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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Draya Michele Filming Pilot For Spin Off Show

Reality: It looks like Draya might be done with Basketball Wives:LA for good. According to 
Jasmine Brand, Draya  is fillming a pilot for a spin off which was rumored a while back during the time Basketball Wives: LA was rumored to be canceled.

The site says that over weekend, she hosted her first Women's Empowerment Brunch and VH1 cameras were there. The attendees had the sign  nona-disclosure agreement form during filming.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Tami Roman Filming Pilot For A Spin Off Show

Tami Talks New Projects

Reality: What is Tami Roman now that Basketball Wives: Miami has been hiatus? She recently did a new interview with  Chicago Tribune that her and the other cast members are working on separate projects. She says she filming a pilot for a potential spin off show called The Roman Empire and also says she another TV show in the works or CBS.

“My focus is on my own spinoff called ‘Roman Empire.’ We are taping this week for an hour pilot and then going forward from there. My focus is getting this storyline about my life in development and making it something VH1 is proud of and brings in viewers. … I have a TV show coming this summer that CBS has asked us not to talk about. It’s with a very well-known and respected Academy Award-winning star. People get to see me back in the lane I was in before returning to reality TV.”

She also says if 'Basketball Wives has a season 6 she will be part of it

“If the show were to make a return, then I’m contractually bound to be a part of it,” Roman said. “I think the key players in our installment — everyone is doing their own thing. Evelyn Lozada is a mommy now. That part of her life may not necessarily work with the ‘Basketball Wives’ format. Potentially, she might have a spinoff in the works.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

New York Shoots Pilot For New Reality Show

New York Returns To Reality TV

The wait is over! Tiffany "New York" Pollard has revealed in a new inerview that she has officially returned to reality tv. She did not give to much away but she say that she shot a pilot for  anew reality show three weeks ago and she said her words" the concept is bananas"

On her new reality show
"I’ve been long awaiting a hearty healthy return to reality television. And the concept would have to fit my life and where it is right now. Fortunately, three weeks ago…I shot a pilot with a brilliant production crew. The concept is bananas. When you guys see this. It’s like…we couldn’t have accepted her back in any other way. It’s true HBIC performance. It’s coming"

You can listen to the rest of the interview below. She also talks about he love life and Bad Girls Club

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