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Thursday, December 11, 2014

HOT TEA: Morgan Hardman Tweet Princess Love 'Attempted Suicide' Was A Publicity Stunt

"I'm Disgusted"

More has come out today about Princess Love's attempted suicide over Ray-J breaking up with her. Many folks think it was for attention. Morgan Hardman who just fought Princess Love at the reunion has spilled some tea on twitter today saying it all a publicity stunt and says she is 'disgusted'

It's been said now that the reason she wanted to "kill herself" was becasue she saw a picture of ray-J with Chris Brown on and off again ex Karrueche Tran which is ironic because in my opinion, Princess Love is like a bootleg version of her. Anyway, Ray-J and Karrueche were filming a BET special when she saw the pic. She now regrets saying she wanted to kill herself.

Do you think it was all for attention?

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Princess Love Threatens Suicide After Ray-J Breaks Up With Her

Princess Love Threatens Suicide

If this is another publicity stunt, I'm going to be very disgusted because you don't play with suicide just for attention. TMZ reports Ray-J called 911 after Princess Love threatened to commit suicide after he broke up with. Since the murder-sucide with Earl Hayed Ray-J was concerned for her well-being because there was a gun in the house. Cops went to her home but she wasn't there.

But now Ray-J says she is not going through with the suicide. #sideeye

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Fantasia Shoots Down Suicide Rumors

"I'm Not Suicidal"

Celeb:  Fantasia took to Instgram to dismiss rumors that she was suicidal after Antwaun Cook dumped her to go back to his  wife . 

"Lord lord lord. It’s almost been a Year and this is still going on. Lol!! He and I are not together. I’m not going anywhere so stop trying to make me dead."

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