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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

[Exclusive] Big Spence's Film "Set Me Free" To Screen This Weekend

Actor and director Marcus "Big Spence" is cleaning up on the film festival  scene. Spencer wrote and direct the movie Set Me Free which is about for four men still living in the hood trying to break away from their living environment.  Recently, Spencer won the award for Best director for the film at the Colombia Gorge International Film Festival In Vancouver and Washington 

Set Me Free will now be screening this weekend on August 29th at Long beach and at the Harlem International Film Festival the week of September 10-14th

Here the trailer for "Set Me Free"

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

[Exclusive] 'Bad Girls Club' Life Coach Laura Baron Talks The Show's' Misconceptions, Dalila Conspiracy , Season 13 and More!


I had the pleasure to an exclusive interview with life coach Laura Baron, who is now the life on 'Bad Girls Club' This is my second time interviewing her, I interviewed her back in 2010 when she was the life coach on VH1's You're Cut Off.  In this interview, she talks about the misconceptions people have with Bad Girls Club, why Redd and Britt really had a hard time working with her, she also reveals if Dalilah was plant or not, and talks season 13.

Hi, Laura how are you?

Hey John, Cool that we're able to do this. .. I appreciate you staying in touch since my VH1 days, man I Loved that show.

Before 'Bad Girls Club' we all remember you for being a life coach on VH1's 'You're Cut Off' for two seasons. Do you still keep in touch with any of those girls?

I do... I just spoke to Jessica actually yesterday. I get asked about both casts a lot actually They were amazing personalities and great women off air as well. They were definitely loved!

You are now  a life coach to 'Bad Girls Club' girls this current season. What are the major differences and similarities between this show and 'Your'e Cut Off'?

The actual physical fights hat I've seen go down on BGC separates the cast. But other than that, both YCO and BGC feature young women who are either challenged with who they are or the environment they were raised. Fortunately , both shows also feature girls who are bright, funny as hell, and open to change. They also each were stacked with challenging personalities. But  you know never met a challenge I don't love...

Have you seen 'Bad Girls Club' before? If so what what were your thoughts about it and what do you think is the biggest misconception about this show that people have?

I never saw BGC. From what I heard it was like Springer on heels. The biggest misconception about the show is that the girls themselves are as 'bad' as their actions.  Not so. They may act out in ways other's wouldn't but underneath it they come from the same vulnerabilities we all have. Also, you should the production team on BGC are made of huge- hearted professionals who are truly rooting for the girls. It was an incredible environment behind the scenes as well.

It seems like Redd and Britt was the most challenging to work with from what we saw, why do you think that is?

Most of the girls struggled with trust , their struggle ran a little deeper. So for them letting in some suited up stranger while a bunch of cameras were shoved in their face wasn't exactly recipe for a lovefest. That said, I loved working with both Redd ad Britt.. my daily clients , not to mention my seasons on YCO and Monster-In-Laws  prepared me for challenges on and off tv. Not to mention, they're both sweethearts. Britt has just started to warm up to me before she got kicked out of the house. So close! We chat now and have a cool relationship She's a good 'bad' girl, And Redd... come on now...she worked for the situation with her feather, I loved that moment. so proud of her.

Were there any more scenes with you interacting with the girls that we did NOT get to see on TV?

Several. Lots of tears, deeper conversations,details of the girls past. I respect that wasn't shown. It wasn't necessary and gave the girls space to work on their issues without getting completely exposed in front of the audience. There were also several funnier moments , we all liked to play. I once even rapped to Jada to cheer her up.

Now there is a conspiracy theory going around that the new girl Dalilah was a set up from you to test the girls' progress. How do you respond to that? and have you met her before she left?

I should tell the producers really like Dalia and said she was a cool woman, I feel like she deserves that acknowledgment . I don't know her- never met her before or after or since . If she was a plantm you better believe  I would've have jumped on in there and never let things get where they did. No plant. No way.

Are we going to see you on the season 12 reunion show?

Of course. Tanisha hosted it, she by the way is a gerat example a Bad Girl turning her brand and life around. I really like her and thought she was a cool role model to the younger girls coming up. I loved seeing the girls again. You have to understand I know these women solely from our very personal and often intense exchanges in the coaching room. I adore each of them.

Now you are also going to be on the season 13 all star season which will premiere this fall. I know you can't say much about it but was season 13 more challenging than season 12?

