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Monday, May 1, 2017

Jennifer Williams Is Officially Returning To 'Basketball Wives'

Jennifer Officially Returning To 'Basketball Wives'

It looks like Jennifer Williams will in fact joining 'Basketball Wives' later this season. She will be appearing on tonight episode for Tami's book launch party but according to Jasmine Brand she has already signed a contract and already started filming.  

It's been said that the producers wanted to creaye a storyline about Eveleyn and Jennifer's unresolved beef even though Evelyn did not want her back on the show

"Evelyn and Jennifer haven’t spoken in years and they fell-out publicly. Evelyn did NOT want Jennifer back on the show. Evelyn has some power within the show and told producers that it was either her or Jennifer. Initially, they wanted Evelyn back so much, that they agreed."


Sunday, April 16, 2017

Evelyn Lozada Denies Blocking Jennifer Williams From Joining ''Basketball Wives'


 Evelyn Denies Blocking Jennifer

Evelyn Lozada is finally responding to the rumors that she blocked Jennifer William from returning to 'Basketball Wives'. Two months ago, Jennifer did an interview ans revealed that she was supposed to join the show but someone in the cast did not want her on the show. Many fans speculated it was Evelyn.

Evelyn sat down with Hip Hollywood and she revealed that she wanted to reach out to Jennifer Williams ,privately and not do things just for the show.

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Jennifer Williams Revealed Evelyn Lozada STOPPED Her From Joining 'Basketball Wives: LA' With Her

Did Evelyn stopped Jennifer From Joining 'BWLA?

Jennifer Williams has revealed in a new interview that Evelyn Lozada stopped her from the joining the season 6 cast of Basketball Wives: LA. we have already seen pictures of Jennifer with Tami Roman promoting her new book. Jennifer revealed she already filmed scenes with Tami but will not be a castmember.

Jennifer explaining Evelyn, who will be on the show next season, did not w ant heron the show.

Listen Here

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

SIP TEA: Althea Hart Accuses Benzino Of Having An Affiar With Jennifer Williams

 Althea Blasts Benzino Of Alleged Affair

Benzino wife Althea Hart spilled some alleged tea recently on twitter during the airing of 'The Next 15' reunion show.  It all started when  Claudia Jordan speculated during the reunion show that Jennifer Williams and Benzino was having an affair

Althea was fired on twitter accusing her husband of cheating on her with is 'The Next 15' co-star Jennifer Williams. Her and Claudia also went at it on twitter


Both Benizno and Jennifer denied the rumors


Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Jennifer Williams Reveals Her Mother Passed Away From Cancer

Jennifer Loses Her Mother To Cancer

Former 'Basketball Wives' star Jennifer Williams is a having a rough holiday. She revealed on Instagram that she lost her mother to cancer and she posts a 
heartfelt letter to her.  

She writes:

Heaven just got another angel… Little did I know when you pulled me in to kiss me and say I love you yesterday it would be my final goodbye here on earth. So beautiful but so sad at the same time. You are my everything and will always be my everything! Everything I do is for you… I thank you for the lessons you taught me and I hope to one day be half the mother you were to me to my unborn child God willing. My heart is broke in a million pieces but I will continue to blossom to be the lady you taught me to be. After I said I will miss you but I will be ok, you decided to take your last breath holding my hand. You knew I needed that fairy tale ending.. Everybody says you are in a better place but honestly I don't want to hear that shit! Real talk, I want to call you and talk to you about my dreams and get your advice. I just know you will be watching over me and guiding me to make the right decisions. I promise to make you proud, I'm about to kill it Mom! And I know you will be guiding me every step of the way… To my best friend, we will meet again and I can't wait to feel your warm embrace.. RIP Mommy

Sunday, November 8, 2015

New York, Benzino And More On Set Filming New Reality Show 'The Next 15'

New York and Moee Film New Show

Early this summer, it was rumored that TV One was going to cast former reality stars in a new show called 'The Next 15. Months ago, I uploaded the rumored cast.

Jasmine Brand has now confirmed that the cast and VH1 queen Tiffany Pollard is one of them.. She was seen on set filming the show with Benzino who is also on the show.

Other reality stars confirmed are formr 'Basketball Wives' stars Jennifer Williams and Laura Govan, 'RHOA' star Claudia Jordan, 'The Real World' star Kamaro Brown.


Carlos King who is the producer of the show says the show wil be ground breaking and they will show what goes on behind scenes. 

The show will air on TV One in 2016

 “This groundbreaking series showcases some of reality’s most iconic personalities in a spotlight like you’ve never seen them before, while addressing the viewer’s CURIOSITY of what it takes to make a reality show. The veil has finally been lifted giving viewers exclusive access into the production process of a docu-series.”

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Evelyn Lozada Reveals She Finally Made Up With Jennifer Williams

Evelyn Reveals She Made Up  with Jennifer

After making a brief appearance on Sunday's episode of Basketball Wives LA? Evelyn Lozada did an interview with VH1 to talk about the show.  She reveals that she was 'open' to filming a scene with Shaunie for the show. She also says does not know any of the LA girls. shew as also asked if she keeps in touch with any of the girls from her series she says he only only keeps in contact with Shaunie. However, she did revealed that eight months ago thats he reached out to her former BFF Jennifer Williams in a text and apologized to  her. 

