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Monday, September 16, 2013

Jackie's Friend Sunday Carter To Be Official 'Basketball Wives LA' Cast Member

Sunday Carter Joining 'Basketball Wives LA'

Reality News: We are learning more about the new 'Basketball Wives LA' cast members for season 3. The first new chick you might remember from last season. Her name is Sunday Carter, who is Jackie's friend, and she made one appearance last season.

Haveaseatblog reports that she will become an official cast member for season 3. Her drama is that she has been involved in numerous of online scandals one being her twitter account exposing her daughter kissing a man's penis. and was named worst mother of the year by mediatakeout. 

Another cast member who is supposedly joining as well is Brandi Maxwell ( the girl in the yellow)


In 2007 , she suffered from ovarian cancer.

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