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Thursday, February 25, 2010

1st look at the new VH1 show Transform Me

Transform Me is the new VH1 show that will premeire on March 15th. It features transgeder contestant Laverne from I Want To Work With Diddy season 1. This show will be a makeover show about women that desperately need a new look inside and out. It will be a 30 min show and it will air right after Price Of Beauty


Celebrity Rehab: Episode 8 Sneak Peek

Watcht he preview of the upcoming episode of Celebrity Rehab which airs tonight on VH1

A Different side of Renee

Yep this is Renee from Frank The Entertainer. On the show she wanted to prove that she could be sexy but it backfired. On this pic it seems she CAN pull it off.

You be the judge

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

IT responds to assault allegations

I Love New York and I Love Money 2 star IT responds to the assault allegations to Kacey Chrysler and exposes his accuser with a tape.

Behind the scenes Lil Hood photoshoot

Here is a video For the Love of Ray-J season 1 contestant Lil Hood at her photoshoot.

VH1access Interview: Annie (Frank The Entertainer)

I recently interviewed Annie who is the latest contestant to be eliminated on the show. We talked her little rap number she did on stage, how she felt about his parents and some of the other girls, we also talk about her youtube and blog.

Here is the interview

Vh1access: Hey Annie, how are you?

Annie: I'm great John. Thanks for asking.
VH1access: Did you had a great experience being on te show?

Annie: My experience on the show was certainly interesting. It started out pretty rough, got kinda fun and then became very tense but also exciting at the end there.
VH1access: How did you feel about the way you were potrayed on the show?

Annie: I think the way I was portrayed was hilarious. I didn't remember much of the stuff I said in the interviews so when I was watching the show on TV months later I was like, "Wow, I can't believe I said that!" I must've been really tired and cranky to mouth off like that to the interviewers. But the interviews were very long! I got tired. I'm not sure if it was an accurate portrayal of me but the character that was created from me was fairly unique.
Vh1access: Were you surprised that you lasted that long on the show?

Annie: Yes of course. I am a competitive person but I knew I was in over my head as soon as I got to the house. The other girls were all so outgoing, beautiful and nice. I also thought I was going to throw up the whole first two days from insane anxiety and I could barely even eat or sleep. I was wasting away. Melody helped me eat some animal crackers and I drank coke or sprite every morning to make myself feel better. Around the third day we were having dinner and I had a piece of cheesecake. After that cheesecake, I felt better all of the sudden and I could eat. Before that I would just eat bananas because that was all I could handle. The other girls thought I loved bananas or something and started calling me Annie Bananie but really I just didn't want to barf all over everyone.
VH1access: Did you really like Frank?

Annie: Of course! Frank is great. I liked him much better than I thought I would. I always judge people by how they treat me and he was always really kind. When he talks to you, you feel like he is really interested and paying attention. He is also better looking in person than on TV. He is a man of many personalities :)
Vh1access: What are your thoughts of Susan & Gary?

Annie: Susan and Gary are great. Gary cracked me up ALL the time. He makes a lot of side comments and corny jokes that reminded me of my mom so of course I liked that. Susan is very down to earth (although perhaps she seems not to be on the show) and they both made me feel very comfortable. They are very loving parents and they have a great family.
Vh1access: Which girls did you got along with the most on the show?

Annie: I got along with most everyone. I don't think I had a best friend on the show--sometimes I felt like I had to be on guard. In that situation you never know who you can trust! Christi cracked me up--she was definitely the funniest girl on the show and they never showed that side of her! I just visited with Melody in Nashville and we had a really great time--she is just a very giving person. But all the girls were nice (well at least to me).
VH1access: Now I heard the uncensored version on your little rap number you did on the show. It's hilarious btw Do you regret doing that now since you've seen it on TV?

Annie: No, I don't regret it. I wanted to leave the show at that point and I thought it was funny. I am also relieved not to have to watch myself on TV every week. That became a very nerve wracking thing for me. Every week I wondered--oh god what are they going to show me doing this time? Even though there was nothing truly embarrassing or anything to be ashamed of that I did but I just hated watching myself. Now I can relax and watch the other girls battle it out!
VH1access: What's your thoughts on Dana? She was pretty mad about the whole thing.
Annie: Dana is a very mysterious and amazing woman. The game that she played was incredible and I admire her for that. Dana was mad, understandably, but she forgave me when we got back to the house. They didn't show that though. She could've hit me or really yelled but she didn't, she was really just upset.
VH1access: Now you also do youtube & blogging. I've actually seen your blogs. Can you tell me more about it and what type of youtube videos you do?
Annie: Well I used to vlog as a character, Scandalishious. It was a YouTube based performance work I did for about 18 months. The character, also known as Caroline, danced, sang, talked about random shit--- she was your typical teenage camwhore (maybe a bit exaggerated at times). I was exploring YouTube and how it has become a new forum for women to broadcast themselves. Whereas in older media models (film, magazines etc) the relationship of female exposure is one to many but now with YouTube and reality television, that is changing. Many women can broadcast themselves and shape their image to many other men/women. The Scandalishious works deal with that changing model and what it means for female representation.
Vh1access: Do you have any other upcoming projects coming up?

Annie: I have a few art shows coming up but no new large performance based works. I need to take a break from making everything all about me all the time...I think.
Vh1access: Do you want to give a shoutout to anyone?

Annie: I'd like to say hi to the other girls on the show! hellloooo ladies.

also to all my fans who may be reading this--thank you all so much for supporting me! you all have been great and i might have died inside without all yalls positive support.
Follow Annie on Twitter and check her out on

Tough Love Couples to premeire in April

Couple of days ago i made a blog post stating that Tough Love Couples was currently filming. Wll now Steve just tweeted on his twitter page that the 3rd season of the show will on Apil 12th, which will be on a Monday. I'm assuming that Scream Queens 2 will be airing on Sundays aroudf that time. Since Scream Queens 2 should be done filiming.

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