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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Watch It Here: B. Simone Does a Tribute To The Late Aaliyah

Aaliyah: 1979-2001

Music News: Even though I'm celebrating my birthday today, I can't help bu to think of Aaliyah today. Today marks the 12th anniversary of her death when she killed in a plane crash after shooting her music. video for "Rock the Boat".

aaliyah tribute 3

Independent artist, B. Simone, has done a special tribute to her. Check out the video. She looks a lot like her

Friday, August 9, 2013

The Sister Of The Late Natina Reed Passes Away


Photo Credit: Hip Hop Enquirer Magazine

Celebrity News: Niesha Stevens, who is the sister of the late Blaque member Natina Reed was found dead in her Atlanta home yesterday. Hip Hop Enquirer reports her 7 year old daughter found her unresponsive. She recently got married this past February. The police department has yet to release a statement.

This is so sad becasue Natina Reed passes away not too long ago when she was hit by a car. I feel so bad for their parents. 

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