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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Poll: 'Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta" Is The Best VH1 Show of 2013

Best VH1 Show of 2013

Poll:  You guys voted in the end of the year poll the best VH1 show of 2013 and no suprise 'Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta wins with 31% of your votes. 

"Hit The Floor" is the runner-up

Sunday, November 25, 2012

VH1acces End Year Polls: Best Female VH1 Reality star of 2012- Joseline Wins!

Best VH1 Female reality of 2012

Joseline Wins!

Joseline- 40%
Big Ang- 33%
Evelyn/Drita- 13%

You guys voted for Joseline as the Best VH1 Female Reailty of 2012. 

Friday, November 2, 2012

VH1 Releases Statement On 'Basketball Wives LA' Firing Rumors

VH1 Release Statement

VH1 has released a statement regarding the rumors that four out of the six wives from 'Basketball Wives LA' will be fired. As of now the firings are not true.

'The time has come to set the record straight. We can officially tell you all that despite the widespread reports, none of them are true. There have been absolutely no casting decisions made regarding the next season of the show.'

Brooke Bailey has also dismiss the firings as rumors in a video. However, in a recent  TMZ video, Gloria Govan  says she is convinced that will get fired fro the show because her husband, Matt Barnes, refused to be on this season . 

Poll Results

In our poll results, just by 1 percent, your guys want the show to be revamped. 

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Poll Results: Which VH1 Couple Show Will You Watch? 70% Voted Jim & Chrissy

Jim and Chrissy- 70%
Chad and Evelyn- 30%

I made a poll asking which VH1 couple spin off show will you be tuning in. Chad and Evelyn will having their own called Ev and Ocho this fall and Jim and Chrissy from Love and Hip Hop  is rumored to have their own show as well. 70% of you would rather watch Jim and Chrissy's show over Chad and Evelyn.

Poll Results: Do You Think Evelyn Is A Bully? 72% voted YES

Do You Think Evelyn Is A Bully?

YES- 72%
NO- 27%

Part of the boycott controversy, I made a poll asking if Evelyn  really bully and 72% voted yes , while 27% voted no. 

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Poll Results: Who If Your Favorite Basketball Wife? / Tami Wins

Poll Results:
Who Is Your Favorite Basketball Wife?

Tami- 60%
Shaunie/Meeka- 2%

You guys have voted and 60% of you voted Tami Roman is your favorite Basketball Wife. Evelyn comes in second place with 16%

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Poll Results: Do You Like VH1's New Show "Famous Food" | NO 60%/YES 39%

Poll Results:

Did You Like VH1's New Show "Famous Food"?

NO- 60%
YES- 39%

Weeks ago VH1's newest show "Famous Food" which is produced by 51 minds premiered on VH1. I created a poll to see what if you guys enjoyed it. Most you guys thought that the show was pretty boring. 60% voted no, while only 39% voted yes.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

New Poll: Who Is Your Favorite Basketball Wife?

New Poll:
Who Is Your Favorite Basketball Wife?

"Basketball Wives" has become one of VH1's most popular shows since the dating show era. So who is your favorite Basketball Wife? Is it Tami? Suzie? Evelyn? Jennifer? VOTE NOW

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Poll Results: Do You Like "Single Ladies" || 56% YES/43% NO

Poll Results

Do You Like Single Ladies?

YES- 56%
No- 43%

"Single Ladies" debuted weeks ago and I created a poll to see if you guys enjoyed the new show and thought it was boring. We received over 100 votes, it was a tight race. 56% thought the show was really good but 43% thought it was boring.

New polls will be added soon.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Poll Results: "Do You Want The "Wives" Show Trend To End?

Do You Want The "Wives" Show Trend To Stop?

With "Basketball Wives", Football Wives" and now "Mob Wives" VH1 has created yet another succussful  trend since the dating show era. It was recently announced that "Wrestler Wives" will be in the works as well. So do you think VH1 will go overvoard with  these "wives" shows and want it to stop?

YES- 60%
No- 40%

Sixty percent of you guys want the trend to stop while only forty percent don't mind it at all.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Poll Results: Who Will Win RuPaul Drag Race 3?

Raja- 100%
Manila- 0%
Alexis Meteo- 0%

The season of finale of RuPaul Drag Race will tomorrow night on Logo and Tuesday night on VH1. You guys think Raja will win season 3. We shall see.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Poll Results: Will You Be watching Mob Wives?

Will You Be Watching Mob Wives?

YES- 60%

VH1;s most anticipated show "Mob Wives" will be premiering this Sunday at 8:PM so I made a poll asking you guys if you will be watching it. The vote is almost a split, 60% voted yes but 40% voted no.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Poll Results: do you want a Tionna Smalls show?

