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Thursday, November 19, 2009

VH1 Interview: Just Right (For The Love Of Ray-J)

How was your time on the show?

Um, it was cool. It was fine. I mean, it was all right.

What did you think about your portrayal?

Oh, I didn’t like it because I’m a very outgoing person and they made it seem like I was shy. Everybody that knows me that’s seen it was like, “You were acting shy!” I wasn’t acting shy — it’s the way it’s edited. Like, I know Lava. I know she’s not crazy. But right now, a lot of people when they bring up Lava to me now, they’re like, “That crazy girl, Lava.” I’d rather be called “boring,” though. I’d take boring over crazy any day.

There was a post on YBF suggesting that you were edited the way you were because of your connection to Trey Songz. Did you see that, and what did you think of it?

I saw the story. What do I think of it? I don’t know. People are going to say what they want to say. I know this now: I can’t even post a picture on my Twitter without it being on a site talking about Ray J’s girls and their Halloween costumes. I’m so easy going, it’s like, whatever.

Are you dating Trey?

I’m not answering any of those questions. Ray J actually was nice, and I really liked him. We had a good time on our date. I don’t know why it was portrayed the way it was, but hey, you know?

Was there any truth to the fact that you mentioned Trey in the house, and that was edited out?

I don’t remember.

Fair enough. In the first episode, you and Mz Berry were kind of designated as the “older girls.” What did you think about that?

Honestly, we were more mature than half the girls in the house. I felt like I was on a better level with the girls in the season half than the second one. I’m not on the same level as the girls that were in the house this time.

Did you think that they were too young and wild?

Not wild, just immature! There were just a lot of things about them I didn’t relate to. I related to Mz Berry, I liked the craziness in Heartbreaker, and I liked Exotica. And Gifts was cool, I liked her too, but I didn’t relate to a lot of the girls. I was on a totally different level than a lot of them.

Did you have any beef with anyone?

No, I just ignored them. And I think that’s probably why they got rid of me so fast. I wasn’t all into the drama that Extra was causing. I looked over her, probably because I’m older. I looked over the little petty stuff with her. I didn’t draw myself into it.

You said that your date with Ray was good.

Yes! I honestly came on the show because I probably wouldn’t have met him any other time. I wanted to get him to know me. But I didn’t take him seriously, which was probably why I wasn’t more aggressive. It’s supposed to be 50/50, and after a while I was like, “OK, is he for real? Or is he faking?”

Were you disappointed at all to be eliminated?

I was! I was just like, “Oh…” You know? I didn’t see a connection with Popper, I didn’t see a connection with Paradeez. I didn’t see a connection with a lot of the girls, and I was just like, “OK, I guess it is what it is.”

Did your kids watch the show?

Yes, they did. It was like, “Whatever,” with them. They didn’t care. My son said, “Oh god, now they’re going to ask me a whole lot of questions at school.”

It was your daughter’s birthday that first night. Was it tough for you to miss that?

She was OK. I made sure that she was very well taken care of before I left. Believe me, she had a wonderful birthday party. She spent a lot of money, so she was happy.

Any regrets?

No, no regrets. It could have been worse for me. I could have been the crazy girl, or the girl who smashed the homey…and that’s not the case.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

VH1 Interview: Lava (For The Love Of Ray-J 2)

Guys, Lava is not crazy! Well, maybe she is, but the woman given that name on For the Love of Ray J 2 assures us that there is a difference between her and her VH1 persona. Also discussed in the interview below: onion breath, why her height made her incompatible with Ray, and her West Indian way of expressing herself in the club.

How was the show for you?

Really crazy, literally. They made me out as a psycho! But, hey, that’s who Lava is. Lava can put on an act, that’s why I have an alter ego. It’s for show, and you know what you’re signing up for. That’s what comes along with the territory.

How do you differ from your portrayal?

I was portrayed as a stalker, and I’m so far from that. I would rather a guy chase after me. I’m only used to that way or no way. Ray kind of wanted love to jump forward and give him 100 percent, but that’s something I don’t believe in. You have to show me 50 [percent] back, or at least something. So, it looked like I was after him and I was getting aggressive and I was getting a little too demanding. I’m not really that demanding.

He said that you stayed in his room for two hours.

I didn’t stay for two hours. I actually was dozing off because I was tipsy. And I was also coming up with a plan of what I was going to do. I was trying to be dramatic as most girls would be, to get his attention and lure him in by acting like something was really wrong, when there was really nothing wrong. But then I was getting sleepy because in the club I had Belvedere and Grey Goose with orange juice or whatever. I don’t drink. I just lost my train of thought and I became sleepy. I wanted to talk to him, but I didn’t know I was there that long.

You said you started to feel funny. But that was all just to get his attention?

No, I started to feel funny because he was trying to make me jealous a little in a way with this whole “sharing a date” thing, which guys do. Whatever. I also felt funny because the alcohol was getting to my head. And I don’t drink! There’s a funny feeling in my body, ewww! No more alcohol, please! And I wasn’t even drunk, because I can’t even get tipsy without freaking out. Imagine me getting drunk. I would be bananas.

You were being genuine when you said that you didn’t want him to go hang out with the girls who lost the challenge, right?

I wanted him to go hang out with them, yes. But I also wanted my PT time that I deserve. I didn’t want to go to the club. I’d rather get my back rubbed, because I got hurt. Honestly, I wanted to soak and get a back rub. I won the challenge, I went the hardest. He should have cared for me more.

