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Friday, June 21, 2013

Flavor Flav's Restaurant Re-Opens After One Day Of Eviction

Restaurant Re-Opens... For Now

It looks Flavor Flav is getting a break... for now.  TMZ has learned today that his restaurant has bee cleared to be re-open after just one day of getting evicted. Why you ask? TMZ reports that the attorneys weren't informed  about the eviction after the hearing had been held. So now the judge is postponing the eviction so the attorneys from both sides can have another hearing.  But now his restaurant is required to a monthly rent of $3,500.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Flavor Flav's Restaurant Gets Evicted

Flav's Restaurant Gets Evicted

Flavor Flav is facing way too many problems nowadays. He is in court because of his baby mama for assaulting her back in October, he currently on "Couples Therapy" and now his restaurant business is facing eviction. His restaurant "Flav's Chicken & Ribs" which located in Michigan was faced with eviction this morning over a legal between Flav's business partners and the landlord. Early this month, the landlord sued his partners for accusing Flav's team for stiffing the property owner on more than 20,000 of unpaid rent this according to TMZ

TMZ has leaked out the eviction paper. 

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Kenya Moore Gets Evicted From Her Mansion

Other Reality News: I guess Kenya Moore isn't so "Gone With  The Wind, Fabulous" She has been evicted from her Atlanta mansion that she rented. A judicial decision is the cause of the the eviction.

Her former landlord states to Radaronline, that Kenya failed to pay 4,000 which is the total for rent in May. According to documents, she was $848 short of total. 

That's not the only thing, her neighbors have complained that she has not maintain keeping her property neat. Radaronline  says she has not maintain her pool, she has furniture stored outside and she kept her dog loose. Kenya Moore is now counter suing her landlord with wrongful eviction. 

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