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Sunday, October 18, 2015

'She's Got Game' Winner Reveals She Is No Longer With The Game

Photo/ VH1

Rebecca Breaks Up With The Game

I don't know if guys have watched 'She's Got Game' on Vh1 which season finale aired this past. I watched a the first few episodes, but then stopped. The show just wasn't the same VH1's previous dating shows back in the day. Anyway a woman name Rebecca Silvera won the show but she now reveals to VH1
that are no longer together.

 "We did try and have a relationship after the show. It had it’s ups and downs, and it couldn’t work, it just wouldn’t work. We still talk from time to time, we spoke a little last night. [We’re] trying to see if we can figure something out because I feel like what we did have was genuine."

She also responds to Briona claiming that she is now dating him. Briona also went on rant not too long ago saying the show was fake.

Here is what Rebecca had to say about Briona

  "Can’t even call it a relationship. I’m just going off things that she’s said. She said they’ve been together three to four years, now he was with Tiffney three to four years ago. If you have been with him, there’s been a slew of women in between that time. That just goes to show me that you are not with him, you are someone that he dibbles and dabbles with when he feels like [it] and you’re there and you will continue to be there"

Briona's rant


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