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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Judi Jai Reveals Her New Boo Is A Woman In Heartfelt Message

 Judi's New Relationship

Bad Girls Club' star Judi has revealed on Instagram
that she now dating a woman in a heartfelt message. This is not necessarily a 'coming out' moment as she states that she does not consider herself gay but she reveals that she is 'in love' 

Thursday, November 26, 2015

'Bad Girls Club' Star Judi Jai Avoids Jailtime Following Cop Incident

Judi Jai Avoids Jailtime

'Bad Girl Club' Judi Jai received some good news this week following her case back in February when she was arrested for public intoxication and getting into an altercation with a friend. She then yelled out a homophobic slur at the cops. 

She has now avoided jailtime following a new plea deal.  Insteaf she will serve 12 months of court supervision and will have to $500 in restitution to the victim and will avoid getting convicted as long as she does not get arrested again.

Here is her response on twitter


Wednesday, April 22, 2015

PICS: 'Bad Girls Club: Las Vegas' Star Erica Marie Debuts New Face

The New Erica

Do you remember red-headed Erica from season 8 of 'Bad Girls Club: Las Vegas"? This is what she looks like now. She recently went under the knife and had surgery on chin and to fix her overbite. She look unrecognizable sine being on Bad Girls Club' and she is not the only Bad Girl to to under knife. Judi just got a nose job and Rocky got a Brazilian butt lift.

Erica on Bad Girls Club

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

'Bad Girls Club' Star Judi Jai Posts Heartfelt Message To Her Mother Who Passed Away

Judi Loses Both Parents

Judi has been going through a lot these few months. On Christmas day, she lost her dad, she got in trouble with the police when TMZ leaked that video and today she revealed that she her mother died from lung cancer. She is the only child. I can only imagine what she is going through right now.

On  Instagram she wrote a heartfelt message to her mother.

I love you mom. You were suppose to beat lung cancer. You were suppose to be here to see me get married and meet your grand children. You were suppose to come home to the house you worked so hard for to keep up and to keep a roof over my head whenever I messed up because let's be honest it was all the time. But I knew I had you. Thru thick and thin. I knew all you lived for was me. And honestly, all I lived for was you. I wanted to make you proud. Let you know your ONLY child was ok no matter what state city town. No matter how I was portrayed on TV, you cared. You cared a lot because you knew that was not me. Fuck TV. I don't care. I was there with you in your final months, final days, final hours. In a short period of time I realized what was truly important to me and I am so happy I was there for your final steps into the kingdom of heaven. I want you to be here. But that is selfish. You were in so much pain. So much pain you hid from me. I can only imagine how much more you kept hidden to protect me. I kissed you. I touched you. I felt you. I took your last breath with you. And I promise you, I will not disappoint you. God gave me two strong parents. Two strong successful parents. Not to let me be weak, a failure. But to follow in your footsteps. And I promise Til the death of me anything I do, I will think about you before I do it. You are within me. Every Creole meal, every rose I see, every animal I save, every breath I take... It's for you. I love you so much mommy. Your only child will make you proud. And now I have a bigger calling. And that's making you happy. I love you. And always have. RIP mom. I will finish school, but as of now, not for TV. Now my goal is to find a cure for cancer. And to help others not go thru what I am. I know you are up there with dad, Pansy, your loved ones. I will forever live In your legacy. Thank you for everything mom!!!!!!!!!

She also took a vow to stop smoking and drinking

Sunday, February 15, 2015

'Bad Girls Club's Judi Jai Responds To Cop Video

Judi Responds To Cop Video

Today, TMZ leaked out a video of Bad Girls Club's Judo Jai going in at cop at a gas station. In the video, you can here shouting a gay slur at the cop, she was then arrested.

She responded to the incident saying that the article about her in the video was 'misguided' and that she knows who her true fans are that that gay people are not feeding into the mess.

Here is the video

Friday, January 9, 2015

'Bad Girls Club' Star Judi Jai Lands Role In New TV Show 'Empire'

Judi To Appear in 'Empire' 

'Bad Girls Club' star Judi Jai has tweeted today that she will be appearing on the new FOX show 'Empire' which premiered on Wednesday.

If have not seen the show, here is the trailer below. It stars, Terrance Howard and Taraji P. Henson and it's about a black family and the drama surrounding their record label.  

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