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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

VH1access Interview: Melinda (Wedding Wars)

VH1access Interview With Melinda

I finally did an interview with Melinda from Wedding Wars. we caught p to her to see what she has been up to since the show.  She said the show boosted her Real Estate career. She also reveals she met Mario at Craigslist Casual Encounters. Follow her on Twitter

Hey Melinda , how are you? 
 Mario and I are “fabulous!”

How was your experience on "Wedding Wars"?  
Mario and I have had a lot of interesting experiences throughout our lives together but this was by far one of the most unique!  

How did you and Mario find out about the show?  
Well we were browsing Craigslist Casual Encounters and found the casting call and said “fuck it...let’s try out for this shit and see what happens!”

On the show, you and Mario were portrayed as the "evil couple" Did you like the way VH1 portrayed you?  
I think we were portrayed exactly how we wanted to be portrayed.  We meticulously planned out every move but towards the end we figured out that playing with people’s emotions was way fun so we ended up adding too many twists to the plot.

A lot of people think that you are mean and bitchy. Do you really come off like that in real life? or was that just for the cameras? 
Yes, I’m very mean, very self serving and I will eat you alive if you show me any sign weakness.

Who did you get along with on the show? It seems like you didn't like anyone lol  
Mario and I got along with everyone as long as it served us a purpose.

Who did you dislike on the show? 
 It’s been so long that we can’t remember the names of the people we disliked.  Oh well guess they weren’t that important.

What was your favorite challenge? 
 Our favorite challenge was finding the weakness and insecurities of our competitors and using it against them.

Now that the show is over, are you Mario still together? and still planning to get married? 
 Mario and I met on Craigslist Causal Encounters and it’s a no strings attached type of relationship.... Seriously we are still together most of the time and yup...we’re getting married! =)

Would you do another reality show?  
We’re going to quote Mario’s favorite artist, Justin Beiber, “never say never.”  Being on VH1’s Wedding Wars boosted my (Melinda’s) Real Estate career...go figure, people love mean, bitchy Realtors!

Well Melinda, thank you for this interview. Do you want to give a shout out to anyone?  
We want to thank: Baby Sasquatch, Bananas, Goodimes and ALL the other producers with less snappy names.  Thanks to the ALL the sound crew: supper hipster sound guy w/ the crazy beard and Melinda’s favorite, cute Italian dude with hot pink shorts.  Thanks to ALL the camera folks: like buff ass Asian camera man and lady with the glasses!  Lastly thanks VH1 for allowing unlimited Red Delicious boxed wine and plenty of rice and beans while we lived in the jungles of Hawaii.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Wedding Wars Winner Joseph Rants About People Who Thinks Asians All Look Alike

Wedding Wars winner  Joseph rants about people who think Asians all look alike. Someone told him that Asians look alike and he was pissed about it. Check out his video. 

Friday, July 1, 2011

Wedding Wars Kat in XXL MAG

Kat Tells XXLMAG Where Shes known from and Who she didnt like on the show

Most people know me from… VH1’s Wedding Wars.
The couples I just couldn’t stand on the show were… Jessica and Brandon and Jamal and Yolanda because… [they] were annoying and really fake


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wedding Wars- Finale Recap- Joe and Elsie Wins

Wedding Wars- Finale Recap

Congrats to Joe and Elsie they won the show! Here is what happened at the finale.

Summary Of The Finale
The final three. It's been long, damp, mosquito bitten battle to the finish and no one wants to lose the war now. At the final security challenge, runaway brides are stuck on floating treadmills, running ever faster as their fiancées furiously paddle to save them. At stake is a guaranteed spot in the final two. Plus, the winning couple decides who gets voted off next. After the decision is made, the final two couples head to the final chapel ceremony. At the chapel ceremony, all the eliminated couples return to decide who gets the dream destination wedding. After a brutal round of questioning and confrontation... the winning couple cleans up and immediately enjoys the wedding of their dreams, surrounded by friends and family. This Wedding War is over.


Thursday, May 19, 2011

"Wedding Wars" Star Kat Says She Punched Yolanda In The Face

Kat vs Yolanda

Now that "Wedding Wars" is over, I really wish that VH1 would have gave this show a reunion show because this show has full of drama. But this show ended up getting the "I Love Money 4" treatment... SMH. Anyway Kat (left) who was fan favorite on the show tweeted something very interesting on her Twitter page

She says:
 "I wish there woulda been cameras in joe & elsies suite so everyone coulda saw me punch the fuck outta yolanda dead in the face"!

