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Saturday, December 13, 2014

VIDEO: Morgan Hardman Reveals She Now Manages Moniece, Talks Childhood

Who Is Morgan Hardman?

I feel on 'Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood' we did not know that much about Morgan Hardman on a personal level. She did had one scene where she briefly talked about her childhood with Yesi but that was it.

She did a new interview with GlobalGrind TV and she reveals more about her messed up childhood. She her now deceased mother was a crackhead and he and her brother were living in cars. She was also molested by the different men her mother had as a'boyfriend'. Morgan says, he mother did not believe her when she told her she was getting molested. She says her brothers blame her for going into foster after getting caught shoplifting for her mother and confessed she did not want to go home.

On a lighter now, she also reveals in the interview that she now manages Moniece's singing career and talk about she became Ray-J/s assistant.

Watch here:

Thursday, December 11, 2014

HOT TEA: Morgan Hardman Tweet Princess Love 'Attempted Suicide' Was A Publicity Stunt

"I'm Disgusted"

More has come out today about Princess Love's attempted suicide over Ray-J breaking up with her. Many folks think it was for attention. Morgan Hardman who just fought Princess Love at the reunion has spilled some tea on twitter today saying it all a publicity stunt and says she is 'disgusted'

It's been said now that the reason she wanted to "kill herself" was becasue she saw a picture of ray-J with Chris Brown on and off again ex Karrueche Tran which is ironic because in my opinion, Princess Love is like a bootleg version of her. Anyway, Ray-J and Karrueche were filming a BET special when she saw the pic. She now regrets saying she wanted to kill herself.

Do you think it was all for attention?

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Nikki Baby Addresses Morgan Calling Her A Racist ...LISTEN HERE

Nikki Baby Addresses Racist Accusations

'Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood' star Nikki Baby is finally reponding to the racist accusations that was made by Morgan a the Breakfast Club. Nikki Baby was on Have a Seat radio this past Monday and a caller asked about it.

Nikki says that she is not a racist. She has family members who are mixed and has a nephew who is black.

She also speaks on Mally Mall confirming she is still with him. She reveals that he fucked three other girls while he was with Masika and heard rumors that the reason why Yung Berg really beat Masika up was because he walked in on her with Mally Mall.

Listen here:

Monday, December 8, 2014

Flashback: Morgan Hardman Appeared On 'For The Love Of Ray-J'

Morgan Hardman Was On TV Before

It looks like Morgan Hardman was on TV before. I discovered that she was on Ray-J's VH1 dating show 'For The Love Of Ray-J' back in 2009. 

She was in 'Danger smash the homie' scene alongside Tom Green.

Watch here:

Friday, November 21, 2014

Morgan Hardman Ray-J Drama, Charity and New Book On Have A Seat Radio.. LISTEN HERE


Morgan Hardman Talks Ray-J Drama

'Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood' star Morgan Hardman appeared on Have A Seat Radio which returned this past Monday. She discussed several topics including Ray-J.  She says that 'hurtful things' were sad at the reunion that we need tune in to see. She also talks her charity for single mothers and new book.

Listen Here:

Friday, November 7, 2014

Morgan Hardman Puts Ray-J On Blast On The Breakfast Club.. WATCH HERE

Teairra and Morgan on The Breakfast Club

Teairra Marie and Morgan Hardman recently appeared on The Breakfast Club right after filming the reunion show of 'Love and hip Hop: Hollywood' this week and Morgan spilled some tea on Ray-J. She still claims that he put his hands on her and confirms that Princess Love fought her at the reunion. The reason why her hand is wrapped up is because the security did not allow Morgan to attack Princess Love so she let out her frustration by punching the wall. 

Highlights of the interview

-Morgan says her and Ray-J never fucked
-The reason why Morgan Nikki's pre-plastic surgery pics was because Nikki said a racist comment that did not air on TV
-Both Teairra Marie and Morgan regret doing the show
-Morgan claims she has audio of Ray-J confirming her put his on her and other women. 

Watch Here:

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Yung Berg Arrested For Choking Masika; Princess Love Fights Morgan At Reunion

Yung Berg Chokes Masika

What is up with these' 'Love and Hip Hop" men hitting on women? Joe Budden, Ray-J (allegedly) and now Yung Berg. Rapper Yung Berg was arrested and taken into custody today for choking Masika. The incident happened at a hotel in New York where the cast was the filming the reunion show of 'Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood'

The reason behind it is so petty. TMZ reports is was because his credit car declined after he try to pay a bill after a booze filled night. Masika told she payed the bill and that's when he grabbed hair, choked her and threw her in the bed. Yung Berg was arrested for 'obstruction of breathing'. But Masika is defending him by blaming it on the alcohol.

Speaking about the reunion show, there was a fight that broke out between Ray-J's girl Princess and Ray-J's assistant Mogan Hardman during the taping of the show. It started Morgan was 'bad mouthing' Ray-J for abusiing her and taking her son of a the basketball team out of revenge. That's when Princess Love knocked her out.

Morgan posteda photo on her Instagram page showing her hand wrapped in a bandage. She writes:

'The truth hurts sometimes with every lie they tell I'm gonna tell the truth just no that. Dark souls stay way away from me 😂👏 not watch me work'

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Ray-J's Assistant Morgan Hardman Claims He Put His Hands On Her and Made Death Threats!

Morgan Claims Ray-J Beat Her

So far, Morgan does not really have a storyline of her own on 'Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood' Right now, she is like the Ariane of the Hollywood edition, but today she spilled some tea on Ray-J claiming that he beat her and threatened to kill her in front of her child!

On Instagram she writes

"Tell the real reason I don't fuck with you  and why I don't work for because you put your hands on me in front of my child talking you gonna have me killed wow all in front of my son you drunk as nigga go get some help  cause I'm not the only UR beating on hows that for some tea 10 years of book loyal to the wrong fuck boy"

Whoa! what s going on?! If you saw last night's episode he was all turned up when Morgan was defending Teairra Mari. I can believe it. What do you think?

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