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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Mob Wives: Chicago's Leah DeSimone Returning To Reality TV

Leah Returning To Reality TV

In more news involving the women from Mob Wives Chicago. If you were a fan of Leah DeSimone from the now canceled show well you're in luck because she is returning to reality TV! The new show is called Bo$$ Ladies and will future her and other women running a bar together. Leah tells Suntimes it's also about their lifestyle and how they grew up.

Franky Forliano (from left) her sEddie Strong DanMarie Marchese Leah DeSimone Natalie Gerasimchuk Michelle Luciano hope their reality TV show
Photo: Kevin King

Other cast members include Linda Scarpa. Her father, Greg Scarpa, was the captain with New York's Colombo crime family and he was also known as "The Griim Reaper". Another cast member is Franky Forliano. She appeared on one the episodes of Mob Wives: Chicago and tells the site it will be a truthful show show on how they survived and won't give Italians a bad name. The last cast member is Michelle Luciano, who does not have any ties with mob.

Bo$$ Ladies will be nothing like Mob Wives.

Here is a photo of the show being filmed from its Fanpage

Photo: Tru Image Group on the Set of BO$$ Ladies. Chicago IL.

Mob Wives: Chicago's Pia Rizza Turns Down Porn Offer

Pia Rejects Porn Offer

Playboy rejected her pics, but a porn company called "Brazzers" was interested in her pics and offered her $100,000 to do porn.. Pia has now rejected the offer and tells TMZ that the offer is insane and porn is not in her future. 

"I am not that girl and I will not be doing porn!! I am a mother and it’s just not something I would ever do no matter how much they pay me.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

'Mob Wives: Chicago' Star Norah Schweihs Supposedly Threatens Ex- Boyfriend With Screwdriver

Norah Threatens Ex With Screwdriver?

I wish VH1 did not cancel the Chicago Mob Wives because reports came out this week Norah Schweihs threaten to kill her Calvin Klein ex boyfriend, Nick Gruber, who is in his 20's. Various sources, such as TMZ states  that she allegedly threaten to kill him with a screwdriver. According to documents, he has been living with her for past two months. He says that she is "phychotic" , drinks heavily and claims she stole his 10,000 Rolex. He filed a retraining order against her ;however, he failed to show up on Feb 5th for a court hearing and the restraining order was dropped. Norah has not commented on the allegations yet. 

I don't how true this is, but it would have an interesting season 2 if the show was renewed. 

Friday, November 30, 2012

Pia Rizza Confirms 'Mob Wives: Chicago' Cancellation

Pia Rizza Confirms Cancellation

Pia Pizza of Mob Wives: Chicago has confirmed the cancellation of the show which debuted this summer. Early this month, Leah tweeted that the show was canceled but it was unconfirmed at the time

Pia says:

“I guess I have to go back to work,”  said the single mom, whose gig on the cable series led to an endorsement deal with Cold Steel Vodka. “Where that’s going to go I have no idea because I don’t have the show.”

Thursday, July 5, 2012

AfterBuzz TV Interviews Pia Rizza Of 'Mob Wives: Chicago'

Pia Rizza of Mob Wives: Chicago called to discuss about the show and her life. She says that Jennifer Razaino (Renee's sister) has helped her through her personal struggles. 

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Renee Fecarotta Says She Didn't Want To Do 'Mob Wives: Chicago'

Renee of Mob Wives: Chicago recently appeared on Fred's Neighborhood and that she originally did not want to do the show.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Mob Wives: Chicago's Nora Schweihs With 23 Year Old Actor Michael Evers

Nora Schweihs and Michael Evers in Chicago - June 21, 2012
Photo Credit: RealityAired

Is Nora a cougar? She was spotted with 23 year old actor Michael Evers from Hawaii Five O. She tweeted  this picture.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

'Mob Wives: Chicago' Stars Renee and Nora Sued By Their Manager

Renee and Nora Sued

Nora and Renee of  Mob Wives: Chicago have been sued by their manager Nick Celozzi, Jr. He says his talent company has landed them a spot on the show. Both women agreed to pay him 15% of episode of their VH1 paycheck witch is  $6,000 per show. He eniitled $900 from each woman. However, Nora has paid him $500 and Renee has paid him $900. According to RealiyTea  he wants to recover $9000 owed by each woman and legal costs.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Mob Wives: Chicago Films at a resturaunt brings Verbal Attacks

Mob Wives Chicago logo

The Mob Wives Chicago cast are getting verbal attacks from an Italian american leader for filming around different business. He will protest to any business who lets them film in their locations. Elm wood park business owner allows the cast to film in his restaurant because he is friends with one of them.
“It’s entertainment,” said Rich Mazzullo, owner of Baciami! Restaurant and Bar. “If people don’t like it, don’t watch it.”
Mazzullo said the majority of the filming involved cast member Leah DeSimone having lunch with her father, William “Wolf” DeSimone, who VH1 bills as an “associate” of The Outfit. Leah DeSimone is an X-ray and nail technician who lives with her dad on Taylor Street in Chicago’s Little Italy.“Leah is a friend of mine,” Mazzullo said. “She is trying to help me and I was trying to help her. The least of our problems in this country, state, city or town is ‘Mob Wives,’” he said. “There are a lot bigger things going on than to go after a guy who was promoting his business.” 

