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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Bambi Reveals She Is NOT Returning To 'Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta'

 Bambi Quits 'LHATL'

Love and Hip Hop:Atlanta star Bambi spoke to TMZ's RAQ Rants and confirmed that she is done with scrappy and Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta. She explains in the video that the reason why she isn't returning next season becasue she is messy and a dumb chick who keeps getting cheating on

Watch video below

Friday, March 11, 2016

'Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta' Is Getting A Transgender Castmember; Lil Scrappy Shades

'LHATL' Gets Transgender Castmember

The 5th season of Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta premieres on April 4th and it has been revealed  D.Smith is who is a music producer, will be joining the cast as one of the newcomers.  She worked with Lil Wayne and recently appeared on the Vh1 special "Out In Hip Hop' last fall.

However, she has been getting shaded by Lil Scrappy referring to her as "Men In Wings"


Momma Dee came to her defense apologizing for Scrappy remarks and says she does not share the same views as him


Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Lil Scrappy Announces His Break-Up With Bambi On Instagram

 Scrappy and Bambi Break Up

Scrappy and Bambi's relationship comes to an end. The Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta star and rapper Lil Scrappy has announced his break up to Bambi on his Instagram page today giving her a mature proper send off. 

#tbw was a beautiful thing we had and a great friendship even though we had our problems we had a blast , and now we are officially dne and both moved on , no beef and no hate @adizthebam is the best woman I've ever had and her and my daughter are close and have a bond and love each other ,and she's the first to teach me something I didn't Knw ,so much love to her and may God bless the both of us in our new life and endeavors


Sunday, September 6, 2015

VIDEO: Bambi Spills Tea On Erica Dixon and Speaks On Scrappy

Bambi Spills Tea On Erica Dixon

Bambi was this week's guest on Have A Seat Radio and speaks on her current relationship status with Scrappy. She reveals that their relationship is back on again... she says that Scrappy is always in his feelings that's why they keep breaking up and getting back to together.

She also called out Erica Dixon. She doesn't understand the issue Erica has with her. She did spill some tea on her, she says that Erica send old pics of her and Scrappy to him.. indicating that she still not over him and that's she might have an issue with her .She also revealed that more drama happened at the reunion show that did not aired on TV

She also says new music from her is coming soon

Friday, August 14, 2015

Court Order Bans Lil Scrappy From Seeing Erica Dixon Due To Alleged Assault

 Scarppy Gets Banned From Seeing Erica

More 'Love and Hip Hop'  surrounding Scrappy and Erica Dixon.  Lil Scrappy has been ordered from the courts to stay away from Erica because she alleges that he assaulted her.   

The Shade Room reports that she has been granted temporary custody of their daughter and now Scrappy has to enroll to a Family Violence Intervention Program. She beleives that Scrappy will harm her if he goes near her. She told the judge that he attempted to attack her during a conversation and threw an object at her.

This is not working in Scrappy’s favor since he and Erica are in the midst of a child custody battle. Erica’s already asking the court to award her sole custody of Emani and when Scrappy sees her to be required to have a court-approved monitor. She’s not stopping there; Dixon also wants Scrappy to get tested for drugs and alcohol and go to rehab.

Being the father he is, Scrappy said in his own custody filing that Emani lived with him for the last two years and was scared of Dixon. According to him, Erica has dissed him in front of their daughter and often won’t allow him to speak to her when she has her. He also claims she refused to co-parent with him.


Monday, October 20, 2014

MUSIC: Momma Dee Releases 'I Deserve' Music Video.. WATCH HERE!

'I Deserve' Music Video

Out favorite 'Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta mom, Momma Dee, has releases her official music video for her song 'I Deserve' which also features Lil scrappy and his daughter.

Watch here.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

VIDEO: Lil Scrappy Accuses Nickelodeon Resort Of Racism

Scrappy Calls Out Resort

Lil Scrappy is calling racism once again at the Nickelodeon Suite Resort on Orlando ( which I live near by!) He was on vacation with his daughter Emani and Momma Dee. It all started when they pool and the staff were picking out kids for a contest but the staff skipped her and other black kids. 

Scrappy accuses them of favoring only white kids and in the video obtained by TMZ he confronts the host telling them they need to pick his daughter.

  - Watch More

This isn't the first time he had to deal racist situation involving  his daughter. Early this year, a white salon owner refused to take in his daughter to so her hair on her birthday. 

Saturday, June 21, 2014

VIDEOS: Lil Scrappy Speaks On Justin Bieber's Racist Videos

"It's All About The Money"

Videos:  We all know Lil Scrappy isn't here for racism. Last year, he a video ranting about George Zimmerman being acquitted of Trayvon Martin's murder and now Vlad TV asked him and the recent racist Justin Bieber that leaked on the net weeks ago.

He says that no one stepped to Justin Bieber because "it's all about the money." 

Watch video here

Friday, June 6, 2014

Shay Johnson Reveals She's Still In Scrappy's Life

Reality: So far we've have not seen Shay Johnson a.k.a Buckeey on this season of Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta. We've have not Erica Dixon that much either this season. This season. it has been about Erica P and Bambi which are this season's Erica Dixon and Shay Johnson.

Shay told VH1 in a new exclusive interview she is still in Lil Scrappy's life even if the cameras aren't showing it and shares her toughts on the new girls in his life.

On Lil Scrappy's relationship with Bambi

" I have nothing bad to say about her. It’s irrelevant because I haven’t gone anywhere. There has been social network back and forth, little subliminal comments. But it’s petty. She’s doing her with him — whatever they’re doing. But I’m doing me with him, and that’s the great part.

