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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

VIDEO: The Game Threatens To Beat Up Young Thug Over Lil Wayne

The Game Threatens Young Thug

Rapper The Game has recently threatened rapper Young Thug over Lil Wayne because Young Thug decided to name his mixtape Carter 6. The Game was performing in New Orleans when he threatened him to come to California.

Here is the video

Young Thug responded  in an Instagram video saying  " You know I'm In LA more than Schwarzenegger and he's the governor"

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Lil Wayne In Hot Water For Stomping On The American Flag In Music Video

Lil Wayne's American Flag Controversy

Music News: Lil Wayne is back in the new yet again, but this time is not another seizure. He is in hot water for stomping on the American Flag in the music video for "Goos Bless Amerika" He took to twitter to explain this situation. He says that he did not stomp on the flag on purpose .

You can check out the video here which has got in over 3,000 dislikes!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

T.I Puts TMZ On Blast Over Lil Wayne Dying

Rapper T.I is putting TMZ on blast for reporting that Lil Wayne was 'dying' after being hospitalized with violent seizures. That report caused a media frenzy, especially Friday night on Twitter. TMZ first reported that his family and friends were prepared to say his last goodbyes to the rapper. 

His camp told another story saying his is fine, soon after that TMZ altered their story. The real story is Lil Wayne is recovering. 

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