If you did not watched the show, Jamal and Yolanda backstabbed Hollywood and Kat in the back eliminating them. I am planning to do several post show interviews with some of the contestants. So stay tuned!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Wedding Wars- Episode 9 Recaps

Wedding Wars- Episode 9

This weeks episode, Mario and Melinda's web of lies catch up to them, did they manage to stay?

Summary Of Episode 9
The final four couples remain in camp fighting for their dream destination wedding. At the gift challenge, couples must dig for buried treasure, or in this case, gift cards. The couple with the highest dollar amount in uncovered cards wins a $10,000 gift registry. Next, the couples compete in the most important security challenge yet.

The winner of this challenge will secure themselves a spot in the final. Just as each couple must wrestle with their reception seating chart, our couples wrestle with remembering and seating their guests at a giant reception table. The stress of competition eats at Micahel and Sharon. At the chapel ceremony, one couple will just miss the opportunity to compete in the finals and win their $100,000 dream destination wedding and a $25,000 nest egg.

Finale Is This Monday. Who Will Win?

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Wedding Wars- Episode 8 Recap

Wedding Wars- Episode 8 Recap

The finale is quickyl approaching. Brandon and Jessica get eliminated. Now they are four couples left.

Summary Of Episode 8
The remaining five couples are so close to a dream wedding they can almost taste it. Problem is, it's about to taste terrible. The hungry couples are given access to a delicious buffet and must compete to see who can gain the most weight. Winner gets cash for the catering at their wedding. Losers get a bloated belly. Brandon and Jessica are just happy to finally be eating. At the security challenge, the couples are pushed to their limits on land and sea as they attempt to light a unity candle and secure their spot for another week. The chapel ceremony sees another couple voted out with their dreams of a destination wedding crushed.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Wedding Wars- Episode 7 Recap

Wedding Wars- Episode 7 Recap

Jamal and Yolanda get eliminated and now they were five couples. I'm also planning to do some interviews with some of the contestants soon.

Summary Of Episode 7
Old bonds are tested; new partnerships are made. The remaining six couples struggle to maintain fragile relationships while positioning themselves to win it all. A surprise win in a fast-paced gift challenge leaves one couple with an awesome musical gift and the losers head back to camp all wet. Rich and Marina decide to get their heads in the game.

 The security challenge throws one group into chaos and forces nearly everyone to rethink who their friends are. Saving up for a nest egg was never this hard! One couple risks everything in order to survive elimination while others work tirelessly behind their campmates' backs to secure their own places in the final. Just when everyone thinks they have their votes in place, a heated argument turns everything upside down.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Wedding Wars- Episode 6 Recap

Wedding Wars- Episode 6 Recap

This week, another strong couple got the boot. Kevin and Angel was eliminated.

Summary Of Episode 6
The Wedding War camp remains divided for our seven couples, with five couples in a strategic pact to stop the other two from winning a dream wedding. But the majority's solidarity is in danger when one couple wins too many gift challenges talk of sacrificing one of their own rules the camp. Kevin and Angel can't hide their power, but it might cost them in the long run.

 Everyone competes for $20,000 worth of diamonds in a tubular gift challenge. At the security challenge, they put their compatibility to a public test, as they place their priorities in harmony to earn security. Then, at the chapel ceremony, the choice between eliminating an easy target and taking out a strong challenge competitor is more difficult than anyone could've imagined.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Wedding Wars- Episode 5 Recap

Wedding Wars- Episode 5 Recap

Here is this weeks episode recap of "Wedding Wars" Brandon and Stephanie, who I thought was going to make at the finale was the couple eliminated.

Summary Of Episode 5
Eight couples remain. The tension erupts into a full-blown shouting match around the campfire. The fight escalates well into the night with hands on bodies and lines drawn in the dirt. This Wedding War is getting ugly. The camp is torn in two and Elsie just can't understand what's going on! At the prize challenge, the couples compete for a photography prize package by posing like fools in love; or in some cases, just fools. Despite their feverish strategizing, no couple feels safe any more. 

