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Saturday, January 10, 2015

HOT TEA: Mediatakeout Co-Founder Scores New Reality Show On Bravo

Co-Founder Gets Reality Show

Fred Mwangaguhunga, who is the man behind who created the popular gossip site Mediatakeout might be getting his own reality tv show on Bravo. Jamsine Brand exclusively reports that a reality is 'allegedly' in the works with his family and his wife Notoya Green.  I did not know that he is a lawyer. Who would have known.  The site also says that he has been pitching a reality show to networks for a while.

Would you watch it?

Saturday, December 27, 2014

New Reality Show 'Preachers Exes' Is Being Shopped To Networks.. SMH.. TRIALER HERE

Preachers Exes

What do you get if you have reality show that is like a cross between 'Hollywood Exes' and Preachers Of LA'?.. 'Preachers' Exes' yep, you read it. There is a new ratchet bootleg reality show titled 'Preachers' Exes' that is being shop around to networks which is about the preachers' jumpoff. You can't get anymore ratchet than this.

Check out the trailer here

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Singer Christina Milian Scores New Reality Show With E! Network

Christina Milian Coming to E!

Singer Christina Milian, who is known for 2004 hit song "Dip It Low" has cored a new reality show with E Network called Christina Milian Turned Up which will premiere early next year. reports the new docuseries will follow her life a singer and a mother.  We will also get to see her mother who is also her manager, her daughter and her two sisters. She has been recently rumored to be dating Lil Wayne. 

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Ex 'Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta' Castmember Che Mack Starring In New Reality Show

Che Mack is Back

Reality: Remember Che Mack from Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta? She was Stevie J other artist and had more of role last season. Well has a new reality show coming out called Bottoms Up ( Official Batendars of Atlanta)


The show will focus of Atlanta most popular bars and nightclubs. The show will Che Mack and newcomers Courtney Janell, who has been linked to rapper Drake , Gabriella, who is a model and actress from the Bronx and Cinco Montoya.

You can read more about the show  here

Friday, May 9, 2014

Whoopi Godlberg Producing New Reality About Her Family

Reality: Whoopi Goldberg is adding reality TV to her resume. The View co-host will producing a new reality show about family. The show will be centered around her daughter, Alex Martin and her extended family.

From Jasmine Brand

'With her three children finally in their teens and 20s, Martin is excited to reinvent herself personally and professionally with the help of her husband, Bernard, and their best friends, Leisa and Ron. But when her oldest daughter, Amara, decides to move back home… with her fiancĂ© and new baby, suddenly three generations will be living under one roof – and Alex’s plans may have to be put on hold.'

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Actress Countess Vaughn Joins TV ONE's New Reality Show 'Hollywood Divas'

TV One Announces 'Hollywood Divas'

Reality: TV One is expanding its 'Divas' franchise and have announced a new reality called Hollywood Divas which will be about Hollywood actresses and their experience in the industry.

Countess Vaughn is one of the actresses joining the cast as well as Elise Neal, Golden Brooks, Paula Jai parker, and Lisa Wu

According to TV One's press release

'The one-hour reality series will follow these five ladies as they navigate life and attempt to stay relevant in the unpredictable entertainment industry. D’Angela Proctor, Senior Vice President of Programming and Production for TV One, said:“TV One’s audience has a passion for programming that reveals the private stories behind the public lives of Black artists. The Hollywood Divas‘ willingness to share their experiences with inequality and obstacles when it comes to the Hollywood merry-go-round is the foundation of this series. How these women are personally affected by this phenomenon and how they individually handle the pressure, is where the Hollywood Diva stories begins.'

The show air later this year.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Watch It Here: K. Michelle Talks New Reality Show On 106 & Park

K. Michelle In 106 and Park

Reality:  K. Michelle was on 106 & Park last week to talk about her long awiated new reality show which will be spin off show from 'Love and Hip hop: Atlanta. She reveals to Bow Wow that viewers will see the mother side to her on her new show. She has a son.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Shaunie O'Neal Heads To Court Over New Reality Show

Shaunie Wants Kids On New Reality Show

Reality:  Shaunie O'Neal headed to court over a new reality show is working on. According to TMZ today she wants her kids to be on her new reality show whoich begins to film in January but her ex husband Shaq is against it and the courts favored him over her. She claims that the new show will be a wholesome show but with how 'Basketball Wives was the courts was not convinced.

