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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Toya Wright's Husband Memphitz Is Wanted For Armed Robbery... Footage

Memphitz Wanted For Armed Robbery

Toya's husband and K. Michelle's ex Memphitz is back in the news! It has been reported that he robbed a car wash in Atlanta after he accused an employee by the name of Harold Huntey for stealing weed from his car. There is also footage of incident. The video shows Harold Huntey trying to get away from Memphitz as he pulled a gun at him. That's when the car wash tried to call the police when Memphitz his cell phone and ran. 

The police did found his vehicle, the gun and the stole  cell phone. Now there  is a warrant for his arrest.

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Saturday, April 11, 2015

HOT TEA: Memphitz Loses Defamation Case To K.Michelle

Memphitz Loses Case

It has been reported today that K. Michelle and Mona Scott Young has won their lawsuit against Memphitz for speaking ill about him on 'Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta' If you remember on the first season, K. Michelle said that she was abused by her manager and boyfriend at the time Memphiz. He then filed a lawsuit against her , mona and Viacom.

ALSO, The Shade Room has spilled some tea. The site reports that Memphiz admitted to smothering K. Michelle with a pillow and also made threats to her son.

Not only did he lose but he had to admit to some key things. For instance, K. Michelle accused Memphitz of sending her text messages threatening to kill her son. Memphitz denied these texts at first but later admitted to them in his DEPOSITION.Most importantly, he admitted to smothering K. Michelle’s mouth with a pillow/hand to keep the noise down during their hotel fight which makes sense that K would think he was trying to kill her at the time. 

UPDATE: Memphitz took it to Instagram denying everything, saying he is going 'to prove it'

somebody must've got paideezy unda the tableeezy. & im gonna prove it. #RUNotEntertained#bc I am. 

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Toya Wright Reveals Her and Memphitz Were Offered To Do 'Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta'

"He Blames Me For Not Doing 'LHHATL'

Toya Wright did an exclusive interview with Necole and she reveals that her ad Memphitz were offered to d 'Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta' If you remember Memphitz was K. michelle who allegedly hit her. She says that she turned down to be on show and Memphitz blamed her for not being able to defend himself.

“He wanted me to go on the show with him. Well, the producer wanted me on the show but that’s not really my thing and I was like ‘No, we’re newlyweds. And we have kids.’“So, he felt like, it was my fault that he didn’t go on the show and he [didn’t have] the opportunity to defend himself. We took another route and that route caused him to get blackballed in the industry and he kind of blames me for that and I have to deal with that every day.”

She also says that she does now like the fact that him and K. Michelle are beefing

“I don’t like it. I don’t like it at all. But when he does entertain it, it’s because it came to him first. The reason the last whole Instagram thing went on is because of what she said on Wendy Williams, you know what I mean? When she uses her bigger platform to attack him, it draws people back to him to pick on him. And that’s what makes him start to say stuff and post all this crazy stuff because that’s the only platform to defend himself.”

Memphitz also spoke to Sister 2 Sister about being approached by Mona scott Young to be on 'Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta'

Friday, January 9, 2015

Shay Johnson Denies Having An Affair With Toya's Husband Memphitz

Shay Johnson Denies Affair With Memphiz

Early this week, it was reported by TMZ that Toya Wright and Memphitz have split up after three years of marriage.  There was a rumor that Shay Johnson (Buckeey) was cheating with Toya's husband Memphitz. Shay has responded to the rumor to Hip Hop Weekly that there is 'no releationship' and that she does not know him outside of social media.

“Normally, we wouldn’t even address such a ludicrous rumor coming from, but to get ahead of the lie, we felt the need to clarify a few things. Shay Johnson and Memphitz have no relationship. They don’t know each other outside of social gatherings and they happen to share the same celebrity trainer, Derek Taylor … who, by the way, has trained Toya, Memphitz and Shay at the same time. Although Shay and Toya are mere associates, Shay has nothing but respect for her and values the system of marriage and wishes them nothing but the best. 

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