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Sunday, October 18, 2015

'She's Got Game' Winner Reveals She Is No Longer With The Game

Photo/ VH1

Rebecca Breaks Up With The Game

I don't know if guys have watched 'She's Got Game' on Vh1 which season finale aired this past. I watched a the first few episodes, but then stopped. The show just wasn't the same VH1's previous dating shows back in the day. Anyway a woman name Rebecca Silvera won the show but she now reveals to VH1
that are no longer together.

 "We did try and have a relationship after the show. It had it’s ups and downs, and it couldn’t work, it just wouldn’t work. We still talk from time to time, we spoke a little last night. [We’re] trying to see if we can figure something out because I feel like what we did have was genuine."

She also responds to Briona claiming that she is now dating him. Briona also went on rant not too long ago saying the show was fake.

Here is what Rebecca had to say about Briona

  "Can’t even call it a relationship. I’m just going off things that she’s said. She said they’ve been together three to four years, now he was with Tiffney three to four years ago. If you have been with him, there’s been a slew of women in between that time. That just goes to show me that you are not with him, you are someone that he dibbles and dabbles with when he feels like [it] and you’re there and you will continue to be there"

Briona's rant


Wednesday, June 24, 2015

TEASER: The Game's New Dating Show 'She's Got Game'

'She's Got Game'

VH1 has released the preview for The Game's new dating show "She' Got Game' which premieres August 10th. The show is same formula as all the other VH1 dating shows in the past. The one only features 10 women.

Watch teaser

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

VIDEO: The Game Threatens To Beat Up Young Thug Over Lil Wayne

The Game Threatens Young Thug

Rapper The Game has recently threatened rapper Young Thug over Lil Wayne because Young Thug decided to name his mixtape Carter 6. The Game was performing in New Orleans when he threatened him to come to California.

Here is the video

Young Thug responded  in an Instagram video saying  " You know I'm In LA more than Schwarzenegger and he's the governor"

Monday, April 13, 2015

Rapper The Game Getting His Own VH1 Dating Show

'She's Got Game' 

VH1 and 51 minds are back in the dating show trend. The network has announced today that rapper The Game will be getting his own dating titled "She's Got Game' which will debut this summer. He will find love during his tour which was similar to what Bret Michaels did on the 3rd season of 'Rock Of Love'

Here is is the press release

“Relationships are hard, and The Game knows that working in the entertainment business makes it even harder,” said VH1's EVP of original PROGRAMMINGand production Susan Levison. “In this series, he gets to try a different strategy, taking the advice and suggestions of the friends who know him best. We can't wait to go on this adventure with The Game as he searches for the woman that could ultimately be his match.

The 10-episode series is slated to premiere summer 2015, and is executive produced by 51 Minds’ Christian Sarabia and Angela Aguilera. Taylor also serves as an executive producer. For VH1, the series is executive produced by Levison, Jill Holmes, Kristen Kelly, Fernando Mills and Tricia Biggio.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Interview: 'Bad Girls Club: Miami Star Shanae Thomas Reveals She Will Appear On BET's 'The Game'

'Bad Girls Club' Star To Appear On 'The Game'

Have A Seat radio also did an interview with Shanae Thomas , who appeared in the 11th season of 'Bad Girls Club' . In the interview she revealed that she is getting into acting and will appear on the final season of "The Game". She asked about 'Bad Girls Club' and says she does NOT miss being on the show ansd has not spoken to Gigi and Stephanie since the reunion show. \

Listen Here

Saturday, December 6, 2014

CELEB: Brandy Confirms She Working On Her Own TV Show

"I'm Developing It"

Singer Brandy has revealed in a new interview with the founder of she wants star in her own TV show and it's currently in development.  

"What’s in my lane is my own television show. That’s what I want. That’s my ultimate dream,” said Brandy who’s doing more than just dreaming about it.“I’m developing it,” she said. “I can’t tell you. It’s some things on the table.”

Brandy is no stranger in starring in her own TV show. Remember Moesha? She also appeared on The Game which will end its run in 2015.

Watch interview:

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

BET's 'The Game' Will Come To End Next Year

BET has announced the that The game will be coming to an end after 9 seasons in 2015, and rightfully so, it should end. The show ran it's course.

Here is the statement released from BET

"All good things must come to an end and after celebrating four successful seasons of THE GAME on BET, the Network has announced production is underway on the show’s final two seasons. In January 2011 the cult following of The Game proved that the show was a fan favorite with 7.7 million viewers for its premiere debut on BET. With seasons eight and nine, we’re excited to end on a high note by giving Sabers fans a chance to bid farewell to their favorite players on and off the field."

The Game originally started in The CW network for three seasons before moving to BET a year later due to popularity of the show. The creator of the show Mara Block Akil has also released a statement on twitter.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

GOSSIP: Mona Scott Young To Produce Dating Show For The Game?

The Game Looking For Love?

Will The Game become the next VH1 bachelor? There is a RUMOR going around that Mona Scott Young will be producing a VH1 dating show for the rapper.

Remember that meeting they had a few months ago? reports that meeting was NOT for him joining Love and Hip Hop: LA but for a potential dating show that might be in the works.

'Apparently Mona and the team want to create projects outside of the franchise. She took her first steps outside the box with the Chrissy and Jim Jones spin off and now a K Michelle series slated to premiere in September. But there is even more. Mona is working on a real love series. A very close source to the VH1 camp claims that The Game and Mona are working on a series similar to the Bachelor for VH1. The Game will be looking for love.'

