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Friday, November 19, 2010

VH1 Star Pics The Wedding of Bridal Bootcamp Winner Amberly

Vintage chic bride kisses father at end of ceremony aisleOld Hollywood San Diego wedding- deep red and black statement bridal bouquet
Old Hollywood wedding attire- birdcage veil for bride, red peep toe sling backs for bridesmaidsBride and groom celebrate after saying I Do at San Diego wedding ceremony

Artistic wedding photo with

Amberly and Ed tied the knot in front of 125 wedding guests in true Old Hollywood fashion! They chose a historical San Diego landmark for their wedding venue- the El Cortez, where Hollywood A-listers used to meet for dinner and drinks back in the day. This venue was picture perfect for their wedding day vibe!

You might remember the blushing bride from VH1's Bridal Bootcamp. Amberly was the winner of Bridal Bootcamp, and it definitely showed! She wore a gorgeous Alvina Valentamermaid wedding dress that hugged her curves, and a vintage-chic birdcage veil.

Amberly's bridesmaids were all decked out in Old Hollywood wedding garb, too. They wore red satin peep-toe slingbacks and LBDs, and some of the ladies donned retro hairstyles.


Thursday, July 15, 2010

Bridal Bootcamp - Episode 6 Recap


Episode 6 of Bridal Bootcamp aired last night. This show is almost close to the finale. This show to me wasn't that great but it is also not the worst either. Four remaining women remain. Amberly, Melissa, Kacey and Jamie At the beginning of the show , it showed the blue team pulling Steve's truck as early work out.

This weeks challenge was a relay race. since Kacey lost the most weight last week, she had the opportunity to answer a question in which she answered correctly from her husband. So they got a 20 second head start. At the  end the blue team. Melissa and Kacey were very upset. As a present Amberly and Jamie got to see their maid of honors.

at the fitting room, it was revealed that Melissa lost 6 lbs and lost total of 27 lbs. Kacey only lost two. At the end Kacey was eliminated and now Melissa is the only green team remaining.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Bridal Bootcamp - Episode 5 Recap


Bridal Bootcamp- Episode 5 Recap

Episode 5 of Bridal Bootcamp aired on Wednesday night. This week this teams had to run an obstacle course with their wax figure grooms on their backs. This time it was individual challenge.

Melissa had to answer a question from her husband, if she got a right she the advantage to choose someone fro the blue to go dead last in the race. She got the answer right ans she chose Jamie. Well it turned out Jamie won! the race and she won a 1 year supply of makeup from maybelline.

Jamie also had the oppurtunity choose someone else from her team to have immunity and she chose Amberly. Which means Melissa, Kacey and Tesha were up for elimination.  Kacey lost the most weigth this week so she was safe, so it was down to Melissa and Tesha and Tesha was eliminated because she mentioned before that she wanted to go home.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Bridal Bootcamp- Episode 5 Recap


Bridal Bootcamp- Episode 5 Recap

Episode of 5 of Bridal Bootcamp aired last night. Here is what happened. Both teams had an early workout as usual. 

This weeks challenge was Wedding Cake wrestling. Its like mud wrestling, but with wedding cake. However Tara, got a phone call from home her grandmother was REALLY sick. So she had to drop out to go home to be with her family. 

So now there were three memebers on each team. At the challenge Kacey had the opportunity to answer a question from her husband back home. If she answered the question she decideds the matchups. She got the question correctly and she paired up Amberly against Melissna, Jamie against herself and Tesha against Courtney.

So each of them wrestled  but the thing that pissed me off is that blue team were calling out nasty naes to the green team, so they can win. They were calling them bitch, fat ect which is stupid because why are you going to call them fat when you on a weight loss show?

Anyway blue team won all three rounds an they won a flower arrangement. The green team was pissed off especially Melissa who did not like the way they talked to them. So Melissa confronted them and she was pissed.  She said "don't call me a rich bitch" to Amberly. The blue team (of course) thought that they were just jealous because they lost.

the green team went to the fitting room for the third time. Melissa lost 4 lbs and she was safe from elimination. However Kacey lost only 1 lb and Courtney lost 3 lbs. Kacey and Courtney were up for elimination. Turns out Courtney got eliminated and Kacey stayed.  Even though Kacey lost the least amount of weight she is showing her dedication to the ream unlike Courtney.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Bridal Bootcamp- Episode 3 Recap

Bridal Bootcamp- Episode 3 Recap

Episode 3 of Bridal Bootcamp aired last night on VH1. Here is what happened. The blue team did a morning workout. Tesha was not in the mood to do the workout, she revealed to Steven that she was homesick and missed her family.

This weeks challenge the teams had to sail a boat putting a mattress in a raft. The green team had so much trouble their boat flipped and everyone was in the water except for Courtney which she did not do anything to help. Her team mates was pissed off with her. The blue team ended up winning and their prize was a free honeymoon.

So elimination came for the green team. Turns out Lauren gained two pounds this week. She was sobbing and crying about it. The bottom two was between Lauren and Melissa. Lauren was eliminated. Kacey was pissed off about that and wanted Courtney to go home.

To me I feel like this show is so rushed. It's only 30 min. they do the challenge, the elimination and then the show is over. This show seems too plain to me. ( my personal opinion)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Bridal Bootcamp - Episode 2 Recap

Bridal Bootcamp- Episode 2 Recap

Episode 2 of Bridal Bootcamp aired last night on VH1. Here is a recap of what happened.

The two teams had to do a early workout. The blue team felt tired and did not want to do the workout but they did it anyway.

This weeks challenge was the Bridal Shower Challenge. The two teams had to go to the water to get out presents which I thought were fake presents but it turned out to be real presents. The blur team had an opportunity to throw in an extra present for the other team by answering a question but they did not get it right.

The blue team ended up winning, which means that the green team was up for an elimination. Melissa over heard Tara saying that she wanted to go home and Melissa told her team mates about it and the other team was pissed off about it and told her to mind her own businiess or to talk to Tara about it.

At the elimination it was between Kelly and Kacey. Kelly ended up going home. She lost the least amount of wait.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Bridal Bootcamp - Premiere Recap

Bridal Bootcamp - Premiere Recap

Bridal Bootcamp also premiered last night on VH1 right after You're Cut Off. Here are my thoughts on this show and what happened on the premiere.

This show was pretty good. I was surprised. When I first heard about this show I thought would be best suited for WEtv since they air wedding reality shows. Well this show reminded me of Celebrity Fit Club the only differences is these women are getting married and they have eliminations.

They showed their audition tapes . They are total of 10 brides to be. Fitness trainer Steve Pfiester showed up and they also had a big table of good foods and told them this was the last supper they will at before their training. While they were eating an army truck came and smashed the table lol I knew they were not going to let those women those fry foods. Cynthia Conde who is their main fitness trainer showed up. I could tell that Cynthia has to be transgender she has a man voice and man arms.  My follwers on twitter were questioning that. Anyway the next day they did their first warm up.

Tina got sick and couldn't do it. There was also some drama between Tesha and Melissa. Tesha called Melissa Lucy Liu on steriods lol and that pissed Melisse off. Their first challenge was to lift up piles of sugar into this big shovel and sail it on a canoe.

At the end of the episode, Tina was eliminated. They felt like she would keep up with the program after she got sick.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Bridal Bootcamp- Meet The Brides


Bridal Bootcamp is a new VH1 show that premieres on Wednesday June 9th. This is show is about 10 brides who want to be in their best shape for their big day. They face series of challenges, the winning party will receive immunity as for the losing party they will face the weigh in. Watch the supertrailer on

Meet The Brides:











read more about these girls on

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