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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Singer Jaguar Wright Goes In At K. Michelle For Singing Leela James' Song At Yandy's Wedding

Jaguar vs K. Michelle

K. Michelle sparked another twitter beef and this time it's singer Jaguar Wright. This past Monday, VH1 aired Yandy and Mendeeces' weddings special and K. Michelle sang from Leela James called "Fallin For You". Jaguar Wrigth took to instagram too announce her disapproval of K. Michelle singing the song.

"How did this get cleared? I need to hear my [girl] Leelee sang this on TV! Not #kmichelle ... no disrespect but don't she got her own love songs? Or, were they just not good enough? No shade! Just blinding light! At least it will bring awareness to a truly inspiring project! Sorry this one caught me off guard..."

Of course K. Michelle responded back

Why are you so bothered? I checked your Wikipedia, and you don't have many reciepts. Are you mad because you never really made it? Serious question. Me and Leela are great and both have the same management. Yandy loved the song, and Leela being supportive let me sing it. There's nothing wrong with showing love. Until you get two #1 albums and a couple of top ten records, you should focus on how to get there after all these years. Stop being so messy and damn opinionated when you're no one to talk. Don't create issues from your house. You should see another black woman, shut the f*ck [up] and salute. Oh your response isn't needed. I've been booked for three days now, so I need to go to sleep so I can travel back to my new 3 million dollar home. Not bad huh? Good night dirty back pack. Express your thoughts and all that deep sh*t. I don't care, [cause you're] blocked, and this is the most action [you've] gotten on your page in years."

Talk about a serious read, right?

"P.S., oh no, I don't have a wedding song yet, but my songs are good enough to sell out theaters, not cafes."

The Shade Room

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