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Monday, September 22, 2014

Mona Scott Young Denies Stealing 'Love and Hip Hop' Show Idea From Other Producers

Earlier this year two female producers name  Trisha Lum and Nikie-Lum Davis sued Mona Scott Young and VH1 for pitching  a show titled 'Hip Hop Wives' which had a similar concept as Love and Hip Hop'. Chrissy Lampkins was originally part of the cast before she went on to join 'Love and Hip hop for two seasons. 

VH1 turned down the show because they did not want to show to compete with basketball Wives at the time. Well, then within the next year or two VH1 premiered 'Love ad Hip Hop'. Trisha and Nikie accused VH1 and Mona of using their show as a template to create Love and Hip Hop.

Jasmine Brand has now exclusively report that VH1 and Mona Scott Young have fired back at the lawsuit ADMITTING that the two producers did pitch them the show back in 2009 but denied allegations that they stole their idea to create 'Love and Hip Hop'. They now demand the lawsuit to be dismissed. 

Here are the court documents obtained by Jasmine Brand

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