She now claims that he is holding her reality show hostage for 1 Million because his reality show failed to make it on TV. Does this mean Basketball Wives s over or is this just a new spin off show?

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Danity Kane's New Reality Show To Be On E! Network

New Reality To Be On E!

Reality News: Danity Kane has been working on their working comback with a new album underway and a new reality show which is produced by 51 minds. It looks like from this tweet that their new show will be airing at the E! Network.

danity kane show e1384710510587 Danity Kane Announce First Show In Five Years / New E! Reality Series Revealed?

They also recently announced their first concert in five years at the House of Blues December 16th

Friday, October 4, 2013

Tami Roman Developing New Reality Show Called " The Roman Empire"

The Roman Empire

Reality News: It looks like Tami might be really done with 'Basketball Wives" because sh is developing a new spin-off reality show about her and her daughters called the "The Roman" Empire" ( I really like the name).  She confirmed the news on a radio station in Chicago. she says the how is in development.  Actress Elise Neal, who is a close friend to Tami and appeared on TV One's "Belles" which was canceled last year will be making several appearances.  

“That’s my own show. It’s in development. It’s about my life, my daughters. My core group of friends and Miss Elise Neal. I’m excited about showing the world who we are and what we’ve got going on.”

Friday, August 9, 2013

New York Officially Signs On For New TV Project

New York Is Back!

Reality News: We will be seeing  New York back in out TV screens soon! She tweeted yesterday that she officially signed on for a TV project and posted this pic on her instagram page with the producer. 

She has been working on a pilot for a new reality show all summer. It looks like the show got picked up!

Friday, July 26, 2013

Deion Sanders To Get New Reality Show On OWN

Reality News:  Pilar Sanders' now ex husband, Deion Sanders, is giving reality TV another try. This time it's with girlfriend, Tracey Edmonds, who is working on a movie inspired by Shaunie's reality show "Basketball Wives"

The show is tentatively title "It's Prime's Time" and it will air Oprah Winfrey's network OWN next year. The show will focus on his life, his five children and Tracey.

Deion previously had two other reality with his ex- wife Pilar Sandars. The first reality show they hadw a son the Oxygen network called "Deion & Pilar: Prime Time Love" and then in 2010 the couple was cast on VH1's "Football Wives" which lasted one season.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Somaya Reece Talks Life After 'Love and Hip Hop" and New Reality Show

Somaya Reece Now

Reality News: It's been a while since we've heard from former 'Love and Hip Hop' cast member, Somaya Reece, . She was one of the original cast members of the original 'Love and Hip Hop' and departed after season 2.

In an exclusive interview with, she opens about why she left the show by saying she just 'decided to move on". She also shares her thoughts on 'Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta and she is also working on her own reality show for Nuvo TV.

On why she left "Love and Hip Hop"
“Everything is fine. I just decided to move on from it, and she was cool with it, and that was really about it. I think it’s something juicier to say we have drama, but we don’t, and it was just not for me, at all, and we did discuss season 3, but it’s just not for me. It’s not for me, it’s not for Chris [Chrissy], it’s not for Emily, it’s not for Kimbella, it’s not for none of us that left the show. Everyone left for the same reason, and sometimes it’s better to do that, then to continue to work on something you’re not passionate about anymore.”

Her thoughts on 'Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta"
“You know what, everybody on that show is exactly how they are on the show in person. Some people just act extra crazy when the cameras are on, and that to me is not really authentic. They’re definitely authentic. It’s a show that I would really not like to be on because it’s so much going on, but they know what they’re doing, you know. They know what they’re doing. It’s TV that’s built for people to tune in to. I have met Joseline, Stevie J, Benzino, and they’re really cool people to me. I don’t really watch it, I caught two episodes from the first season, and never watched it again. From what I did see, that’s what Mona wants, you know, to push that type of television. She knows what she’s doing, and so does the production company, and I can’t say that I would watch it. It’s not my thing, but it doesn’t mean I would bash anybody for it, you know.”

