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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Watch It Here: B. Simone Does a Tribute To The Late Aaliyah

Aaliyah: 1979-2001

Music News: Even though I'm celebrating my birthday today, I can't help bu to think of Aaliyah today. Today marks the 12th anniversary of her death when she killed in a plane crash after shooting her music. video for "Rock the Boat".

aaliyah tribute 3

Independent artist, B. Simone, has done a special tribute to her. Check out the video. She looks a lot like her

Friday, August 9, 2013

'Frank The Entertainer' Winner Kerry Schwartz Does A Parody Of Robin Thicke's Hit Song

Music News: It seems like Robin Thick's hit song "Blurred Lines" is the "Call Me Maybe" of 2013. This song has so many parodies on Youtube. But this one features Kerry Schwartz who is best known for being the winner of The Entertainer's dating show "Frank The Entertainer....Basement Affiar.

It's called "Virgin

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