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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

New Poll: Best VH1 Star Musician

We've came accross some VH1 stars that are musicians in the past. Back on Flavor Of Love we've seen Krazy promoting her.... singing career and then we saw Deelishis outshining Krazy when she sang at her date with Flavor Flav. Deelishis did a music video call Rumpshaker vack in 2007. Then on Rock of love we saw Lacey & Daisy. Lacey did a song called "A Little Thing Called Love" and Daisy has released numorous of songs as well. Then we have Real & Chance they promote themselves as The Stallionaires. We also have il Hood little rap on For The Love Of Ray-J, then we have Dre P & Leah from Tool Academy 2 and Sinister from daisy of love.

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