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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

My Big Friggin Wedding's Sandra Says Her Husband Is NOT An Animal

Sandra from My Big Friggin Wedding (which I don't care for anymore) is complaining in her blog about the way her husband Joey is being portrayed on the show. She says she is "it makes her sick" to see the way VH1 edit her husband.

Her statement:
I really can’t stand the way my HUSBAND (yup SURPRISE!) has been portrayed on this show. Literally makes me sick. My love of my life, my EVERYTHING, is portrayed as an animal. Well let me tell you something, he is far from it. Joey has been my life line. That whole soul mate thing is true. Whatever it takes, he makes sure it better than 100% for me. Did you know he literally GAVE me our wedding? Yup, he worked his ASS off to make sure his girl had the wedding of her dreams.”

I don't get it. These people choose to do a reality show and this goes for anyone that does a reality show. Of course these networks are going to edit you to  look a certain way for drama and ratings. So if you don't want people to think badly of you, then do not do a reality show.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Exclusive 'My Big Friggin' Wedding' Interview: Mrs Meatballs

If you're a fan of Jersey Shore and you haven't checked out Executive Producer SallyAnn Salsano's latest UNICO-angering venture, My Big Friggin' Wedding, set your DVRs to Monday nights at 9 on VH1 now.
In the meantime, get to know down-to-earthnewlywed mom Megin, who gave birth to the couple's first son (and her second) in last night's episode. In this exclusive Stir interview, Megin promises "craziness all around" for her and Johnny Meatballs, as well as the other featured (and arguably more dysfunctional) couples.

It's been several weeks since MBFWstarted airing. How has your life changed, if at all, because of the show?
 I get a ton of friend requests on Facebooknow, but that's about it. I'm not a celebrity orAngelina Jolie; I was simply a bride-to-be who agreed to be filmed planning the wedding of my dreams Jersey-style. I don't let being on TV get to my head. I'm still a mom first and foremost, daughter, sister, and companion.

Planning a wedding can be super stressful. I can't even imagine doing it pregnant! How did you deal? Any advice for other brides-to-be who are also expecting?
I'm not a planner. I change my mind a billion times just getting dressed in the morning, so you can imagine planning a wedding. I had a lot of help and advice from my friends. I was very emotional, especially being pregnant, and I took a lot of it out on Johnny. The only advice I can give to any bride planning a wedding expecting or not is you should always listen to people's advice, but it doesn't mean you have to take it in the end. It's your special day.

Agreed! Which couple on the show do you think most people can relate to? Which couple do you think is the most outrageous?
I can only speak for Johnny and me, but our storyline goes far beyond planning a wedding. This past year was the most emotional year I've had between having a baby, planning a wedding, starting a business — it was a lot to deal with — and I think people can appreciate that raw honesty. I've only met the other couples one time at a photo shoot and I can tell you we are all pretty outrageous and crazy. Ya kinda have to agree to having cameras follow you around!

Can you give us a couple teasers on what's ahead for the couples of MBFW?
I can tell you that each episode will be more intense as the big day gets closer. The show is going to be insane. Besides the normal tanning, yelling, clubbing, there's picking the venues, finding the bridesmaid dresses, family drama ... it's a lot to fit into 10 episodes. I mean, at one point, Tammie thought she was pregnant, Sandra quit her job, I needed to have the baby in time to fit into my dress ... it's craziness all around. This is not your typical wedding show.

Finally, let's get to the important stuff: Was it the man or the meatballs that won you over?
Johnny's Meatballs are delish, but I have to say it is his charm that still gives me butterflies. You can have a taste of his meatballs (but not him!) by going to

Saturday, November 13, 2010

My Big Friggin Wedding Cast Respond To Italian Group that wants to Cancel it

My Big Friggin Wedding cast Are responding to the italian UNICO critic, which wants to cancel the show. This group feels like the show is racist on all sorts of levels.

Here’s Johnny’s take:
“Mr. Andre DiMino should find something to occupy his time with rather than calling for cancellations of TV shows which he feels are ‘racist.’ He calls me a ‘celebrity wannabe.’ Is he a wannabe entertainment critic, a wannabe Italian Al Sharpton, or both? He should focus his efforts into actually making UNICO relevant within the young Italian-American community, instead of blindly bashing anything a young Italian-American does!!! I guarantee Mr. DiMino would change his tune about me and my family if he actually got to know us and what we are all about!!! Evidently he does not follow my blogs or my YouTube videos or know about any of the multiple, positive endeavors which I’m involved in—including my thriving self-made food business. Maybe if he did this, he might see that I actually bring something of substance to the table and am not just looking for a quick ‘15 minutes of fame.’ OK, rant over. Back to cooking meatballs.”