You did seem to be having fun in the club, though.

Yes, in a very West Indian way. Please put it out there that when West Indian girls are out partying, we are very sensual and we move our bodies differently than most American girls would. We’re just different. That’s island dancing. Very sexy.

But you were really into him, right? You said that he was going to be your husband.

Because I know I have what it takes always, I made that joke. I can’t really say I know someone is going to be my husband without knowing who he really is. It was just a fun statement.

Was it disappointing to you that it didn’t work out?

No. I like Ray, and he’s cool, but he doesn’t have the swag that I’m used to. I realized that he didn’t have the swag when we were at dinner, outside having sushi. I was more enjoying my sushi, but I didn’t feel a connection. Also, I know for a fact that Ray does not date girls that are taller than him, because some men are uncomfortable about that. And I’ve dated a celebrity who was shorter than me, and he was quite fine with that and he felt superior. Ray’s not the kind of guy who likes that, because he wants to be in control, you know? He wants to feel like he’s a star in your world and a big man. And I’m sorry. I’m a model and I am tall. Sorry.

Will you reveal which celebrity you dated?

I couldn’t say, no. I never did, I kept everything secret.

Fair enough. So when Ray said it wasn’t a fit during elimination, you felt the same way at that point?

Yes, I did! I was actually going to tell him that I wanted to leave and go home because I didn’t feel like there was a connection there and I didn’t want to waste anybody else’s time. Because of the show, I missed a fashion show in New York, and I got kicked out of school. Ray basically wanted a girl to give her all to him, and basically bow down to him, as a figure of speech, and be his groupie and love him and feel as if he’s their world. I’m sorry, I’m also a star, and it’s like I don’t see him as any greater than the next man.

You said you’ve hit before. Are you violent?

No! I’m not violent. I actually play hard. I always wrestle. I’m a tough girl. Very pretty, but I like to get down and wrestle and play hard.

You were called “crazy” a few times. “Weird,” and “strange,” too. Are you any of those things?

I’m so far from strange! I’m so bubbly and I’m always laughing. So when my family and everyone saw that they’re like “Are you really crazy?” And I’m like, “No, it’s the show…” Lava’s an actress. I think Lava has an acting career coming up. Taneish’s always going to be a model, but Lava is now becoming an actress. I think they tried to make me look crazy like Danger, and that’s a little bit cuckoo.

Any comments on your “onion breath” during Episode 2’s acting challenge?

I smell really great. Always. The onion thing was a little not-so-funny because I had onions on my eyes. I cut the onions downstairs in the kitchen, I dug my nails in it and rubbed my eyes, so that I could create tears, because I can’t just cry. So I wanted real tears, and I had real tears in my eyes in his arms. But then he’s going to make fun, talking about the onion. But you know what? Let him do whatever he wants to do. It’s funny. Let’s set the record straight: I always smell like sweet crazy vanilla flavor kind of things. I never smell like onions, ever.

Anything else you want to go over?

I feel like that the show almost victimizes the situation. Yes, I wanted to cause drama as far as between me and Ray, and also become entertaining for others. The house is boring. I needed to come up with something, do something, and also make myself memorable. So I wanted to act a little strange, and that’s why I wouldn’t answer Ray’s questions. I didn’t want them to figure out what I was trying to do. Now I’m going to be memorable in many ways. Probably as crazy. I don’t know what’s going to be out there, but I’m memorable.

Luscious talks about what went down

As far as we can tell, Luscious hasn’t addressed this claim directly (it seems to contradict her assertion that she merely “messed around” with Dre). One day soon we’ll ask her about it, but in the meantime she has been posting messages like the following on her Twitter.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Raina talk about For the love of ray-J 2 girls

Rayna who does impersonation videos talks about For the love of ray-J 2 girls and that she would do impersonations the girls. She did impersonations of the season 1 chicks.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

My For the love of Ray-j 2 Premeire Review

Alrigtht so here is my take on the premiere of the show. Even though it had the lowest ratings for a 51 minds show, I thought the premiere was decent. Is it just me or does these chicks kinda look similar to other VH1 chicks? Like Heartbreaker she looks similair to Cocktail even though she hates Cocktial, Jaguar reminds me of Cashmere , Flossy reminds me of Sassy from Real Chance of love 2. This season has alot of selective mix of chicks. The chicks that stand out the most as of right now is Excotica, Ms. Berry,Heartbreaker,Flossy,Caliante, and Jaguar. I think those chicks will go far on the show. I do think season 2 chicks are better the season 1 not that I have anything against season 1 chicks. I do hope the ratings will go hope soon.

my rating: 8/10

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Low Ratings for For the love of Ray-J 2

The numbers are in and the For the Love of Ray J 2 premiere turned in a disastrous 1.271 million viewers on VH1. When combined with the concurrent MTV airing, the show still failed to cross the 2 million viewer mark at only 1.916 million viewers.

This marks the lowest premiere ever for any 51 Minds produced show. It is a far cry from February when the first season premiere pulled 2.4 million viewers and even more disappointing considering it could not retain half of the 2.5 million

Monday, November 2, 2009

Exotica giving head

This is a pic of Exotica from For the love Ray-J2 giving head to Slim thugga.

For the love of ray-2 just premiered tonight on VH1 and on MTV I will post ym review on it soon.

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