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Monday, October 22, 2012

Other Reality News: Danielle Staub NOT Returning To 'Real Housewives Of New Jersey'

Photo: Joe Kohen/Getty Images North America)

Danielle Staub NOT Returning

In other reality news, Danielle Staub won't be returning to 'Real Housewives of New Jersey' despite her meeting she had with Bravo early this week.  A source tells TMZ there is no way the producers will bring her back after she was fired back in 2010. Danielle has appeared on several other profects such VH1's 'Famous Food' in 2010. 

Sunday, August 26, 2012

'Famous Food' Star Ashley Dupre Is In Engaged and Pregnant

Ashley Dupre , who is best known for being the former Spitzer call girl and a cast member on VH1's Famous Food has announced that she is engaged and pregnant.

She has announced to NYpost that she is seven months pregnant and engaged to Thomas Earle, who is the New Jersey asphalt scion. 

“On the record, yes, I can confirm I’m almost seven months,”  “I can’t tell you when the wedding date is just yet.”

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Update on The VH1's Famous Food Restaraunt 'Lemon Basket'

Three 6 Mafia members Juicy J and DJ Paul who were on VH1's Famous Food give an update on the restaruant.

"We closed it down because the location wasn't right," DJ Paul explained to The Juice. The location was smack-dab in the heart of Hollywood nightlife, on L.A.'s famed Sunset Blvd. "West Hollywood wouldn't give us valet parking. Everybody had to go down the street to park and the building was upstairs, it was too much. Anybody that knows about Sunset Blvd. [knows that] it's $20 to park on the weekends, so we're not going to [make customers] do that. It was too much for us. We're looking for a new location right now." 

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Famous Food- Finale Recap

Famous Food- Finale Recap

Summary Of The Finale
It's the night they've all been waiting for. Finally, after all of their hard work Mike and Lonnie will chose a partner. Yet with mistakes made during the previous night, one potential partner makes a shocking decision and it turn's into anyone's game.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

"Famous Food" Restaurant Was Closed Due To Cockroach Infestation

"Famous Food" Restaurant Re-Opens

Lemon Basket which is name of restaurant on "Famous Food" was closed due to a problem with cockroaches. TMZ reports that the restaurant will be re-open tonight.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Famous Food and Ton Of Cash- Episode Recaps

Famous Food- Episode 9 Recap

This Wednesday is the finale. We will find out who will win.

Summary Of Episode 9
After a grueling 28 days the restaurant is open to friends and family for a trial run but as the first guests begin to arrive the night quickly turns to chaos as guests start complaining and equipment starts breaking. Can the team pull together to make this night a success or is the Lemon Basket at risk of never opening to the public?

Ton Of Cash- Episode 3 Recap

Summary Of Episode 3
Twelve people remain on a quest to win big money, but some are concerned about apolarizing team member still being in the game. The team's next test requires them tohaul the money through obstacles on a bridge in Downtown Los Angeles. Meanwhile,one contestant asserts her dominant personality and targets another for eliminationcausing an argument of epic proportions. Will her plan succeed, or will she put a target on her own back?

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Famous Food and Ton Of Cash- Episode Recaps

Famous Food- Episode 8 Recap

Summary Of Episode 8
The Team is put to the test when Scott drops the ball on the design forcing them to seek alternative measures. And with time running out before the opening of the restaurant, it's make or break for Juicy as he's run out of chances with Mike and Lonnie putting his partner DJ Paul in a tough position.

Ton Of Cash- Episode 2 Recap

Summary Of Episode 2

Summary Of Episode 2 Recap
After a grueling first week, the harsh realities of the game are beginning to set in, and it has become clear that, in order to survive, you need to show the team that you are here for one reason only: to move a ton of cash. With Chuck being  financial advisor motivated by revenge, things don't go as planned. When the dust settles, someone needs to take the fall, but no one is willing to admit his or her mistakes. Tempers flare, accusations fly, and tears are shed when it comes time to narrow down the bottom three. Will vendetta rule? Or will the team band together and weed out the weak.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Famous Food- Episode 7 Recap

Famous Food- Episode 7 Recap

Summary Of Episode 7
Things are going from bad to worse when the team is hit with news that threatens to destroy all the work they've done. When Juicy is out of control and Ashley is missing in action Mike and Lonnie send a message that both may get them thrown out of the competition for good.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Celebrity Rehab 5 and Famous Food - Episode Recaps

Celebrity Rehab 5- Episode 7 Recap

Summary Of Episode 7
The patients are still reeling from an emotional family weekend, and Dr. Drew does his best to help the group learn from the experience. Amy and her husband Lou meet with Dr. Drew to discuss her adult film career, and Michael Lohan has an explosive argument with Kate Major 
that nearly gives him a heart attack, and almost gets him arrested.

Famous Food- Episode 6 Recap

Summary Of Episode 6
After being beaten down by everyone on the team, Danielle vows to come back with a vengeance and doesn't care who gets in her way. Jake tries to put Scott in a corner but the tables turn when Jake is called out for making a costly mistake forcing the team to either play ball or risk the success of the restaurant.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Celebrity Rehab 5 and Famous Food - Episodes Recaps

Celebrity Rehab 5- Episode 6 Recap

Summary Of Episode 6
Dr. Drew reunites the patients and their families at Pasadena City Hall to discuss the importance loved ones play in the recovery process. Michael Lohan's ex fiancée Kate Major causes a scene when she shows up detoxing from prescription drugs, and Jessica Kiper's sister Reena confronts Jessica about abandoning her family for drugs. Later, at the Family Dinner, Amy Fisher's husband Lou and Jeremy Jackson nearly come to blows when she takes offense 
to some rude comments that were made.