Monday, April 2, 2012

Mob Wives Chicago Films in Riverdale Marina

"Mob Wives" to Take Over Riverdale Marina

It is confirmed that Mob Wives Chicago will film in Riverdale Marina this thursday to film some scenes. The place recently also got a makeover so the owners are so happy to have the show filmed there. If you stop Tweet some pictures of the cast for me.

"We love it, we think it's Christmas in April," partner Sean Howard says. "Given the fact that we recently purchased the venue and put $1 million worth of renovations into it, this will be a great boost in business us and the entire area.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Mob Wives Chicago Interview With Nora


Mob Wives fan site catches up with  Nora on of the Mob Wives Chicago cast member. Tune in June to see all the drama unfold. 

From what you have seen of the show, Mob Wives, is there anyone you feel you relate to?

Absolutely not. I met Jenn and we talked. I am extremely excited to tell my story, to tell the truth. The media destroyed my father. He was a businessman and an amazing person. I was his princess. This show is a chance for me to talk about my dad and make people see him through my eyes; to make him shine. He was a wonderful person and not just my father, but my best friend. I took care of him after he had his quadruple bypass surgery. I'm grateful we had that time together. 

Without revealing too much, which of the cast members, if any, do you have issues or drama with on the show?

I really don’t have issues with anyone on the show. I only have issues with people who do something to me that is really drastic. Otherwise, I walk away from people who are opinionated and judgmental. I have no time for drama. Besides that, I was raised not to make a spectacle of yourself in public. But, don’t push me to the limit, because if you do, you are going to find that I’m not a very nice person. If you “hit me deep” I am going to have a reaction in self defense. 

Was is a difficult decision for you to join the cast of Mob Wives Chicago?

I would have to say I relate the most to Renee (Graziano) and then I found out I really knew Renee in the past when our fathers were in prison together.  I think Renee and I had similar backgrounds, raise with the same morals and grew up the same way. I see more of myself in her. Renee and Jennifer are the only ones I knew personally.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Executive Producer Jenn Graziano Reveals how each Mob Wife was casted

Interview with Complex Jenn reveals how each cast member got casted. Jenn also revealed her other projects she is casting in alot of different cities. Mob Wives chicago airs June.

When it comes to this show, the original Mob Wives, you’ve known the women for years, and obviously Renee’s your sister. But how did the casting process go. How did you settle on exactly who was going to star?

Well, I’ve gotta be honest: I cast Renee last. Truthfully, I always knew that she would be on the cast, but based on all the torture she put me through over my life, I decided to play with her a little bit. She would come to me, like, “Can I at least just do the wardrobe? I’m a stylist, can I at least just do the styling for the show? Like, do the make-up?” And I’m like, “Yeah, I’ll think about it, don’t worry,” ultimately knowing that she was going to be a star of the show.
First and foremost, I think that people are voyeuristic by nature, and they always want to get a look into somebody else’s life.
And Drita, I’ve been quote-unquote Drita’s manager since we were about 20-years-old, and I’ve always said to her, “I’m going to put you on TV one day,” never knowing that I myself would be a producer or a creator, just knowing and thinking that she had TV potential and qualities. So she was definitely one of the first people I had in mind for this. Karen, of course, the huge background and the family name, a friend of mine since I’m 13. Actually, I had Ramona in mind for Season One, but she couldn’t do the show because she had some personal and legal issues precluding her from participation, so I said to her let me know when that’s all cleared away and we’ll think about it for another season.

And then Carla, I was looking for that kind of quiet to the storm. She’s a little bit more laidback than the rest of the girls, that kind of person that balances out the rest of the cast, that’s not exactly the same but a little different, with a sexy look, and I remembered Carla who was actually Renee’s friend throughout the years because they grew up together since I think 17 years old. I ran into Carla at a family member’s party and I approached her about it and thought she’d be perfect. That perfect calm to the storm.

What about Ang?
Ang! Ang was definitely on my mind from Season One, as well. Ang, basically, is a family friend; she’s my oldest sister’s best friend and my aunt’s best friend, and I knew that she was a little bit older. She knows Drita from growing up around the bars and the neighborhood, but the connection is really through Renee, so my goal for Ang was really to build the Mob Wives franchise first with the women who had the four closest relationships, always knowing that I was going to put Ang in the mix, and knowing that she only has that Renee connection, really. She’s a little bit older than the other women... et me build this franchise first, get it to where it’s successful, and then bring Ang and really make a splash.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Jennifer Graziano Speaks on Casting Mob Wives Chicago

Jennifer speaks on the Casting process to New York Post.

