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Thursday, June 24, 2010

You're Cut Off- Episode 4 Recap

You're Cut Off- Episode 3 Recap

Episode 3 of You're Cut Off aired last night on VH1. Here is what happened. Last week Jackie won V.I.P so this week she was in charge assigning the girls chores. Jessica, Chrissy and Gia were still in bed and did not do their chores, which left Jackie pissed off.

This weeks challenge was a fashion show. Laura Baron wanted he girls to know that they do not have spend so much money on stuff to look great. Sam Saboura was one of the this weeks guest stars. He asked the girls how much they spend on their purses and clothes. Chrissy, not even paying attention was looking at her mirror throughout the whole time Sam was talking and was rude to him as well. He tested them out by guessing what is expensive and what is cheap they had the male models bing out clothes, jewelry and champagne. He assigned them into groups of three with a male model and they had to shop at discounts which Jessica said "ew" LOL.

The groups were: Pam ,Erica and Amber in Team 1. Chrissy, Leanne and Jackie in Team 2 and Gia, Courtnee and Jessica in Team 3. Perez Hilton was one of the judges. The first team came out and Erica slipped and her crotch was ecposed lol.

The team that won was Team 3 which was Jessica, Gia and Courtnee. The judges thought Team 2 looked too cheap which Chrissy was pissed about. Back home Laura left them another note which said their budgetw as lowered about Gia, Jessica and Chirssy did not do their chores. So Jackie, Jessica. Leamme went food shopping with a budget of 125 dollars.

There was also a lot of drama this week with Erica and Jessica. Jessica was drunk and slipped in the kitchen and Erica called trashy by saying "I hate trashy people" which Jessica was pissed off about. Everyone was against Erica, Leanne called her a "laughing stock" int he house. Erica called her fat and that she needed botox. Later she apologized and Leanne revealed that that comment hurt her because she had a disorder.

At the end of the episode everyone passed except for Chrissy, Jessica and Erica. Chrissy was once again rude. She put on lip gloss and was looking in the mirror while Laura was speaking.  She then said "Can I Be Excused" Honestly I do not think that Chrissy is going to make it to graduation. Jessica was pissed off that she did not pass this week. 

NOTE: I am going to be doing an interview with Jessica. The interview should be up soon. You're Cut Off is now going to air Mondays at 9:PM starting June 28th.

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