Poll Results:
Do you want a Tionna Smalls Show?

YES- 62%

Last month Tionna Smalls from What Chilli Wants was asked if she was getting her own show and she tweeted "maybe:" so i made a poll to see if you would want a spin off show featuring Tionna Smalls and it seems like you guys do! 62% voted yes

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Poll results: Should Hoopz Do Basketball Wives?

Poll Results:
Should Hoopz Do Basketball Wives?

With Hoopz being engaged to Shaq who is basically Shaunie's ex-husband, I created a poll asking should Hoopz be on Basketball wives since she will be a basketball wife herself. 

YES- 85%

and most of you voted yes, she should do Basketballs Wives. I think she should too. It would bring a lot more drama to the show, especially with her and Shaunie.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

POLL RESULTS: Do You Want VH1 To Do I love Money 5?

New Polls:
Do You Want VH1 To Do I Love Money 5

YES- 96%
NO- 34%

This was out most voted poll ever. total of 147 people have voted.  Out of the 147 people, 142 have voted yes , they want to see another season of I Love Money 5 with 96% of your votes.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

POLL RESULTS: Did You Like The Premiere Of Basketball Wives 2?

Poll Results:
Did You Like The Premiere Of Basketball Wives 2?

NO - 59%
YES- 40%

You guys have voted and 59% of you did not enjoy the premiere of Basketball Wives 2.

Episode 2 airs tonight at 8:PM

Saturday, December 11, 2010

POLL RESULTS: Did You Like The Premiere Of Celebrity Rehab 4?

Did You Like The Premiere Of Celebrity Rehab 4?

YES!- 52%
No!- 47%

Last week Celebrity Rehab 4 premiered with two episodes. It scored 1.2 million viewers.  The voting was very close but 52% loved the premiere. While 47% did not

Saturday, December 4, 2010

POLL RESULTS: Do YOU Want A Show About Chad and Evelyn?

Do YOU Want A Show With Chad and Evelyn?

NO! - 72%
YES! - 16%
Um Maybe - 11%

Last month TMZ reported that VH1 is offering Chad and Evelyn their own spin off show about their engagement . So I created poll to see if you guys would want to see that. Well by a landslide 72% voted NO! you do not want to see a show about them. 16% voted yes and 11% of you guys are not sure.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

POLL RESULTS: Who Do You Think Will Win I Love Money 4?

Poll Results:
Who Do You Think Will Win I Love Money 4?

Mindy - 60%
Brooklyn - 17%
Hot Wings - 15%
Punsiher- 7%

You guys think that Mindy will sin season 4 of I love Money with 60% of your votes.

Finale Airs Tonight At 9PM (eastern time)

Saturday, November 27, 2010

I Love Money 4 - Episode 11 Recap + POLL


I Love Money 4 - Episode 11 Recap

We are now down to the final 6. 6 Gauge, Hot Wings, Brittanya, Punisher, Brooklyn and Mindy. Two people went home on this episode. Hot Wings got into an argument with Mindy after she cussed Mindy out in the last elimination. Mindy fells like Hot Wings is too immature to be here. Hot Wings thinks Mindy makes herself to be "too perfect."

This weeks challenge was of the funniest challenges on I Love Money history. The challenge had to eat a lot of food ands whoever GAINS more weight wins. Only on I Love Money where you have a challenge to gain weight lol. Before doing the challenge , the players weighed themselves on a scale. The challenge was also gross some of them puked because they ate too much. Whoever was the dead last loser was going to be eliminated and that person was Brittanya. So her check got void because she gained the least amount of weight. Punisher ended up winning...again.  

So with Brittanya gone, there were five players left. One more person had to go home. 6 Gauge and Brooklyn decided to let Punisher pick who should be at the strong box, which I thought was dumb. At vault Mindy decided to make plea while the others did not say anything. She said for one time only she wanted to not be in the box, since she has been in the box so many times. Punisher was impressed because she was the only one that spoke up while the others were quiet. So she was save and because Hot Wings, Brooklyn and 6 Gauge did not say anything they were put in the strong box.

At the power outing Punisher had no idea who he going save and eliminate. He told them that he wants to win this money and he sick and tired of their sob stories on why they needed the money. He also treated them like slaves by pampering him lol Hot Wings felt like she was going to go home since Brooklyn and 6 gauge were his buddies. 

That wasn't the case, at the elimination. Punisher eliminated 6 Gauge and CJ voided his check. He kept Hot Wings because she was on his team. So next week will be the finale.

Who Will Win I Love Money 4?
Finale Wednesday December 1st, 2010 @ 9PM

Final 4

Hot Wings


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