“I talked to a couple of family friends I had in Chicago and asked for some introductions. It turns out I did know a couple of the girls,” Graziano says. Like Nora Schweihs, whose father was in the same prison as Graziano’s. “We used to see [Nora] on visits. When my sister, Renee — she knows Nora well — and I used to visit she’d be there and my dad and her dad were friendly. We used to go to the [prison] yard with my father and wave and we didn’t realize we were also waving to Nora’s dad until this [casting] process. She said, ‘Don’t you remember me?’ It was really cool to realize that.” From there, the cast took shape through connections of Nora’s and beyond. Graziano explains that there’s a difficulty casting a show like this though. “This is definitely not the kind of show you can put a casting call out for. It’s a very quiet and selective process. It’s really based on relationships, and no one is going to trust a casting director walking into a city and saying, ‘Hey, we’re casting a mob show.’”

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Mob Wives Chicago Star Christina Scoleri Hottest mom in America Video

Different video camera in hopes of becoming the “Hottest Mom In America!”

Mob Wives Chicago Cast Sneak Peek Pictures

Sneak Peek Picture of the Mob Wives Chicago it looks like the filming of the opening intro. Which song would you like to hear for the spin off?
Nora Schweihs

Christina Scoleri and Renee Fecarotta Russo

Leah DeSimone

Renee Fecarotta Russo

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Mob Wives Chicago Cast Revealed

Press Release about the show.

"Mob Wives Chicago" follows the lives of five women allegedly connected to "The Outfit," Chicago's version of the Mob, as they bear the cross for the sins of their Mob-associated fathers. With lives that are right off the pages of a story book, each woman has chosen her own way to live her life in the city that was once home to Al Capone, sometimes in spite of and many times because of who her father is. Along the way these women battle their friends, families and each other as they try to do what's best for themselves and their children. But ultimately, it is the ghost of their fathers they battle, living and dead, as they try to overcome and persevere in the face of these men's notorious legacies.
The Cast:

RENEE FECAROTTA RUSSO: Renee is a strong independent businesswoman who was raised by her uncle, "Big John" Fecarotta, following the death of her father. An alleged loan collector and hit man for "The Outfit," Fecarotta was Renee's mentor and best friend until being gunned down by fellow mobster Nick Calabrese. Fiercely loyal to his memory, Renee still abides by the "code": never associate with rats...take it to the grave. 
NORA SCHWEIHS: Nora is back in Chicago to take care of some unfinished business. Nora's father, Frank "The German" Schweihs, was reputed to be one of the most notorious hit men for the Mob. Schwiehs, whose alleged "hits" were not limited to the Mob, has long been rumored to be responsible for the death of Marilyn Monroe. Shortly after his death in 2008, the government confiscated his remains before he could be properly buried. Nora has returned to Chicago to learn the whereabouts of his body. Despite growing up hearing stories of his viciousness and brutality, Nora idolized her father and she continues to defend him... even to his grave. 
PIA RIZZA: Pia may have a mouth like a trucker, but she's spoken zip about her father since she was a little girl. Vincent Rizza was a dirty Chicago cop who worked for the Mob, testified against the Mob and then went into the Witness Protection Program. Pia has struggled all her life to hide from the shame of having a "rat" for a father. It's been especially difficult to avoid the judgments and finger pointing in a town that celebrates the folk heroes and glory days of the Mob. 
CHRISTINA SCOLERI: As an unemployed divorced mother of a 9-year-old, Christina is struggling to provide a stable environment for her daughter. Christina is the daughter of Raymond Janek, a one-time thief and alleged fence for the Mob. Serving 20 years off and on for various offenses, Janek finally went straight in 1987, and his relationship with his daughter remains distant. Christina's father is a reminder of her own unstable upbringing, and she's determined not to repeat the sins of her father. 
LEAH DESIMONE: Leah is the over-protected daughter of William "Wolf" DeSimone, a supposed "associate" of the Mob, but Leah's keeping mum. Leah never knew, and knew never to ask what her Dad did for a living. Leaving one day in a suit, Wolf would return days later in street clothes with no explanation and none expected. Now "retired," Wolf still keeps tabs on his little girl. But as vigilant as he is of her safety, Leah is equally secretive of her Dad's profession ... if you're "connected," you NEVER talk about it! 

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Mob Wives:Chicago Will Air in June

Originally slated for Spring 2012 release Mob Wives Chicago will air in June 2012. According to executive producer and Creator of the Mob Wives confirms it will air in June.VH1 fans have to be patient we will it be better than the original or just another show that will be moved into the 11 pm time slot?

 VH1iNFO  June!!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

RUMOER ALERT: Mob Wives Chicago: Cast Members

Mob Wives is heading to chicago his Spring on VH1. Here are some of the cast:

  • Michelle Spilotro-Capozzoli
  • is the daughter of Michael “Micky” Spilotro.
  • Angela La Scola – Calabrese
  •  granddaughter of Angelo “The Hook” LaPietra.
  • JoAnn “Jay” La Scola – Munizza
  •  granddaughter of Angelo “The Hook” LaPietra.

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