Famous Food- Episode 5 Recap

Summary Of Episode 5
Danielle makes an executive decision without discussing it with the team and when some of the team members go behind her back all hell breaks loose forcing one of them to go toe to toe with Danielle. The problems don't stop there, the fire marshal pays an unexpected visit and what he tells the team threatens to destroy everything they've worked so hard for.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Famous Food Hosts Mike & Lonnie Being Sued

Mike and Lonnie Sued

The hosts of "Famous Food" are being sued for stolen money. 
"They gambled away hundreds of thousands of dollars that never belonged to them, they used some of the stolen monies to pay for sex, and they traveled the world at Arazm's and the restaurant group's expense."

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Poll Results: Do You Like VH1's New Show "Famous Food" | NO 60%/YES 39%

Poll Results:

Did You Like VH1's New Show "Famous Food"?

NO- 60%
YES- 39%

Weeks ago VH1's newest show "Famous Food" which is produced by 51 minds premiered on VH1. I created a poll to see what if you guys enjoyed it. Most you guys thought that the show was pretty boring. 60% voted no, while only 39% voted yes.

Celebrity Rehab 5 and Famous Food - Episodes Recaps

Celebrity Rehab 5- Episode 5 Recap

Summary Of Episode 5
Bai Ling becomes hysterical during an emotional process group, and later Dr. Drew discovers that she suffered horrible abuse at the hands of Chinese military generals when she was very young. Michael Lohan's ex fiancée Kate Major calls the unit repeatedly while under the influence, and although it's clearly disrupting his treatment, Michael insists that Kate attend Family Weekend and almost abandons his treatment when the staff puts a condition on her attendance. The patients pay an emotional visit to a non-profit organization that provides treatment and hope to addicts who would otherwise be forgotten.

Famous Food- Episode 4 Recap

Summary Of Episode 4
After Ashley's big fight with DJ Paul the cast is left wondering if she'll ever return, and the problems don't stop there. When the interior Designer Scott drops a bomb on the team they are left asking if he's the right man for the job. And when Jake and Danielle butt heads on the menu, things really start to heat up in the kitchen.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Famous Food's Jake Pavelka Will Join Erica Rose On "Bachelor Pad 2"

We will see more of Jake

We will see more of The Bachelor's Jake Pavelka on out television screens. He is already on VH1's "Famous Food" and he is also going to be one of the contestants on ABC's "The Bachelor Pad 2" joining "You're Cut Off's Erica Rose which will air in August. 

"Bachelor Pad 2 is going to be great. Make sure you watch to see everything that happens. I promise I wont let you down."

I wasn't really into the 1st season of the show but I will tune in to see the 2nd season since Erica Rose will be in it and Jake/Vianna. I heard their feud continues on the show. I might recap on the show. 

Spencer Pratt: I Would Have Brought Drama To Famous Food

Spencer says, “I wish I hadn’t been banned — I could have brought a new level of drama to the show!”

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Famous Food- Episode 3 Recap

Famous Food- Episode 3 Recap

"Famous Food: now airs on Wednesdays at 8:PM. Episode 3 just aired this past Wednesday.

Summary Of Episode 3
The team must find a Chef but tensions rise when Heidi steps on Danielle's toes. When Danielle's chef makes Heidi sick, the war is on. Who's chef will prevail getting the recognition from Mike and Lonnie and one step closer to being a partner? Meanwhile Ashley makes a decision that sends one of the cast members through the roof and Ashley out the door.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

VH1 Treats Danielle Staub Good

I Love Danielle Staub

"VH1 is totally, totally different. They take such good care of me, And I'm the number one [cast member] listed when they have the previews. Its' Danielle Staub."

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Celebrity Rehab 5 and Famous Food - Episodes Recaps

Celebrity Rehab 5- Episode 4 Recap

Summary Of Episode 4
Steven Adler continues his relentless and abusive verbal attack on Amy Fisher for her refusal to identify as an addict, and when he gives Dr. Drew the ultimatum "It's either her or me!", it appears as though Steven may abandon his treatment. Dwight Gooden struggles with painful feelings of guilt over the way he's neglected his children for drugs, and he makes an emotional apology to his oldest son. The patients get a somber visit from a family who has lost a child to addiction.

Famous Food- Episode 2 Recap

Danielle is gaining more enemies. Here is the recap.

Summary Of Episode 2
The celebrities struggle to find an interior designer for their themed restaurant. The group is split into two teams and the battle begins between Ashley and Danielle. Put to the test by the rest of the cast, Danielle desperately tries to keep her control over the restaurant. Will she cave under the pressure?

Friday, July 15, 2011

Famous Food Moved To Wedsnesday

An original "Famous Food" will still air this Sunday, July 17 at 10:00/9:00c before assuming the Wednesday, 8:00/7:00c slot the following week

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Danielle Staub Admires Basketball Wives & Mob Wives

If you had to go head to head with someone from one of these other shows like Mob Wives or Basketball Wives, is there someone that you think is on par with you?

D: I don’t know if I would want to piss off anyone one Mob Wives or Basketball Wives. I can’t say that I want to go toe to toe with any of them, I actually admire all of them, I know exactly what they’re going through…but I do have to say to their credit, unlike my ex-irrelevant cast, they have resolve with what they do it’s not crazy.

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