I was told [Bambi] was sleeping with him when he was dealing with other women — living with other women, so you really can’t get mad if somebody is messing with a guy that you’ve been dealing with and you were doing the same thing to another female. You can’t turn a ho into a housewife. Period. All I’m focused on is what he and I have, and that’s unconditional love."


Monday, June 2, 2014

GOSSIP: Lil Scrappy Cheating On Bambi With An Instagram Model?

Scrappy Cheating Rumors

Reality: Is Lil Scrappy from Love and Atlanta screwing another girl that is Erica P, Buckeey nor Erica? Pictures of him has surfaced over Memorial Day weekend of him with an Instagram model name "Phucked_fame"



Sunday, May 11, 2014

Bambi Explains Why She Rode That Pink Bike To Scrappy's House

Why Did She Use A Bike?

Reality: There was one scene that got everyone ( including me) all confused on the premiere episode of Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta and Bambi riding that pink bike with a princess basket to Scrappy's house. Did she not have a car? Do they both live close by? Those were some questions people were asking.

Bambi responded to the bike jokes to Bossip. She says the jokes were unexpected and reveals they both live a mile away from each other.

"I'm a California girl. We have bikes and beach cruisers so we ride our bikes around the neighborhood. It's probably why we're so fine and have wonderful beautiful legs and stuff."  "I like to ride my bike and I love to pull up on him," she said. "Especially when I'm trying to creep so he won't hear the engine."

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Lil Scrappy Arrested After A Fight In A Gas Station + Footage

Scrappy Arrested

Reality News:  I don't know what is going on with Lil Scrappy this week. First, he went on a twitter rant about the lack of black winner at the VMAs this past Sunday, then reports came out that Waka Flovka was RUMORED to  replace him on the next season of 'Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta. He confirmed though that he will be returning for season 4  in a tweet and now reports have come out today that got into a brawl at a Georgia gas station that led to his arrest.

According to TMZ  the brawl happened around 2:AM and he fought a  guy name Kenny Rogers. Lil Scrappy says that he was calling his girlfriend ( Basketball Wives LA's Bambi)  names and then he puts his hands on him.

His lawyer says there is a video of Scrappy acting in self defense.

World Star Hip Hop has provided the footage of the brawl.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Lil Scrappy Rants About The Lack Of Black People Winning At This Year's VMAs

Scrappy Rants About The VMAs

Celebrity News: There was on person who was not happy with VMAs last night and that Lil Scrappy. He went on a twitter rant last night complaining  about the lack of black people winning any awards. Bruno Mars and Selena Gomez were the only non-white people who won an award.

In one of his tweets he says that the show screwed up hip hop and gave to a "pop group". He was referring to Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. 

Do you think it really matters? Here are his tweets.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Lil Scrappy and Erica Leaves Reunion Show Early For Family Emergency

Scrappy & Erica Leave Reunion Show

Reality News: Over the weekend, the season 2 reunion show of Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta was being filmed. Apparently,  Scrappy and Erica left the reunion show abruptly because there daughter had an accident.

Erica instgarmmed a message to fans by saying they  are moving forward from a tragic accident that happened to her and scrappy's daughter.

Thankfully, she is doing fine now

Watch It Here: Lil Scrappy Expresses His Feelings On The On The Verdict

Celebrity News:  Lil Scrappy is expressing his thoughts on the George Zimmerman trial after he was NOT GUILTY last night. In this instagram video, he feels there must be retribution for Trayvon Martin.

"They gonna turn up on us, we got to turn up on them. We gotta turn this sh*t all the way around. And stand up for our motherf***in' rights, ya feel me?"

I was truly devastated when I heard verdict last night. What are your thoughts about it?

Friday, July 12, 2013

New Music: Lil Scrappy Releases New Song Called "Trayvon Martin"

Music News: Lil Scrappy has released a song called "Trayvon Martin.' in which he expresses his thoughts on the case.

Trayvon Martin was fatally shot by Georgoe Zimmerman on February 26th 2012 and it sparked a national discussion on gun control and race.  George Zimmerman is now on trial.

What do you think about the song?

Monday, July 1, 2013

Lil Scrappy Completes 30 Days Of Rehab

While some of the cast of 'Love and Hip Hop: Atanta" attended the BET awards last night, Lil Scrappy has completed his 30 days in rehab for his addiction to weed. A month ago, he voluntarily checked into rehab for his addiction and now he is released. 

He claims he is now weed and alcohol free and is now looking to mentoring teens next week. 

Monday, June 3, 2013

Lil Scrappy Enters Rehab For Marijuana Addiction

Lil Scrappy has now entered rehab for his addiction to marijuana to avoid jail time. His lawyer told TMZ that he volunteered to go to rehab last Thursday and he will stay there until his next hearing which will be on June 16th

The site also posted what he has been doing. He has group therapy and a one on one therapy. 10PM is curfew, no cell phones and laptops and no visttors for the first two weeks.

However, he will be able to tweet next week. 

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Lil Scrappy Might Head Off To Rehab For Marijauna Addiction

Lil Scrappy might head ro rehab after revealing today in court that he has an addition to marijauna. He was in court in which he failed a urine test. His lawyer tells TMZ that he will be checking rehab center before his next court hearing next month

He was arrested back in March over a dispute for fake pee test.  

He does say on twitter what his future outcome will be.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Lil Scrappy Calls Out Erica On Twitter

Scrappy Tweets He Is Single

So with all the drama that has been happening on Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta involving him, Erica and Momma Dee, Lil Scrappy is making it clear that he single. He defends his mother on twitter and calls out Erica saying that she just wants fame and that she is using her kids as checks even though he did not say her name. It's obvious he was talking about her.



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