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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Tia and Tamara Quitting Their Reality Show

"Tia & Tamara" Is Done

Reality:  The Mowry twins,  Tia & Tamara, has decided  to quit their reality show after three seasons.  The show debuted in 2011 and gave fans an in sight of their lives. Both are married have kids and now they have decided to focus on their lives without the camera.

Tamara announced the show's ending on Twitter

"Wanted to say Thank You for all the love and support. But most of all welcoming me, my husband, n (and) my son into your homes for 3 seasons ... Tia and Tamera will not have a season 4. Thank you for always supporting us throughout the years. Tia n (and) I decided it was time 2 live r (our) family lives behind the cameras..."

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