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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Famous Food and Ton Of Cash- Episode Recaps

Famous Food- Episode 8 Recap

Summary Of Episode 8
The Team is put to the test when Scott drops the ball on the design forcing them to seek alternative measures. And with time running out before the opening of the restaurant, it's make or break for Juicy as he's run out of chances with Mike and Lonnie putting his partner DJ Paul in a tough position.

Ton Of Cash- Episode 2 Recap

Summary Of Episode 2

Summary Of Episode 2 Recap
After a grueling first week, the harsh realities of the game are beginning to set in, and it has become clear that, in order to survive, you need to show the team that you are here for one reason only: to move a ton of cash. With Chuck being  financial advisor motivated by revenge, things don't go as planned. When the dust settles, someone needs to take the fall, but no one is willing to admit his or her mistakes. Tempers flare, accusations fly, and tears are shed when it comes time to narrow down the bottom three. Will vendetta rule? Or will the team band together and weed out the weak.

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