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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Blonde Baller's New Reality Show To Be On Spike TV

She was eliminated on I Love Money 4 last night, but this won't be the last time we will see Blonde Baller on TV. Blonde Baller has revealed on her facebook page that her new reality show will be on Spike TV. She says that she starts filming it in Nov.

No details on what the show will be about yet.

VH1 Star Halloween Morphing: Flavor Flav As A Zombie

We are continuing are special Halloween edition of VH1 star morphing. How would Flavor Flav look as a zombie? take a look.

Flavor Flav As A Zombie

New York As A Witch
Pumkin As A Pumpkin

We got 3 more morphings to go

My Big Friggin Wedding - Premiere Sneak Peak

Here is the episode 1 sneak peek of My Big Friggin Wedding. Which airs Monday Nov. 1st at 9:PM. Jersey shore producers produced this show. I guess VH1 thinks this show will be a success because it is produced by the same people who produced Jersey Shore. Hmmmm lets see.

Mario Lopez: Saved By The Baby - Trailer

Mario Lopez: Saved By The Baby premieres Monday Nov 1st at 10:30PM. Here is the trailer to the show

I Love Money 4 - Episode 7 Recap

I Love Money 4 - Episode 7 Recap

Well this episode was a lot better than last weeks episode. Here is the recap. 

Mindy reveals that she has a crush on Fransisco. She says that she knows this is a game show, but it won't her her to finf love too. everyone found that there will no longer be teams. They all be given different colored .uniforms. I guess this was introduced in I Love Money 3 because the first two seasons of I Love Money they continued to wore their original uniforms until the end of the show.

Garth and Punisher want to get rid of Blonde Baller since she tried to throw the challenge last week. So she is their main target. This weeks challenge was called "Talk To The Hand"  They had to wear this huge glove and whoever hold up their hand the longest will become paymaster. Whoever was the dead last loser will automatically be up for elimination. Well Punisher screwed up and he became the dead last because he moved his arm. Now Blonde Baller was determine to win this challenge so she can send him home.

However, Garth began accusing and taunting Blonde Baller for cheating by leaning her head towards her arm. She tells him "fuck your mama"  Well Blonde Baller ended up losing and Brittanya won and became paymaster. Punsisher and Garth were happy because Brittanya is on their side and Brittanya tells Blonde Baller that she does not like her and keeps gossiping about her. Blonde Baller says  in the commentary "  If you are slut I'm going to talk about you" 

Sassy had a plan to save her friend Blonde Baller. She feels she gave up on her at the challenge. Brittanya revealed that she has a crush on Fransisco. Sassy finds this as a potential opportunity to save Blonde Baller. Sassy sets Brittanya and Fransisco up and they began kissing and I think they made out. Well Mindy (who likes Fransisco) was pissed off. She saw the whole thing. 

At the vault Blonde Baller and Sassy was voted in the box, we saw that coming. So Punisher, Blonde Baller and Sassy had a power outing with Brittanya. Blonde tried to convince Brittanya to get rid of Punisher after he found out that Brittanya was fooling around with his enemy Fransisco. He tells her "stay out of my fucking bed" While she said "well stay out of the fucking box." lol 

Well her plan did work because Blonde Baller was eliminated. Brittanya tells her "I can't stand looking at your bitch face" so now Sassy is determine to get rid of Punisher and Garth. We will see what happens.

FootBall Wives Vs. Pilar Sanders?

Pilar Sanders skipped the Football Wives premiere party (pictured above) to attend her own party. There are rumors that there not cool with Pilar's anyway

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Heat Appears On "1000 Ways To Die"

It seems like I Love New York Star Heat is all over the place lately. He will be appearing on All My Children and just recently he did a funny segment on The Jimmy Kimmell Show. Well last night he appeared on one of my favorite shows "1000 Ways To Die" on Spike TV.

He played a character name Nicky who gets sucked into a city street sweeper.

New I Love Money 3 Pics Leaked

Marcia posted some new I Love Money 3 pics with her posing with other contestants from the show on plane. Gia and Big Mike from Megan Wants A Millionaire were were not picked to do the show, but they are on the pics. Interviews Saaphyri

Ebony Jones from interviewed Saaphryi. Listen to the video. She basically talked about her past reality shows and what she has been up too.

The Hills Star Audrina Patridge Joins The VH1 Family

So she was eliminated on Dancing With The Stars last night but it seems like we won't see the last of Audrina Patridge. It has been announce on that she returning to reality TV on VH1. Her new show will focus on her and her family living in Hollywood. Same old concept, nothing new.

Her new VH1 show will begin shooting early next year. She will be producing it.

REMINDER: I Love Money 4 - EPISODE 7 Airs Tonight

Episode 7 Airs Tonight

I can't believe we are now up to episode 7 already. This show is going by too fast. 

Bret Michaels: Life As I Know It: Episode 2 Recap

Bret Michaels: Life As I Know It - Episode 2 Recap

Bret's back out on the road and showing no signs of slowing down despite girlfriend Kristi's concerns for his health. Things get hectic when he makes a pit stop back at home and has to switch gears from rocker to Poppa Rocka. When his parenting hits a sour note with his daughters, Bret finds out being a dad isn't as easy as playing sold out concerts to thousands of adoring fans.

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