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Monday, May 19, 2014

Erica Jean Says Saigon Manipulated Iyanla Vanzant

Reality:  Former 'Love and Hip Hop' couple Siagon and Erica Jean appeared on the season premiere of Iyanla, Fix My Life a week ago and let's just say nothing has changed


Erica Jean tells Jasmine Brand that the outcome was the opposite  of what she though it would be. She thinks that Saigon manipulated Iyanla to put all the blame on her

“I didn’t know that she had spoken to him earlier,” said Erica who felt like the interview was one-sided. “I think it was just a complete turnaround, like just roasting me the whole entire show. It was a misjustice of women going through things like this with the father of their child and have no where to go.”

“Saigon manipulated Iyanla to kinda put it all on me,” said Erica who doesn’t think Iyanla even watched an episode of their show. “This was his chance, he felt, to make himself look better. He lost a lot of fans and just a lot of people were on him. Instead of going on there and being truthful and being himself, he put on this facade of him just being this man trying to be a father with this angry woman… He took it as an opportunity to play the victim.”

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Saigon and Erica Jean To Be On "Iyanla Fix My Life"

Saigon Intgrams Pic

 Reality:  It looks like we will be seeing more of Saigon and Erica Jean now that 'Love and Hip Hop: Season 4 has ended. Apparently they will be appearing on "Iyanla Fix My Life" Saigon instagram a photo of him and Iyanla.

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