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Friday, February 5, 2016

New York Fights Claudia Jordan In 'The Next 15' Trailer

 'The Next 15' Trailer

The official trailer of new reality show "The Next 15" is here! TV One's new reality show which premieres on February 10th features six reality stars including Tiffany Pollard, Jennifer Williams, Claudia Jordon ect and it follows their lives and what they are doing and it looks like Claudia Jordan will be getting into with Tiffany ' New York' Pollard and have a confrontation with Jennifer Williams about dating her ex. We also Cynthia Bailey, Kirk Frost and Chance making appearances.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

New York, Benzino And More On Set Filming New Reality Show 'The Next 15'

New York and Moee Film New Show

Early this summer, it was rumored that TV One was going to cast former reality stars in a new show called 'The Next 15. Months ago, I uploaded the rumored cast.

Jasmine Brand has now confirmed that the cast and VH1 queen Tiffany Pollard is one of them.. She was seen on set filming the show with Benzino who is also on the show.

Other reality stars confirmed are formr 'Basketball Wives' stars Jennifer Williams and Laura Govan, 'RHOA' star Claudia Jordan, 'The Real World' star Kamaro Brown.


Carlos King who is the producer of the show says the show wil be ground breaking and they will show what goes on behind scenes. 

The show will air on TV One in 2016

 “This groundbreaking series showcases some of reality’s most iconic personalities in a spotlight like you’ve never seen them before, while addressing the viewer’s CURIOSITY of what it takes to make a reality show. The veil has finally been lifted giving viewers exclusive access into the production process of a docu-series.”

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Claudia Jordan Gets Fired From 'RHOA', Brandi Glainville 'Undecided About 'RHOBH'

Claudia Jordan Gets Fired, Brandi Glainville Undecided

The two big Real Housewives shows is making come casting changes next season. It was first reported, that Brandi Glainville was FIRED from Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills. Several media outlets reported that the reason she was fired was because of her 'diva like behavior  '

Brandi took to twitter yesterday to slam the rumors saying  " I've never been called a diva in my life, I'm a complete team player'

UPDATE: Brandi denied reports that she was fired from RHOBH. She still undecided and will make a decision on Monday June 22nd according to

Another bombshell was dropped yesterday when TMZ announced  that Claudia Jordan was fired from Real Housewives Of Atlanta after only appearing on the show last season. There have been rumors that Nene Leakes had something to do with it.

Claudia Jorddan joked about leaving the show on Instagram today


So do you think Nene Leakes got her fired?

Actresses Kim Fields and Drew Sidora have been rumored replacements next season.

Monday, April 20, 2015

HOT TEA: Nene Leakes Threatens Producers To Fire Cynthia and Claudia

Photo/ Bravo

Nene Wants Cynthia and Claudia Fired?

Nene Leakes is making alleged demands again. This time she is 'demanding' prodcucers to fire Cynthia Bailey and Claudia Jordan for season 8 of the show. exclusively reports that she is giving the producers an ultimatum to fire Cynthia and Claudina or she will leave. Nene did not get along with both women this season. 

Do you think she will have her way?


Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Social Media Drags Claudia Jordan For Calling Tiny a 'Pig' In Old Interview.. SMH

Claudia Jordan Gets Backlash About Tiny

'Real Housewives Of Atlanta' star Claudia Jordan is a in hot water today after an old video of here appearing in a radio show called Foxxhole Classic. The audio dates back to 2008 and you can hear her bad mouthing Tiny Harris, whom she appeared on her VH1 talk show 'Tiny Tonight'. In the video, you can hear Claudia making fun of her looks calling her a 'pig' basically.

She has been receiving a lot backlash on social media, she did apologized. Tiny responded back calling her a 'slut'

Here are the tweets and the video

Monday, July 1, 2013

Claudia Jordan Gets Assaulted By Omarosa's Mom At BET Awards

Claudia vs Omarosa'a Mom?

Other Reality News:  The 2013 BET awards literally meant "anything can happen" at its award show becaise Claudia Jordan and Omorosa, who both were all star contestants on the "Celebrity Apprentice" early this year got into a verbal altercation at the red carpet. 

According to TMZ  both women got into a verbal altercation after Omorosa called her a "stupid bitch." Omorosa's mom, who is 65 years old , overheard it and ran up to Claudia punching her in the arm.  Claudia is now filing  a police report for the incident.

More info has come out today and the whole incident started when Claudia told Omorosa that she is "squatting""squatting" in her deceased husband's house who the late actor Michael Clark Duncan. that's when Omorosa called her a stupid bitch. Omorosa told TMZ that she is saddebed by her actions at the red carpet.

Who's side are you on?

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