The difference between 12 and season 13 is the girls had already been on camera so that wasn't as jarring to them. i think it took longer for the 12 girls to get used to it and open up, it's understandable. That said, on 13 we WORKED that show . Every single one of those girls is truly  a stand out in her own right. It's very clear why they're all-stars. You'll be watching an intense season.

Is there anything else you will like to add?

This  BGC change-up wasn't small . Bad Girls Club has consistantly been one of Oxygen's top rated shows for years. This whole season marks a big moment in TV. It was ballsy of Oxygen to give this ratings dominator a new transformational make-over, big of producers to lean into the new format ,and huge of the girls to work on themselves in front of millions of viewers. Not to mention , there really are no fans like BGC fans - so for them to accept this whole change is pretty epic. After all, this is really their show. I'm proud to be part of that process and appreciate being let into the family. A crazy and dysfunctional family, but still family. 

Sunday, July 13, 2014

[Exclusive] VH1's You're Cut Off Star Jessica Cimato Talks Life After Reality TV and Laura Baron Being On 'Bad Girls Club'

Jessica Cimato Talks Life After Reality TV

Jessica Cimato was best known for appearing on VH1's 'You're Cut Off' which aired four years ago. The show as about these rich girl whose parents have caught them off and send them to boot camp to learn about life. One o the cast members was Jessica Cimato, who was the Italian Jersey girl.  The girls also a had a life coach name Laura Baron to guide them. Laura Baron is now  life coach on the current season of'Bad Girls Club'.

I did an update interview to find out what she has been up to since appearing on the show

So it's been four years since You're Cut Off. What did you like and dislike about doing the show?

Jessica Cimato:  I liked the fact that I was given a reality check. Adversity can be a phenomenal lesson. I didn't like some of the situations I was put in, with some females I have zero patients for!

Do you sill keep on contact with other cast members?

 Jessica Cimato: I do , ironically enough I keep in touch with Erica , as well as Courtnee , Leanne and from time to time amber. The rest of the girls, I have no idea at all what they are doing and how they've been.

Now, I know most reality shows are scripted. I remember people speculate that the girls on the show were not really rich and it was just for TV. What are your thoughts on that?

Jessica Cimato: Although some girls may have had more then others, I do believe looking back that we all were equally dependent on our parents, and spoiled.

What are some things that happend on the show that we did not get to see on TV?

 Jessica Cimato: I supposed moments of gratitude and respect. For me especially, I was portrayed as a villain, with a rotten streak. I did feel remorse for my actions and when I would talk about that or admitting my part in altercations , they weren't aired.

What have you've been doing since the show ended?

Jessica Cimato: Since the show, I have started working for a phenomenal Dr. Two years I have been employed their. It's an arthritis center where we treat patients who are suffering from different   debilitating auto immune diseases , such as rheumatoid arthritis. Iv also started my own side business called Anne Elizabeth Film. Where I do wedding videography and photography. I'm happily in love with my boyfriend of two years and I look forward to my future and bettering myself.

Laura Baron, who was the life coach, is now on Bad Girls Club being the life coach to those girls. Would you do another reality show? Have you've been offered to do more shows? and what are your thoughts on Laura being on Bad Girls Club? Do you think the two shows are different?

 Jessica Cimato: I was ALMOST going to  be casted on one of their seasons, but I decided against it. Obviously we aren't as violent as them, but we are similar in the sense that we are living on another planet lol. I think it's a beautiful thing that Laura is working with them, they are lucky to have such a caring woman devoted to helping them so genuinely . As for other shows for myself, it would have to be a REALLY great show for me to do it again.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

 Jessica Cimato: I guess just that I don't live with regrets so my experience on YCO was a great opportunity . It was an adventure and I learned great lessons. Iv grown up since then, but I'm still growing.

Thank you,
 Jess Cimato

Saturday, July 12, 2014

[Exclusive] 'Flavor Of Love' Star Bootz Says She Wants A Reunion Show!

'Flavor Of Love' Reunion?

Would you want to see a Flavor Of Love reunion show? Larissa (Bootz) wants one! On twitter she exclusively says that 'Flavor Of Love started the reality TV hype and that VH1 needs to bring some of the girls back for a reunion show and I totally agree!

Here is the tweet

Bootz appeared on the 2nd season of the show and also appeared on the 1st season of Charm School

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