At the security challenge, the couples try to prove why they deserve their dream wedding more than everyone else. It's a campfire pity party in the name of love. Chapel elimination looms and one couple will be kicked out of this wedding party.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wedding Wars- Episode 4 Recap

Wedding Wars- Episode 4 Recap

What a crazy episode of Wedding Wars. This show keeps getting better and better. Hollywood and Kat ended up being eliminated which was one of the shocking eliminations so far on the show. At least they won a trip to Vegas.

Summary Of Episode 4
Nine couples are left; it's still anybody's game as long as they are on the majority side. Every couple battles gladiator style for their dream Vegas bachelor/bachelorette party. Yolanda gets fierce! The security challenge is all about helium, teamwork and inflatable objects. With a surprise result from the security challenge, it is a scramble to figure out who will be divorced from the wedding party. And the end, it's the most explosive chapel ceremony yet with plenty of fighting words... and this time it's personal.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Wedding Wars- Episode 3 Recap

Wedding Wars- Episode 3

Summary Of Episode 3
Ten couples and their stomachs are up against a cake-eating contest with a terrible twist: 3 layers of disgusting cake to get though. The challenge becomes a puke fest but the couple with the toughest stomachs and greatest mental will win! Melinda and Mario show their sneaky side and their plans works. The security challenge is all about communication as the camp is divided into two teams. The team transporting champagne the fastest using small pieces of bamboo can't be eliminated. This challenge leaves one team thirsty for victory and another drunk with power. During Chapel Ceremony, the couples cast votes between which couple doesn't want their dream wedding enough and which couple is manipulating the camp.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Mario and Melinda Talk About Wedding Wars

Mario & Melina Shares Their Thoughts On Wedding Wars

Mario and Melinda share their thoughts on the latest episode of Wedding Wars where that they were campaigning to get another couple  eliminated and succeeded. I have to say I think they are the smartest couple. They know exactly what their doing. I hope they win.  Follow them on Twitter Mario and Melinda. Also check out their other videos

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Wedding Wars- Episode 2 Recap

Wedding Wars- Episode 2 Recap

Summary Of Episode 2
Eleven couples remain. Would-be blushing brides turn ugly as their claws come out when they try to snatch up the most wedding bouquets in a gift challenge. Winner gets a $5,000 flower prize package. Losers get bruises and tears. All the women learn Stephanie is a force to be reckoned with. At the security challenge, the guys have to hold their fiancées above a makeshift threshold. Last one to drop their lady in the ocean wins security for him and his fiancée. It's battle of endurance, emotion, and back pain. At the chapel ceremony, the vote count catches one couple by surprise and they're sent home without their dream wedding.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Wedding Wars- Premiere Recap

Wedding Wars- Premiere Recap

Premiere Recap
Twelve engaged couples touch down at the luxurious Turtle Bay resort in Hawaii, ready to battle it out for a $100,000 dream destination wedding and a $25,000 nest egg. One problem: instead of staying in the lap of luxury, they learning they'll be living deep in the jungle in open air huts. Shocked couples quickly realize war is hell and attack with full force; first competing for bridal gowns and tuxes in a gift challenge, and later the coveted "cake topper" in a security challenge. Strategies and groups start to form as one couple tries to take control of the camp early. But in the end, it's up to all the couples, because a collective vote determines the first casualty of this Wedding War.

Friday, March 4, 2011

The Herald Interviews "Wedding War's" Frankie & Sofia

The Herald chatted with Rosati and Mikromastoras, both 30, who talked about the road that led them to “Wedding Wars.”

Herald: How long have you lived in East Meadow?

Frankie: I have lived there since 2004, and Sofia has been there since last April. I’m originally from Astoria and Sofia is from Ronkonkoma. We love East Meadow. It’s a great place. It’s centrally located on the Island and the people of East Meadow are great.

H: How did you meet?
Frankie: We were actually college sweethearts [at Adelphi]. Our parents introduced us on campus for college orientation, even before we started college.

Sofia: We go to orientation, you don’t know anybody, and then believe it or not, the two sets of Greek parents talked to each other and introduced us. From there, sparks flew and I wanted to meet up with him.

H: So you’ve stayed together since your days at college?

Frankie: We didn’t date until our second year at college. We dated for six months. But we were still living in Astoria and Ronkonkoma and the distance was too big. We parted in a nice way and broke up on good terms. Then there was a 10-year spread from the time we graduated. We lost contact for a good 10 years, then I had broken off my relationship at the time and the same with Sofia. Within two weeks we found each other.

H: How did you reconnect?