Her new reality show
“It’s not about not doing another reality show – I just don’t want to do that kind of reality show, that’s really about it. I would pretty much not want to be – I don’t want to have go to bed every day and think about should I wear sneakers today in case somebody wants to fight me, that’s not what I want. (laughs) I want to do another reality show just not a negative one. I’m currently producing & developing a show right now and it is about my hectic life,  taking on the role of taking care of my family, managing my career independently,   and a big part of my life is moving back to LA from New York, and I’m doing it with John Doe Media, and it will air and premiere in the spring of 2014. This show, will show you what I was showing you guys in season 1, which is my real struggle with transparency – I don’t pretend everything is perfect. I still have to juggle my life, family and career on my own.”
“It’s not easy because I am an one woman army if you will, and launching my fitness brand, opening up my record label, launching my boutique fashion line, this all coming together, flourishing, and I’m just really glad that a lot of fans are there for the ride. My current reality series will be launched on Nuvo TV. So, I’m just blessed that a lot of people are interested in giving me a show; it’s just that I don’t want a negative show. I don’t think you need to do that to get ratings. That’s a different type of show. There is an audience and there is room for those kind of shows. I think that’s what people mistake that does not reflect me. I do charity work, I go to shelters and juvenile halls to speak about violence so how would that reflect me being on a show where someone’s always trying to throw a punch at you. That just doesn’t make sense to me, at all.”

Friday, July 19, 2013

'Bad Girls Club" Star Flo Casted In Reality Show "Boss Ladies"

Flo Joins New Reality Show

Reality News: Good news for you Flo fans! She has been casted in the new reality show "Boss Ladies" Now I blogged about the show early this year. Leah of Mob Wives: Chicago was originally casted to do the show, but the original cast was scrapped off. Now there is a whole new cast and Flo is one of them.

As far what happened to the original cast, you can read about it here and you can also follow the new show @bossladies2013

Flo exclusively told me  though that she is still  in contract with Oxygen, but so far she has been casted for the new show. Flo finished runner-up on "Bad Girls: All Star Battle"

Sunday, June 9, 2013

51 Minds To Produce Danity Kane's New Reality Show


Weeks ago, it was announced that Danity Kane will get back together again minus D.Woods and their manager Diddy and also having a new reality show. It was rumored that their new reality show will be on VH1.

A new video surfaced the other day of Aubrey O Day saying that the group is working with 51 minds which is the same company who made classic VH1 shows like Flavor of Love, Rock of Love, I Love New York and most recently Lala's Full Court Life , Marrying The Game. So it's most likely their new reality show will be on VH1.

Check out the video

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

New York Shoots Pilot For New Reality Show

New York Returns To Reality TV

The wait is over! Tiffany "New York" Pollard has revealed in a new inerview that she has officially returned to reality tv. She did not give to much away but she say that she shot a pilot for  anew reality show three weeks ago and she said her words" the concept is bananas"

On her new reality show
"I’ve been long awaiting a hearty healthy return to reality television. And the concept would have to fit my life and where it is right now. Fortunately, three weeks ago…I shot a pilot with a brilliant production crew. The concept is bananas. When you guys see this. It’s like…we couldn’t have accepted her back in any other way. It’s true HBIC performance. It’s coming"

You can listen to the rest of the interview below. She also talks about he love life and Bad Girls Club

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

TLC Cancels 'The Sisterhood'

Sisterhood Cancelled

Other Reality News: Reports have surfaced indicating that after their first season the first ladies of TLC will see their show cancelled.

Domonique Scott, Tara Lewis, Ivy Couch, Christina Murray and DeLana Rutherford, stars of TLC‘s ‘The Sisterhood’, were the leading castmates of the Atlanta-based reality show based on the lives of preacher’s wives.  Along with its less than favorable ratings, the show, much like Lifetime’s ‘The Preacher’s Daughters’, was very much the chatter of Christian groups who panned the show for its portrayal of church figure.


Sunday, April 14, 2013

Draya Michele Hints New Reality Show?

New Reality Show For Draya?

Last week, rumors came out that VH1 has pulled the plug on Basketball Wives LA because of the low ratings. However, this has not really be confirmed yet. But it seems like the cancellation might be true because today another rumor has circulating the net that Draya is in talks of  getting her own reality show, possibly a spin off on VH1. 

According to GlobalGrind the new show is called Fine Ass Girls and it will focus on her and HER friends. 

Draya tweeted "Just know..... whatever my plans are, I know VH1 has my back!"

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