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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Bambi Reveals She Is NOT Returning To 'Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta'

 Bambi Quits 'LHATL'

Love and Hip Hop:Atlanta star Bambi spoke to TMZ's RAQ Rants and confirmed that she is done with scrappy and Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta. She explains in the video that the reason why she isn't returning next season becasue she is messy and a dumb chick who keeps getting cheating on

Watch video below

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Lil Scrappy Announces His Break-Up With Bambi On Instagram

 Scrappy and Bambi Break Up

Scrappy and Bambi's relationship comes to an end. The Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta star and rapper Lil Scrappy has announced his break up to Bambi on his Instagram page today giving her a mature proper send off. 

#tbw was a beautiful thing we had and a great friendship even though we had our problems we had a blast , and now we are officially dne and both moved on , no beef and no hate @adizthebam is the best woman I've ever had and her and my daughter are close and have a bond and love each other ,and she's the first to teach me something I didn't Knw ,so much love to her and may God bless the both of us in our new life and endeavors


Sunday, September 6, 2015

VIDEO: Bambi Spills Tea On Erica Dixon and Speaks On Scrappy

Bambi Spills Tea On Erica Dixon

Bambi was this week's guest on Have A Seat Radio and speaks on her current relationship status with Scrappy. She reveals that their relationship is back on again... she says that Scrappy is always in his feelings that's why they keep breaking up and getting back to together.

She also called out Erica Dixon. She doesn't understand the issue Erica has with her. She did spill some tea on her, she says that Erica send old pics of her and Scrappy to him.. indicating that she still not over him and that's she might have an issue with her .She also revealed that more drama happened at the reunion show that did not aired on TV

She also says new music from her is coming soon

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Gloria Govan and Bambi Johnson To Make Acting Debut On The Big Screen


Bambi and Gloria Reunite In Movie

Two former Basketball Wives LA cast members will be reuniting on the big screen.  Centric TV reports foremer cast members Gloria Govan and Bambi Johnson have scored acting debuts in a movie called Chocolate City which stars Romeo Miller, Tyson Beckford and Vivica A. Fox

The movie is centered on a broke college student (Miller) who takes up exotic dancing to pay the bills. He faces competition and jealousy from the club's former star (Beckford) who finds his popularity fading as the new kid becomes a fan favorite.

It's unknown who they will be playing but I think it's ironic that they both will appear in a movie together when they both had beef on Basketball Wives: LA

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Bambi Says Her Miscarriage Wasn't A Publicty Stunt For The Show

Miscarriage Was No Publicity Stunt

We all Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta is known for creating publicity stunts, so when Bambi had her miscarriage on the show, many viewers thought it was just another publicity stunt and a storyline.

But Bamvi is making it clear that her losing the baby was not for attention. S2smagazine reports

“I didn’t really think that people would think something like that would be made up for ratings or for a joke,” she said. “The fact that people thought that was made up was really disturbing to me. That was one of the reasons why we just decided to release the discharge papers and be totally open. I chose to do reality TV. I let them be apart of it.” 

Saturday, June 28, 2014

UPDATE- Bambi Says Stephanie Haarp Is Her Sister Who Attacked Erica P.

Bambi's Sister Attacked Erica P.

More is coming about the Erica P attack. This week TMZ posted the mugshot of the woman who attacked Erica P of Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta. Her name is Stephanie Haarp and Erica P. thinks that Bambi ordered her to attack her.

Well it looks like the woman who attacked Erica actually Bambi's sister! Bambi reveals to TMZ that it was her sister who attacked Erica, but denies the fact she ordered her to do it. She also says that Erica P t started the fight by throwing a drink a her and says her sister did not had a razer blade.

Monday, June 2, 2014

GOSSIP: Lil Scrappy Cheating On Bambi With An Instagram Model?

Scrappy Cheating Rumors

Reality: Is Lil Scrappy from Love and Atlanta screwing another girl that is Erica P, Buckeey nor Erica? Pictures of him has surfaced over Memorial Day weekend of him with an Instagram model name "Phucked_fame"



Sunday, May 11, 2014

Bambi Explains Why She Rode That Pink Bike To Scrappy's House

Why Did She Use A Bike?

Reality: There was one scene that got everyone ( including me) all confused on the premiere episode of Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta and Bambi riding that pink bike with a princess basket to Scrappy's house. Did she not have a car? Do they both live close by? Those were some questions people were asking.

Bambi responded to the bike jokes to Bossip. She says the jokes were unexpected and reveals they both live a mile away from each other.

"I'm a California girl. We have bikes and beach cruisers so we ride our bikes around the neighborhood. It's probably why we're so fine and have wonderful beautiful legs and stuff."  "I like to ride my bike and I love to pull up on him," she said. "Especially when I'm trying to creep so he won't hear the engine."

Monday, September 30, 2013

Bambi Will Be On The New Season Of 'Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta"

Bambi To Appear On Season 3

Reality News: Now that Bambi is dating Lil Scrappy, it looks like we will be seeing more of her on the 3rd season of 'Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta' She was at the BET Hip Hop Awards 2013 and she tells HipHollywood that she "pretty sure" she will making several appearances. Last season, Bambi appeared on the cabin episodes with Kirk and Benzino

She also shares her thoughts on Scrappy's baby mama Erica Dixon

Watch The interview

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Watch It Here: Bambi and Mary Jane Get Into It On Kandi Koated Nights

Reality News: Bambi and Mary Jane got into with  each other yet again and this time it was face to face! What happened was was Mary Jane was a guest on Kandi's Ustream show Kandi Koated Nights ( you can watch the full show here) and Bambi popped up and things got a little heated between them. Funky Dineva posted a video footage.

After that incident, Mary Jane had a video message for Bambi. 

I wonder if both of them will be present at the 'Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta" season 2 reunion show because if they are, it's going to be messy. 

Friday, July 5, 2013

Watch It Here: Bambi Talks Benzino and If She Will Return To 'Basketball Wives LA"

Bambi Speaks Out

Reality News: Is Bambi dating Benzino? Is she returning for 'Basketball Wives LA" season 3? She answers these questions in a new interview she did with Streetz 94.5 in which yo can watch video below. We all saw Bambi making an appearance on the last episode of Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta where she was in the hot tub with Kirk and Benzino.

She confirms she dated Benzino for a short amount of time and that's how she got on the show. She speaks on if she will return for the 3rd season of Basketball Wives LA. She says she can't confirm if she will apart of it because she has a show in the works which will be more about her and her Lipstick Gang.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Watch it Here: Bambi Calls Mary Jane A "whore" During Radio Interview

"Hide Your Husbands"

It looks like Mary Jane a little but of fame off her cameo appearance on Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta this past week. She was in the hot tub scene with Benzino and Kirk. Bambi from Basketball Wives LA was with them. 

Well now she id responding to the backlash that she has been getting. She basically tweets "Hide your husbands"

MaryJane Twitter KirkFrost 2 MissJia 500x255 Kirk Frosts Jumpoff, Mary Jane, Responds To Backlash, Just Hide Your Husbands

MaryJane Twitter KirkFrost 3 MissJia 500x230 Kirk Frosts Jumpoff, Mary Jane, Responds To Backlash, Just Hide Your Husbands

She also appeared on the Real Mistresses Of Atlanta triailer that was released a year ago on the net. The show was produced by Memphitz, K. Michelle's ex.

She was recently did a radio interview and Mary Jane says that hot scene was filmed a month ago and she does not care about what the haters think. She says that her and Kirk are"cool."

Also, Bambi called in and called Mary Jane a "whore" on air.

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