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Monday, February 9, 2015

Donate: Help Me Pay For My Class By March 5th

Aside from blogging, I'm a graphic design student  and this school year has not going so well for me. It started last semester when I got an e-mail saying my typography class was cancelled for the semester due to low enrollment. That class getting cancelled affected my financial aid and enrollment status to 5 credit hours. I wasn't able to register for another class that fit my schedule. Just when I thought last semester was bad, I received another e-mail last month saying that another class I registered for has been cancelled for the same reason. That class was Business/Ethics Graphics design. But luckly this time, I registered for another class which starts March 5th the only problem is I don't have enough money on my financial aid to pay for the class and get the books.  I need to take another class to bring up my credit hours this semester.  Please give a donation or at least share my gofundme link.

Thank you!

Monday, September 22, 2014

'Frank The Entertainer' Star's Mother Diagnosed With Lung Cancer and Needs Your Help.. DONATE HERE

Star's Mother Has Cancer

I wanted to make a blog post about this because I had family members who have passed away from lung cancer. You guys might remember Renee who was a contestant on The Entertainer's dating show "Frank The Entertainer.. A Basement Affiar. Her mother has been diagnosed with stage four lung cancer and has spread to the brain.  She now has Go Fund Me account and looking ways to promote the page which now has over $1,000. The goal is set for 10K.

She also writes the history of her mother's cancer

For years my mother had been silently suffering. She struggled in pain. She had known that something was wrong with her, but couldn't determine what. Doctors didn't properly diagnose her, and we have no idea how long the cancer has existed. Cancer is very evil, as it can mask itself to be several different kinds of problems. Without proper diagnosis, it only gets worse. On a hot summer day in August my mother suffered a seizure, and had a minor stroke. 

It was then that my family and I received the worst news of our lives, and we learned that all her pain was in fact caused by cancer. But not just any cancer, Stage 4 Lung Cancer that has spread to the brain. Can you imagine the terror of hearing those words? The news of course had devastated us to say the least, and it completely has changed the course of our lives ever since.

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