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Monday, September 23, 2013

Stevie J's Alleged New Mistress Finally Speaks Out

Promise B Mae Speaks

Reality News: Promise B Mae is finally speaking in an exclusive interview with about Stevie J, the diss track and if she will join 'Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta"

She confirms that she is no longer pregnant, says that the track wasn't meant to be a diss and hints that she will be on the show.

"Unfortunately, I'm no longer pregnant. That's a decision I thought long and hard about and I just felt like this is not the situation. Although, I am a grown woman and I should of thought about that before we did what we did... but things happened and I'm only human."

"The song was not meant to be diss track. Now the guy that I have on the track with me is a long time friend and we go way back, he's like a brother to me" she continued, "I heard what he said and I said 'oh s--t, this finna make it diss track.' Although, I threw jabs a Joseline it wasn't suppose to be a diss track towards Stevie J, But when my homeboy laid down what he laid down I couldn't say no don't do that because that's kind of like my brother and I was just like 'F-k it' lets take it all the way."

"I definitely see myself on a reality show. Have I been contacted by any reality shows? What I can say is -YES. I have been contacted by a few people from Love and Hip Hop and the only thing I can say about that is that you have to stay tuned to see what happens.

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