And here’s what Tammie has to say on the matter:
“I think they’re bored and they need to get a life. I think they’re looking for another show to target, since Jersey Shore isn’t airing right now. They just need something to talk about. In the show’s defense, it isn’t like the Jersey Shore at all. The show isn’t all Italians. [Her fiance] Danny’s Haitian heritage is embraced on the show. I’m half-Greek. This show isn’t about Italians, it’s more about East Coast weddings. It’s not called My Big Friggin’ Italian Wedding; it’s called My Big Friggin’ Wedding. If they think it’s so Italian, obviously they’re not watching the show. I think if they saw it, they wouldn’t really be that offended.
I don’t think that we’re low-class. Everyone’s different on the show. I’m no bimbo. I’m actually a very smart individual. The show has only aired two episodes, so to judge it off of that is ballsy. Once you get to my wedding, you’ll see it’s very classy. Danny’s very classy. So, I guess what I’d say to UNICO is: watch the whole show and then we can talk. I would love to sit down with these people, whoever they are. Put me and UNICO in a room and we’d have a nice discussion. But they would never win with me.”  - via

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

New Jersey Wants Vh1 to Cancel My Big Friggin Wedding


FAIRFIELD — Complaining that the show "My Big Friggin' Wedding" is nothing more than a "big racist stereotype of Italian-Americans," Unico National calls upon the Cable network VH1 to cancel its show, according to the Associated Press.
Unico's Andre DiMino warns that if VH1 doesn't respond, he'll start contacting advertisers with the organization's complaints, says the AP.
The reality show about couples making wedding plans has some cast members who are Italian-American. It began airing last month.
Unico National also protested cable programs "The Sopranos" and "Jersey Shore" because of similar complaints  - via

Saturday, November 6, 2010 Reviews My Big Friggin' Wedding

Everybody was buzzing about this "My Big Fat Friggin' Fabulicious, Frickin' Amazing Wedding" show so I was like, "Hey my life is already pretty much in New Jersey, what's another hour."
So I checked a repeat of the first episode, and whoa...this is effing GOLDEN!!! Where do you even start? I mean, you've got knocked up Megin and her Johnny, what's not to love about a guy who goes by the name "Meatballs"???
Matt and Amanda are pretty interchangeable with Sandra and Joey at this point. Give me another episode and I'll be able to tell them apart.
Tammie and Danny are the interracial couple with the huge age difference. She's a legend of Long Island or something, and Danny's the checkbook. But they really have the only interesting story on this show so far.
But my personal all time favorites I just know are going to be the drunk twins, Alyssa and Tyler. They're the ones with the three year old and are getting married, just cuz...what-evuh...who cay-uhs...we want a party. A classy type one. I love it. Got the house, the car, the kid...NOW lets get married. I'll never understand that.Why bother now? Sure it's tehz geyz ruining the sanctity of marriage. Of course it is.
But what I love about them and what is so full of win is that everybody is drunk all the time! I also love that Alyssa's mom is like..what...35? And the step dad is all slurring and falling off the couch, spilling his beer?
Oh if that's not a reality TV gift from sweet baby Jesus himself, I don't know what is.
Ok, so I'm in they had me at everybody having "Friggin" by their names. Friggin' Johnny, Friggin' Grandma...oh it's just so full of win, I'm almost weeping. So of course,I'll recap this mess! It'll fill the void of RHOA moving to Sunday nights. Are you going to watch My Big Friggin' Wedding?

Friday, November 5, 2010

Chelsea Handler Talks About My Big Friggin Wedding

Chelsea Handler regularly credits reality TV for reminding her of her New Jersey roots, the latest appreciation went to the New Jersey cast on ‘My Big Friggin' Wedding.’
So what about these couples and their families has Chelsea so friggin' jealous? See video to the right!
Watch a sneak peek of ‘My Big Friggin’ Wedding’here!
Watch ‘My Big Friggin’ Wedding’ on VH1 Mondays 9/8c.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

My Big Friggin Wedding's Danny and Tammie Attacked For Being An Interracial Couple


I think it's sad that interracial couples STILL get attacked by other people in the year of 2010. That's what is going on with Danny and Tammie from My Big Friggin Wedding. They are the only interracial o the show. According to just as soon as the show premiered Tammie received a nasty message on her facebook page by someone name "Susan Wilson" 

The message said:  "Another N***** lover How Disgusting!" 

The couple's attorney is tracking down the person who said that. They believe that "Susan Wilson" is not the person's real name. Tammie told TMZ  "Why would anyone care if the love of my life is not the same race as me. He's my prince charming no matter what background he is!"

Thursday, October 28, 2010

My Big Friggin Wedding - Premiere Sneak Peak

Here is the episode 1 sneak peek of My Big Friggin Wedding. Which airs Monday Nov. 1st at 9:PM. Jersey shore producers produced this show. I guess VH1 thinks this show will be a success because it is produced by the same people who produced Jersey Shore. Hmmmm lets see.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

New wedding show coming to VH1 has announce their newest wedding that will air Monday Nov. 1st. It's called "My Big Friggin Wedding" and VH1 has high hopes for this shows because it is produced by the same folks who produced MTV's Jersey Shore. This show has been described a cross between Jersey Shore and Bridzillas. Good combination right?


The producers of Jersey Shore have done it again, capturing the over-the-top personalities of five East Coast couples, two from Long Island and three from New Jersey, as they each plan the wedding of their dreams on the new VH1 series My Big Friggin’ Wedding.  In this 10 episode docu-series, cameras will follow the stress and drama of five couples and their families as they prepare to tie the knot…or not. Throughout the weeks leading up to their nuptials, these couples will battle their families, friends and each other to work out all the details of their “big day.” Whether the drama is about smoke machines and lasers at the reception or signing a last minute prenuptial agreement, these couples will stop at nothing to throw the most friggin’ over-the-top party of their lives – but at what cost to their relationships? My Big Friggin Wedding premieres Monday, November 1 at 9:00 PM.

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