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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Mama Joyce Says She Will NOT Attend Mama Sharon's Funeral But Has Regrets

Mama Joyce Responds To Sharon's Death

Yesterday, it was reported that Todd Tucker's mother, Sharon, died from a massive sroke and he confirmed his mother's death on Instagram. Kandi also responded on her Facebook page. But we all were waiting for what Mama Joyce because the two did not get along on the show. Mama Joyce accused her of being a 'prostitute'.

Mama Joyce finally responded telling TMZ that she has 'no plans' to attend the funeral because she feels like her family will be pissed if she attended but she will send flowers. She also wishes that she would have make amends with his mother before she died.

Meanhile, other cast members such as Kenya, Porsha, Cynthia and Claudia have send their condolences.

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