. Benzino posted an Instagram video on his way to the reunion show!

So I got to ask, who do you want to see get into it at the reunion?

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Watch It Here: Bad Girls All Star Battle Reunion Preview

Reality News: I think this is going to be one of most craziest reunion shows. I mean you 14 'Bad Girls Club' all stars in one reunion show?  The finale ended last night with Jennifer winning the crown as The Baddest Bad Girl"  Flo was the runner-up and she was close to winning. Personally, I was rooting for her to win. I was surprised that Dani and Gabi made it to the final four of the show.

Anyway, the reunion looks crazy and it looks like Mehgan is not playing! There is one scene where she is fighting with Natalie's security guard.

Part 1 of the reunion show airs next week. 

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Weekly Recap: R&B Divas: Atlanta (Season 2) The Reunion Part 1

Season 2

R&B Divas: Atlanta
The Reunion PART 1

Brittany shares her thoughts the 1st of R&B Divas: Atlanta reunion show

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Dr. Drew To Host 'Mob Wives 3' Reunion Show + Love Confirms Departure

Dr Drew Hosting Reunion Show

It has been announced that Dr. Drew will be hosting the 3rd season reunion of Mob Wives which was filmed over the weekend. Dr. Drew is no stranger to hosting reunion shows. He has hosted MTV's "Teen Mom" and even "Celebrity Rehab. Mob Wives the only the VH1 show to have three different reunion hosts each season. Wendy Williams hosted the season 1 reunion and last season, it was The View's Jot Behar.  

Fans who had the chance to go the reunion show and leaked out pics.

One fan described the reunion show as being "crazy"

As for the allegations that Love Mawjewski won't attend the reunion and being dropped from the show. She confirms the that it true. She says that she is  NOT ALLOWED to attend the reunion show and says that she was dropped from the show. 

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