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Sunday, June 27, 2010

The OCD Project- Episode 5 Recap


Episode 5 of The OCD Project aired Thursday night. Here is a recap of what happened.
They all had a group meeting with David and David revealed the performance scores. Everyone went down since being there, except for Kevin. He increased which isn't good.

He was pissed off about it. David revealed to them that there will be going to a haunted hospital which one of the highest death rated. Each patient had a session with David in the hospital. David took Cody into this room that had writing in the wall since he was afraid of becoming someone else.

He then took Traci into a morgue. He a picture of her son and she had to put his picture inside as morgue. She was terrified since her fear was death. But she did it. With Arine he took her tot he hallway and on the floor I don't know what it was but it looked drops of blood and he made her touch it and rubbed it around her clothes and face.

Kevin was the most difficult one. He took him into this room and had to perform a hex. He had to reapeat "I want to got he hell" over and over.  Once David, Kevin then said "I didn't mean it" and he messed on that. David made him go back and made him undo it, Which raised a lot of concerns if this was the right program for Kevin.

David made Jerry take his knife and used Arine as bait to see if he had urges to kill her ( yeah creepy) he did not do thing, which was a good thing. Oh yeah Jerry withdrawn from everyone for 2+ hours. Without speaking.

Once they returned home. David told Kevin that he isn't sure if this program was right with him. Which left him pissed off. 

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