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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

'Rock Of Love' Star Heather Chadwell Says She Regrets Daisy DeLa Hoya Fight

Rock Of Love star Heather Chadwell did a new update interview for The site reached out to her for a special Where Are they Now: Rock Of love Girls post and she reveals to them that she regrets that infamous fight with Daisy during season 2 reunion of the show.

Heather thinks that fight cost her own dating show which was rumored to be called I Heart Heather

Yeah, I do have regrets. I know everyone says, ‘I don’t have any regrets,’ but how do you know not to act like that again or not to let someone like that in your life. Throwing plates and getting in fights – it’s all great TV but I regret the whole fight with Daisy. I had a developmental deal for my own show and I think that really…I mean, they gave it to her instead. So I regret that fight because I think it cost me my own show.”

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