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Sunday, November 8, 2015

New York, Benzino And More On Set Filming New Reality Show 'The Next 15'

New York and Moee Film New Show

Early this summer, it was rumored that TV One was going to cast former reality stars in a new show called 'The Next 15. Months ago, I uploaded the rumored cast.

Jasmine Brand has now confirmed that the cast and VH1 queen Tiffany Pollard is one of them.. She was seen on set filming the show with Benzino who is also on the show.

Other reality stars confirmed are formr 'Basketball Wives' stars Jennifer Williams and Laura Govan, 'RHOA' star Claudia Jordan, 'The Real World' star Kamaro Brown.


Carlos King who is the producer of the show says the show wil be ground breaking and they will show what goes on behind scenes. 

The show will air on TV One in 2016

 “This groundbreaking series showcases some of reality’s most iconic personalities in a spotlight like you’ve never seen them before, while addressing the viewer’s CURIOSITY of what it takes to make a reality show. The veil has finally been lifted giving viewers exclusive access into the production process of a docu-series.”

Sunday, September 27, 2015

SIP TEA: Laura Govan Claims Gilbert Arena Fathered Draya's Son

Laura Puts Gilbert On Blast

If VH1 was smart they would bring back Laura Goven since now Basketball Wives: LA will be getting a 5th season. The show needs a  real storyline and this could be it. The drama between Laura and Gilbert Arena is not over. Last week, alleged leaked e-mails claiming that Gilbert Arena gace Laura Govan STDS, and also had Draya allegedly beaten up.

Laura Govan claims that now only he allegedly beat up Draya but he also fathered Draya's  

she quotes

 I also fail to mention how you lied about Draya and all that drama situation and her baby! Then you turn around and have her Beat Up in her apartment! Broken Nose & All!"  "When I left you it was because I couldn't take the STDs and you slapping me around all the time! So let's tell the real story about LA!"

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Laura Govan Speaks Out Against Her Ex Demanding Her To Move Out The House

Laura Govan Speaks Out

Former 'Basketball Wives' La star Laura Govan is speaking out against her ex Gilbert Arena who recently blasted her for not taking care of their kids and using his money for materialistic purposes. Laura has been getting 20k per month from him.

He recently went on a  rant saying he is the one who has been taking care of their kids, not her and demanding to move out by giving a 60 day eviction notice

She gets 20k a month but if u read what I do then ask urself what does she do with 20k ...she has to feed the kids at home, pay for gas to get them to school and pay her phone bill andddddddd that's it."
 "She has 2 million dollar closet but my kids look like their bums half the damn time they get posted and I'm the #Deadbeat....if I'm a #deadbeat and a bad father WHAT the f*ck are the rest of the fathers called??? Yall can call me what u want but i bet yall want me as ur baby daddy smdh."

Laura Govan has now responded back on Instagram defending herself and shading her ex by posting a pic of her and her kids sticking their tongue out.

"To All the Real Mommies with No Help Sleep Deprived and get up at 530 am to work out Before going to work or waking their children up! Making Breakfast taking a 3mins shower waking and getting their children ready for school eating left overs and getting their children to school on time! Brushed teeth shoes tired and lotion Down, Running a Business and trying to have a career!"

photo/ Shade Room

Monday, October 27, 2014

Laura Govan Confirms Gloria and Matt Split.. "They Need Time To Grow"

Laura Speaks On Sister's Split

Laura Govan is speaking out to HipHollywood about her sister's split with Matt Barnes. It was reported earlier this month that the couple have split over 'trust issues'. Laura tells the site that they need 'time to grow" and believes they will get back together.

“I’ve  known Matt since we were in the 9th grade. Matt is a good friend of mine, my sister is my sister, but it’s a relationship. I believe they’ll get back together,”  “I just think they need some time, a little time to grow. If they don’t they don’t, if they do, they do. In life I’ve learned that you just have years to live so you might as well live em.'”

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Laura Govan Denies Getting Sued For Over Boxing Match

Laura Denies Getting Sued

Reality:  Ex- Basketball Wives LA cast member was accused of unlawfully broadcast a boxingmatch at her bar which is called Kimball's Carnival. RadarOnline reported today that she was sued  by G&G Closed circuit Event claiming that Laura Govan acted in attempt to harm the company without paying a license fee.

She went to twitter to say the story is untrue

Monday, October 7, 2013

Draya Says Laura Govan is 'Bitter' After Ho Comment

Draya vs Laura

Reality News: Laura and Draya recently took shots at each other when the former 'Basketball wives LA cast member Laura told TMZ  that 'hoes' are ruining the show and she referred to Draya ansd cast member Sundy Carter. She even slams Shaunie O' Neal for not keeping the show which has ACTUAL wives in it

"I feel like she didn't keep [the show] in the basketball creed." "She shoulda kept 'Basketball Wives,' basketball wives"

Draya responded back to TMZ by saying she is just bitter that was kicked out the show .
Draya's response

So who's side are you on? Do you agree with Laura?

Friday, September 13, 2013

Watch It Here: Laura Govan Reveals She Slapped Draya and talks Nene's New Show

Watch It Here: Laura Govan  is speaking to Bossip and she reveals that she slapped Draya during the show. She also talks about Nene's new spin off show "I Dream Of Nene" as she appears as one of her bridsmaids.

Her and Gloria won't be returning to 'Basketball Wives LA'  They are currently filming their own show.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Gloria Govan Confirms New Reality Show With Her Sister

New Reality Show Coming Soon

Reality News: It looks like the Govan sisters are leaving 'Basketball Wives LA" behind and will have their own reality show. Last week, Matt and Gloria got married for second time and the ceremony was filmed indicating that it was for a new show.

Gloria has now confirmed in an exclusive interview with Jasmine Brand that she is filming a family reality show with her and he sister Laura. Both Gloria and Laura's kids will be involve. Now I don't know if this is a spin off show from 'Basketball Wives LA" ( which I doubt) and if it will air on VH1.

"We’re working on a family show – me and my sister, Gilbert, Matt, all of our kids – you know, my sister has got like 18 kids. I [was] just saying “Gosh! You have a lot of kids!” Yeah, it’s really 4. But it feels like 18, because they’re all over the place. So yeah, we’re doing a lot of stuff. We have a lot of stuff that we’re doing together which is really cool."

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Photos: Laura Govan Sets Wedding Dress On Fire In New Photo Shoot

Laura Govan for Black Men's Magazine

Laura's Fire Wedding Dress Sparks Up Controversy 

Laura Govan will be featured in the new issue of Black Men's magazine but she is sparking up controversy in  a new photoshoot where she sets a wedding dress on fire. She wants to get the message that getting married isnn't for everyone, especially for her.

In the latest issue she says:

"I just don’t like the way the public perceives women who aren’t married vs. the way they perceive women that are. People place so much value on having a great wedding instead of having a great relationship; that’s why you see people get married and divorced so quickly. I’ve been with the same man for 12 years, we have four children and we’re happy. Focus on that."

and speaking of wedding dresses she will become a bridesmaid for Nene's wedding which will also be a show "I Dream Of Nene"

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Jennifer Williams and Laura Govan To Appear In Nene Leakes' New Spin Off Show

Jennifer and Laura To Be Bridesmaids

We will be seeing Basketball Wives stars Jennifer Williams and Laura Govan back in out TV screens soon. It has been reported that they will be bridesmaids in Nene Leakes' new upcoming spin off show "I Dream Of Nene" which will about her upcoming wedding. Marlo Hampton , who on Real Housewives OF Atalnta last season, and Cynthia Bailey will also become bridesmaids.

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