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Monday, June 2, 2014

GOSSIP: Lil Scrappy Cheating On Bambi With An Instagram Model?

Scrappy Cheating Rumors

Reality: Is Lil Scrappy from Love and Atlanta screwing another girl that is Erica P, Buckeey nor Erica? Pictures of him has surfaced over Memorial Day weekend of him with an Instagram model name "Phucked_fame"



Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Mob Wives' Natalie Guerico Sets The Record Straight On Alleged Cheating Rumors

Photo: VH1

Natalie Shoots Down Cheating Rumors

Reality:  Mob Wives star Natalie Guerco is setting the record straight on those rumors that she is crewing her music producer Ryan Banks behind her boyfriend's back. Music producer Ryan Back exclusively told Radar Online that he been hooking up with her for a while.

But Natalie just did an exclusive interview with the Latin Post saying that the cheating rumors aren't true and this is just a desperate attempted him get his name out there now that she is on Mob Wives.

"This is a desperate attempt from an up-and-coming, 'struggle' rapper/producer, to garner publicity for his project. This is the first, last, and only time I will address this matter, and the only reason I'm addressing it now is to put the truth out there once and for all."

Read the rest here

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Gossip: Mob Wives' Natalie Guerico Cheating On Boyfriend With Music Producer

Natalie Hooking Up With Producer?

Reality:  Will this be a n upcoming storyline for season 5 of Mob Wives? In season 4 we were introduced to Natalie Guiroco and her boyfriend London. Most of their storyline last season was about their living arrangements and how they can be together.

Word has come out now that she has been allegedly cheating on him with her music producer Ryan Banks, who produced her son "Delicious."

Ryan Banks tell Radar Online  that he has been hooking with her behind her boyfriends' back for years and oh yeah..he is married.  His wife is actually fine with him hooking up with Natalie because she thinks she is nothing more than a sidechick.

Natalie RT's this tweet

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