Frankie: I sent her a text message.

Sofia: It just perfectly happened. He texted me randomly 10 years later. Everything just fell in place. No obstacles. We picked up where we left off.

Frankie: It was a breath of fresh air.

H: What was the proposal like?

Frankie: We always had our one favorite restaurant in Astoria, the Grand Café. The owner there made my job very easy. I really wanted it to be special. It was the first place we had our first date after being reunited.
It was just funny. As the night progressed, I became paler and paler as the anxiety was building. I played it off like I wasn’t feeling too great, like it was something I ate. My palms were all sweaty and I disappeared for 10 minutes. During my disappearing act, I finalized things with the owner. I came back to the table, and as soon as they delivered the dessert, the entire staff came by and they cut off the music. I pulled the table away, got on one knee and the rest is history.

Sofia: He definitely knows how to keep himself together. It was totally out of left field. I didn’t expect anything. Every time marriage came up, he would change the subject drastically. It was a complete shock.

I came home from a long day of work and it was our seven-month anniversary. A couple of days before this, he was actually sick, and I’m thinking, ‘Oh my God, he is getting sick all over again.’ Then every waiter and waitress is staring at me. The New Yorker came out of me when he got back to the table. I said ‘No. 1, are you OK?” and “No. 2, if we don’t get out of here, I’m going to hurt somebody.” Then I reached out for coffee and then 15 waiters and waitresses came over.

H: We were told you two are extremely proud of your Greek heritage. What do you like most about being Greek?

Sofia: Before Frankie, I started to get away from heritage. I started to realize how important family is to and having a huge family. Frankie brought me to ground. He told me that family is amazing, it’s what life is for and you need to revisit that. He reminded me of the old college Sofia and reminded me of who I really truly was: the Greek heritage, a passion for your family, your friends and everything around you. The movie “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” is the epitome of the heritage.

Frankie: There is lot of symbolism ... there is so much history that comes along with it from Greek mythology and Ancient Greece. It goes back to Sofia and what she says about family. My mom worked two jobs and we were doing everything we could to survive with our family. Family is No. 1 over everything else. Seeing both our families join together is something that is hard to explain. If you see it in action, it’s priceless. The fact that we have the same religion, our mothers have gone to church together and they actually get along.

H: What is your ideal wedding?

Sofia: Just like “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” – period. Just basically having our families there. I’m the first one of my generation to get married, so my family has been crazy about it.

Frankie: It goes back to our family values, to really just have everyone there.

H: What led you to ‘Wedding Wars?’

Frankie: I heard through a friend they were looking for cast members. It was perfect timing. Sofia had been laid off and I was pretty much carrying both of us. Finances were very difficult at the time and what better way to possibly win our wedding. There was no chance in hell we would have been able to fly out relatives and put up a hotel – our families don’t have the money either, they can barely make ends meet. We saw it as a perfect opportunity to represent our families, represent New York, and at the same time be able to pay off our wedding.

H: How did you react when you were told that you would be exiled on a remote island instead of a five-star resort?

Frankie: When they sprung the news on us that it wasn’t a five-star resort, it was the jungle, I knew Sofia’s heart stopped for 10 minutes.

Sofia: I held in strong . . . I battled the elements.

H: What are your plans for when the show airs on television?

Sofia: We’re just going to have friends over and have a party. A side of me is coming out that nobody usually sees — when you push my buttons. I had a few friends that have seen that side of me, and the show definitely brings that out. My family is going to look at me like, “Who are you?” And my friends will make fun of me.


Monday, February 28, 2011

Friday, February 11, 2011

VH1 " Wedding Wars" See the Cast

Wedding Wars On VH1

Wedding Wars Premieres March 14, 2011 9/10c The Cast are put on a Deserted island to compete for the ultimate wedding. VH1 has had a bad history with Wedding related shows. Could this be Another I Love Money Rip Off? Look at the Cast Promo Pictures.


Yolanda And Jemol :
Yolanda And Jemol – VH1′s Wedding Wars

Brandon B And Jessica:

Brandon B And Jessica – VH1′s Wedding Wars

Brandon-H & Stephanie :


Johnnie And Celestria:


Joseph And Elsie:


Frankie And Sofia:

Jay And Dee:
Kat And Hollywood:
Kevin And Angel:
Mario And Melinda:
Michael And Sharon:
Rich And Marina :

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