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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Kenya Moore Gets Evicted From Her Mansion

Other Reality News: I guess Kenya Moore isn't so "Gone With  The Wind, Fabulous" She has been evicted from her Atlanta mansion that she rented. A judicial decision is the cause of the the eviction.

Her former landlord states to Radaronline, that Kenya failed to pay 4,000 which is the total for rent in May. According to documents, she was $848 short of total. 

That's not the only thing, her neighbors have complained that she has not maintain keeping her property neat. Radaronline  says she has not maintain her pool, she has furniture stored outside and she kept her dog loose. Kenya Moore is now counter suing her landlord with wrongful eviction. 

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Fantasia Barrino Gives Up Her Mansion

It has been reported today that Fantasia is giving up her mansion to the bank. It was rumored that she had financial troubles keeping up with mortgage of the home. 

She is now deciding to skip the forclosure process and just turn the mansion over to the bank. Her North Carolina mansion was featured in the two seasons of her VH1 show Fantasia For Real

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