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Saturday, December 6, 2014

CELEB: Brandy Confirms She Working On Her Own TV Show

"I'm Developing It"

Singer Brandy has revealed in a new interview with the founder of she wants star in her own TV show and it's currently in development.  

"What’s in my lane is my own television show. That’s what I want. That’s my ultimate dream,” said Brandy who’s doing more than just dreaming about it.“I’m developing it,” she said. “I can’t tell you. It’s some things on the table.”

Brandy is no stranger in starring in her own TV show. Remember Moesha? She also appeared on The Game which will end its run in 2015.

Watch interview:

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

TV News: Shonda Rhimes's Newest ABC TV Show Debuts this Fall

Shonda Rhimes' New TV Show

TV: Shonda Rhimes will be taking ABC on Thursdays this fall. She already has two hit ABC shows which are Greys Ananomy and Scandal and now she will ahve another new TV show premiering this fall. 

The show is called How To Get Away With Murder and it stars Viola Davis  who plays a professor. 

Here is a preview. The show will air Thursdays at 10PM. Scandal moves to 9PM.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Tami Roman Cast In Halle Berry's New TV Show "Extant'


TV: Last week, Tami Roman hinted that she working with an female Oscar winner for new CBS TV show

“I have a TV show coming this summer that CBS has asked us not to talk about. It’s with a very well-known and respected Academy Award-winning star. People get to see me back in the lane I was in before returning to reality TV.”

That TV show she will be on is called 'Extant"  according to IMDB the show stars Halle Berry, who won as Oscar in 2002 and the show is created by Steven Speilberg.  Tami will playing a character name Tess Handy

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