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Monday, February 9, 2015

Donate: Help Me Pay For My Class By March 5th

Aside from blogging, I'm a graphic design student  and this school year has not going so well for me. It started last semester when I got an e-mail saying my typography class was cancelled for the semester due to low enrollment. That class getting cancelled affected my financial aid and enrollment status to 5 credit hours. I wasn't able to register for another class that fit my schedule. Just when I thought last semester was bad, I received another e-mail last month saying that another class I registered for has been cancelled for the same reason. That class was Business/Ethics Graphics design. But luckly this time, I registered for another class which starts March 5th the only problem is I don't have enough money on my financial aid to pay for the class and get the books.  I need to take another class to bring up my credit hours this semester.  Please give a donation or at least share my gofundme link.

Thank you!

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