 "Like eight months ago or so I reached out to Jennifer, kind of just a text, I just was having a moment and I apologized for any hurt that I caused or you know it was a lot going on at the time and she responded and we made peace with it and that was it. I think that we’re in two totally different places in life but we definitely squashed the beef and have moved on."

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

HOT TEA: Jennifer Williams, Tiffany Pollard, Natalie Nunn Allegedly Casted In New Reality Show


'The Next 15'

Jennifer Williams, Tiffany Pollard, Natalie Nunn might be in a brand new reality show together! BGCTEA reports on Instagram  it's for new reality show on TV ONE called The Next 15 

"The Next 15" (This new reality series unites a group of male and female former reality stars that crave another 15 minutes of fame. Through the series, the personalities confront the issues that continue to present personal challenges and block their chances for success to capture another 15 minutes of fame)"

Other reality stars also include Marlo Hamptom from Real Housewives Of Atlanta.

  Jasmine caught up with the show's producer, Carlo King, and he says that 'there will be a few surprises where everyone is going to gag'. Filming has not started yet.

"Oh, I’m definitely excited about The Next 15 because it’s about time these former reality stars have another platform to reintroduce themselves. And the fact that TV One is setting the bar with this is genius so I am happy they selected me to produce the show. I can’t reveal the casts just yet but there’s a few surprises where everyone is going to gag! That’s all I can say."


Thursday, May 22, 2014

Ex Basketball Wives Star Jennifer Williams To Appear On' E! True Hollywood Story: Reality Ex Wives'

TV:  Former 'Basketball Wives star Jennifer William will be back in our TV screens tonight on E! True Hollywood Story: Reality: Ex Wives which air at 8:PM

Her, Courtney Stodden, Linda Hogan, Adrienne Curry and Lueann Dee Lesseps will all appear in the one hour special about being a reality ex wife and will discuss about their fallen marriages. 

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Watch It Here: Jennifer Williams Appears In Mike Will's "23" Music Video"

Jennifer In "23" Music Video

Watch It Here: Former 'Basketball  Wives" star, Jennifer Williams, appears in Mike Will's new music video for "23" which also features Miley Cyrus, Wiz Khalifa and Juicy J. She plays a school teacher.

Check out the video. You have to look closely to spot her.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Nia Crooks Avoids Jail Time For Bitch Slapping Jennifer

Nia Gets Probation

It seems like forever since the Nia vs Jennifer incident that happen on 'Basketball Wives". It also seems forever since the show has aired, but TMZ reports that Evelyn's assistant, Nia Crooks, will getting no jail time for she did to Jennifer on the show.

Instead she is getting 1 year probation, she has to pay a $645 fine, and she also has to write an apology letter . She also has to undergo 13 weeks of anger management.

Basketball wives will return this August for it's 5th season .

Friday, June 14, 2013

Photos: NeNe's Spin Off Show 'I Dream Of NeNe'

'I Dream Of NeNe'

Other Reality News: So here is a first look photo of Nene's spin off show "I Dream Of NeNe' which is about her wedding. It was announced two months ago that Basketball Wives stars Jennifer Williams and Laura Govan will be on the show as her bridesmaids. In the photo, you can see Jennifer Williams. The show is expected to premiere early fall 2013 on Bravo

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Arrest Warrant Issued For Jennifer' Ex Husband Eric Williams

Eric Williams is wanted man. The ex husband of former 'Basketball Wives' Jennifer Williams was slapped with an arrest warrant after he refused to give a DNA sample for a child he had with another woman while he was still married to Jennifer.

TMZ first reported last year that he knocked up another woman and had  a son who was born on October 2011. TMZ says he is pretending the case does not exist and has not hired a lawyer. SMH

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Jennifer's Ex Husband Eric Williams Goes Off On Twitter About Jason Collins Coming Out

Eric Williams Goes Off On Twitter... Again

Eric Williams, who known now as the ex-husband of  former Basketball Wives star, Jennifer Williams, is going off on twitter yet again. This time it's for basketball player ,Jason Collins, revealing to the media that he is gay. 

This isn't the first time he went off ranting on twitter. He also went off  on Evleyn during the time Chad headbutted her back in August. 

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Jennifer Williams and Laura Govan To Appear In Nene Leakes' New Spin Off Show

Jennifer and Laura To Be Bridesmaids

We will be seeing Basketball Wives stars Jennifer Williams and Laura Govan back in out TV screens soon. It has been reported that they will be bridesmaids in Nene Leakes' new upcoming spin off show "I Dream Of Nene" which will about her upcoming wedding. Marlo Hampton , who on Real Housewives OF Atalnta last season, and Cynthia Bailey will also become bridesmaids.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Jennifer Williams In Talks With Mona Scott Young For New Reality Show?

New Reality Show For Jennifer?

We all know Jennifer won't return for the 5th season of Basketball Wives which by the way is RUMORED to premiere on May 6th and I say that because the source comes from wikipedia. I still to need to see if that premiere date is actually confirmed. Anyway, VH1 caught up with her at the The Gossip Game premiere party and she revealed that she is in talks with Mona Scott Young to create a reality show for her and will most likely be focused on her business ventures and her relationship with Cisco Rossado. Now I say that she is smart for going to Mona Scott Young because she is the one right now who is bringing in the ratings for VH1. We will see The Gossip Game does the same.

But what do you think. Do you want to see a Jennifer Williams reality show?

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