This might have some truth to this because a year ago Benizino announced he was going to a spin off dating show, which never happened. So maybe now Mona is offering The Game the show.

Friday, April 11, 2014

The Game Ordered To Stay Away From Tiffany After Alleged Attack

Celeb: Rapper The Game has given a retraining order obtained by his ex-fiancee Tiffany Cambridge when he allegedly got violent with last moth and broke her nose, Tiffany claims.

The Game denies putting his hands on her. TMZ says he ahs been ordered to stay 100 yarads away from her.

Both of them had  their own VH1 reality show about them getting married. It has been rumored to be coming back next season

Thursday, March 20, 2014

'The Game' Star Brittany Daniels Reveals She Had Stage Four Cancer

Cancer Battle

TV:  The Game fans have seen the return of Kelly Pitts ( Brittany Daniels) for the new season of the show but people wonder why did she left the show in first place? She revealed to PEOPLE Magazine that she had to leave the show for years because she was diagnosed with stage four non Hodkins Lymphoma.

It happened so suddenly,” she told the magazine, noting that she was gearing up for her return to the series when she suddenly began experiencing excruciating back pain, night sweats, and flu-like symptoms. That’s when she went to see a doctor and received the grim diagnosis. Almost immediately Brittany and her mother moved into the guest home of her twin sister, who starred on “Sweet Valley High” with her and the actress began chemotherapy. Today, standing cancer free, Brittany credits her doctor and her family for her recovery.

She now is cancer free and is happy to be back on the show. I remember Tia Mowry was Wendy Williams Show like two ago and I remember Wendy asked Tia was she did leave the show so suddenly and Tia did not give an answer, so she probably knew what was going on.

Friday, January 31, 2014

The Game Volunteers To Box George Zimmerman?

He Wants To Beat George Zimmerman

Celeb: George Zimmerman, who was acquitted for murdering Trayvon Martin, has signed up to do a celebrity boxing match... uh yeah since when he became a celebrity? Anyway, he said he'll fight anyone, even black people, according to TMZ.

The Game responded that he want to be the crap out of him. He goes on to say that he wants to box him for the legacy of Trayvon martin.

"I would not be boxing for me.  I'd be boxing for the legacy of Trayvon Martin and for his family."
"I would box him to knock him out,"  "I would definitely take pleasure in it.  It's legal, and I want to show him you can solve your disputes without a weapon."

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Game and Tiffany Cambridge Might Become The Mains Stars Of 'Love and Hip Hop: LA'


The Game Hints at Joining The Show

Reality:  Last week, it was announced that 'Love and Hip Hop: LA' will be starting production but had trouble its main stars for the show. Initially, it was supposed to be Ray-J and Tearria Marie, but with his hosting duties on 'Bad Girls: All Star Battle' he could not do it.

Now it seems like its stars might The Game and Tiffany Cambridge who did had their own VH1 show about getting married.

The Game tweeted he was having a business meeting with Mona Scott Young and the team.

Here is a pic

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Tiffany Talks The Game/Khloe Kardashian Affair Rumors + If The Show Will Be Back

Reality News: In  a recent interview,Tiffany Cambridge is opening up about the rumor that The Game is cheating on her with Kloee Kardashian and what she thinks about it. She also says her and The Game are in a good space. She also talks about if ther reality show "Marry The Game" will return and if she would consider joining 'Love and Hip Hop: LA if the show does not get picked up for a 3rd season.


On the Game/Khloe Kardashian rumored affair

“It doesn’t bother me [the rumors]. Jayceon and Khloe have been friends for a long time. She actually, back in the day, years ago, used to date one of his close friends, so that’s where their relationship stems from. They’ve always been really good friends. You know how the media is, and the paparazzi is, and how people speculate on things, and that just goes along with the territory. So to tell you the truth, no, it doesn’t bother me or affect me either way. I think that she’s going through a lot right now in her situation with her husband, and at the same time, Jayceon is there to support her and encourage her as a friend. So no, it doesn’t bother me.”

If Marry The Game" will return for season 3

“You’ll have to talk to the people over at VH1 about that. The network is really in control of when they put us back on the air, but I’m sure that with the fans being interested in what’s still happening with Jayceon and I and the kids, the show will be back next year.”

If she will consider joining ' Love and Hip Hop: LA if her show does not get picked for another season.

“I never say never. I really like the fact that my show is really just centered around myself and my family. I’m really comfortable in that lane. I don’t know if I would be comfortable on a show like that. I don’t have anything against it, but I just don’t know if that would speak for me. But you never know, you never know what path God takes you down. As long as I can be an inspiration and do something that’s in a positive light, I’m not against doing it, but I can say I really do like my show. I like the production company, the people that I work with, and I really enjoy just working with Jay and the kids. So I can’t say right now. I don’t about that one.”

Friday, July 5, 2013

'Marrying The Game" Season 2 Currently Filming

Season 2 Coming

Reality News:  Get ready for 'Marrying The Game" season 2.  Haveaseatblog reports that season 2 is now taping but the premiere dat has not been confirmed just yet. He posted this pic on his instagram page weeks ago.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Game's Wedding Is Back On

Make Up Your Mind

The Game and his fiancee Tiffany Cambridge has decided to go on with the their wedding. Last week, it was announced that the wedding was canceled , along with the reality show produced by 51 minds entertainment.  
TMZ reports the new wedding date is in August and the reality show is back on. 

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